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Once there was an ocean


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Once there was an ocean

  1. 1. Once There was an Ocean By The Flaming Phoenixes
  2. 2. As part of our exploration of realistic fiction and humanimpact, we learned about the ocean and discovered its’importance as well things that put it at risk.
  3. 3. Reasons it’s important.
  4. 4. Threats to the ocean’s health.
  5. 5. Once there was a beautiful ocean. Waves crashed on beaches, carrying a salt-scentedbreeze to the people playing on the beach.
  6. 6. Far below the waves, octopodshid in crevices, while sharksswam looking for their nextmeal.The sea creatures loved theirocean home.
  7. 7. There was a farmer and he found a woodenhome to live in and than he watched the newson the T.V. , the news said the lake next to thehouse is polluted. The farmer ran outside andhe put his hand in the water and he feltsomething sticky, he realized it was dye.
  8. 8. A happy ocean is turning into disasterbecause we are using dye.
  9. 9. There were two best friends and they built a houseThen saw a nice pound then went back home and came back the nextMorning came back and saw a very dirty and yucky pound.
  10. 10. There was especially lots of toxic waste andDead fish. The toxic waste comes from factories.
  11. 11. One day I was playingwith my friends at thebeach and I saw a bigblackblob of some glueything. The ocean didn’tlook really healthy andthe fish either.Then I went home,looked on the news andsaw that there was anoil spill.I talked it over with myparents and they saidthat I can try toorganize a team toclean the beach.
  12. 12. There was 3 girls who were on a trip and those girlswere named K, Y and J they were hiking at mountBaker. They saw some human waste on the oceanthey asked the tour guide and he answered themhuman waste. People that defecates goes down tothe ocean and that is called human waste.
  13. 13. A little boy cant figureoutwhat was going on with thewater. He learned thatchemicals were coming fromthe farm. He told the farmerStop Polluting The WATER!!!
  14. 14. Three sisters threw their garbage away in the bin. The next day they wentto the beach and saw their garbage and they found out the people at thedump put the garbage in the sea
  15. 15. In the pacific ocean there’s abig black shadow which is thegreat pacific garbage patchlots of people use plastics tohold things and a lot of peoplethrow them away but whenthey get to the dump thedump gets full and they moveit in to the sea.
  16. 16. Great Garbage Patch – 2x Texas
  17. 17. Once, there were two turtles. They wereswimming in the beautiful sea and saw somethinghuge and had a lot of colors. So they ate the firstthing they saw and died by choking. It was the garbage.So people have to stop throwing garbage to the oceanand recycle the garbage.
  18. 18. Your plastic can be accidentally put into the ocean and be mistaken for food and be eaten by sea animals.
  19. 19. A fisherman moves in by the river and buys anew huge net. The Ocean is very worried thatthere will be no more fish. She sends theRiver to call the Fisherman, but he wouldn’tlisten.
  20. 20. People are ignoring that we are killing the Oceans.
  21. 21. When you put fertilizer on a plant it rains and the rain carrys the fertilizerTo the river which lead’s to the ocean. The fertilizer are chemicals whichcould be poisonous to fish and other sea creatures. Fertilizer/dirt