November literacy


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November literacy

  1. 1. November: Writing Focus Recount Writing
  2. 2. November– ExplanationExplanation Features Language Features Learning Goals Begins with a clear Avoids using the first and • Continued use of previous goals statement to state the second person; already taught (see August) and: topic/position of writer generalized participants • use text organizers Selects and elaborates Exact details or (e.g., headings, topic and summary sentences, graphic features) to appropriate information information determine main ideas of a text and to Links information to Generally uses present locate information. demonstrate cause and tense • produce summaries of non-fiction effect Contains topic-specific texts, accurately conveying the main Writes in logical technical vocabulary ideas and the most significant details sequence • select a focus, organization, and point Uses transition words to of view based upon Summarizes content in show time purpose, audience, length, and format a conclusion (whenever, until, after) or requirements. cause-and-effect (since, because, therefore) • use effective oral presentation skills and strategies and listen attentively
  3. 3. What you can do at home:• When reading explanation text (not to be confused with procedural/instruction writing), look at text features: – What do you notice about the title (tells you what the writing is about) ? – Look at the first paragraph . What do you think the purpose is? – I wonder if we can find the logical steps within the text. – What tense is it written in? – What do you notice about diagrams or illustrations? – Does it make sense?
  4. 4. Web based resources:• How It’s Made (playlist with 10 videos): AE4C45C3E&feature=mh_lolz• Explanation and Instruction text cheat sheet: /reading/text_types/revise5.shtml• Explanation text example: 330926