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United unicorns party planning


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United unicorns party planning

  1. 1. The United Unicorns end of year party plans! The United Unicorns end of year party plans!
  2. 2. First we had to check the school calendar so that we could see the dates we could choose. We decided that next week was too early. Because some kids are leaving early, we decided after the 27 th was too late. We chose May 27 th at 1:00 pm.
  3. 3. Next we thought of all the different types of parties we could have. Out of all of these ideas, we chose our favorites – the ones in color. Ms Shortridge liked the chocolate party idea, but chocolate party was out!
  4. 4. We each voted for our 2 favorite parties and made a bar graph. Pillow party was our favorite idea. Which parties were our least favorite?
  5. 5. We talked with partners to think of games we could play at our party. Afterwards, we made a mind map showing some of our ideas. These were our best choices because we were able to explain how to play the game.
  6. 6. It will be a costume party…we can’t wait to see everyone in their pajamas AND we can’t wait to WEAR our PJs. Come and join us in your pajamas! Ella and Sam say that if you don’t wear PJs you will have to do something silly and we will put it on the blog  !
  7. 7. We decided what we wanted to eat and we chose food items we wanted to bring! It will be a blast!