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February writing focus


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February writing focus

  1. 1. February: Writing Focus Persuasive Writing
  2. 2. February 2012 – Persuasive WritingPersuasive Features Language Features Learning Goals• States a clear opinion in • Use mainly the present • Identify conventions of the opening sentence. tense specific text types, for• Presents convincing • Use logical, cause and example, a variety of persuasive and discussion reasons effect connectives texts, such as letters,• Supports reasons with • Use emotive language discussions and numbers, and • Use technical language advertisements information from experts, • Use rhetorical questions • Demonstrate comprehension to support • Use powerful verbs of the texts• Gives the most important • Use strong adjectives • Understand the use of reason last. persuasive language• Omits extraneous • Demonstrate the ability to recognize factual information information. and opinion• Restates the opinion in the closing sentence.
  3. 3. Things you can do at home:• While watching TV look at how commercials persuade viewers.• Look at adverts in magazines and newspapers and underline persuasive features. – m
  4. 4. Web based resources:Write a Persuasive Mind Map: ersuasion_map/Advertisement Analysis: an argument to persuade: ument/play.shtml /argument.shtml