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Lp (circle)


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Lp (circle)

  1. 1. Lesson Plan in Mathematics Grade 5 Grade V – Acacia (7:50-8:50) I. Learning Objectives Cognitive: Visualize circle Identify radius and diameter Psychomotor: Illustrate circles with different radii Affective: find enjoyment in doing the activity II. Learning Content Skills: Visualizing circle Identifying radius and diameter Reference: BEC-PELC III.3 Mathematics 5: Mathematics for the Better Future, Coronel And bamba, pp. 232-237 Materials: PPT presentation Value: Accuracy in Measurement III. Learning Experiences A. Preparatory Activities 1. Drill a. Have the pupils identify which of these is a circle. 2. Review a. When can we say that a figure is a polygon? 3. Motivation Ask the pupils: “Is Circle a polygon? Why? Why not?
  2. 2. B. Developmental Activities 1. Presentation a. Have the pupils observe the circles below. Take a look at each of the circles. Do you find any line segment? b. Use circle zero to complete the following statements: A F G M 1. The distance from point O to point F is ______. 2. The distance from point O to point M is ______. 3. The distance from Point O to point G is ______. 4. If point G, O, and F lie on one line, the distance from point G to point F is _______. c. Have the pupils observed the circle. Introduce the Radius and Diameter of a circle. Show examples of radius that are connected to the tangent and from a center. Use compass in drawing a circle. A circle is a closed plane figure that is not made up of line segments, so it is not a polygon. A circle named by its center. 2 cm ʘ O
  3. 3. 3. Generalization 4. Application 1. Refer to circle O. Explain why OP AND OQ do not form a diameter. P Q IV. Evaluation  Use circle O to answer the following. a. Name two diameters: 1. 2. c. Name six radii 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A circle is a set of all points in a plane that are at a fixed distance from a point called center. A radius is a line segment from the center to a point on the circle. A diameter is a line segment which passes through the center of a circle and whose endpoints are on the circle. The length of radius is one-half the length of a diameter of a circle. A compass is an instrument used to draw circles. ʘ O
  4. 4. V. Assignment:  Use a real compass or an improvised one to draw circles with these given radii. 1. 1 cm 2. 1.5 cm 3. 2.5 cm 4. 6 cm 5. 7 inches