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Language Study M3 B8


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Language Study M3 B8

  1. 1. Language Study 1. owe v. The food cost £ 4 , but I only paid £ 3 so I still owe £ 1. I owe you an apology. She owes her success to good luck. The sports meeting has been put off owing to the heavy rain. 欠钱 欠人情等 把…归功于;认为是靠… . 的力量 因为;由于 = because of / due to 2. taste v. & n. adj. tasty tasteful
  2. 2. sense of taste ___________ a man of taste __________ have excellent taste in ________ to one’s taste ____________ 用 taste 的适当形式填空 The soup _________ a bit salty, so he poured more water into it. _______ this cake and tell me whether you like it. _______ good, the soup was soon sold out. 味 觉 有品位的人 对 … 有鉴赏力 适合某人口味 tasted Taste Tasting
  3. 3. 3. requirement n. v. _____________ 需要做某事 _______________ 要求某人做某事 _____________ require that + _____________ a. The house is in a mess and requires ______________________ (clean). b. All the passengers were required _______________ (remain) seated on their seats. c. His requirement that he ____________ (give) the first prize was turned down. require require doing / to be done require sb. to do sth. sb. (should) do cleaning / to be cleaned to remain be given
  4. 4. d. The teacher required that all the testpapers ______________ (collect) at once. 4. consequence n . a. Such a mistake would perhaps lead to terrible consequences. b. He may be a man of conequence in his country, but he’s nobody here. as a consequence (of) ____________ take the consequences ____________ answer for the consequences _______ be of great (no) consequence ______________ be collected 后果 重要性 (由于 … 的)结果 承担后果 为后果负责 非常重要 / 无关紧要
  5. 5. 5. set fire to 同义词组是 ________________ 和 fire 相关的常用搭配 着火了 _______________ 灭 火 ________________ 生 火 ________________ 救 火 ________________ fire at sb. ______________ fire sb. ________________ set sth. on fire be on / catch fire put out the fire make a fire fight the fire 朝 … 开火 解雇某人
  6. 6. 6. make out a. It’s difficult to make out what he is thinking about. b. I can hardly make out his handwriting. c. He's not such a good doctor as some people make out. 和 make 相关的常用搭配 make oneself. done make a living make it make up 搞清楚 看明白 声 称 让自己被 … 谋生 成功 编造;打扮
  7. 7. make up with make up for make it 6 o’clock make a difference make sense 和好 弥补 定在 6 点 有区别 有意义