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Friendship interview with buddies


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Friendship interview with buddies

  1. 1. As part of our unit on friendship students have been asking themselves the following questions:
  2. 2. Today we met with our grade 4 buddies to interview them.
  3. 3. A friend is some one who you like and who likes you.
  4. 4. A friend is someone who is nice and plays with you.
  5. 5. A friend is someone who loves each other.
  6. 6. A person who is kind to you.
  7. 7. You make friends by saying nice things.
  8. 8. You can say nice things to each other.
  9. 9. By playing with them a lot.
  10. 10. You can make friends by saying hello.
  11. 11. You can make friends by being kind and helpful.
  12. 12. A friend is a person who cares for us.
  13. 13. By finding things in common.
  14. 14. To make a friendship last you need to keep in touch.
  15. 16. You can be a friend by being kind to others.