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This is a solo second-year project I created as a proof of concept to show the plausibility of an interactive art piece I would have loved to execute. My idea was inspired by FM Belfast's "Underwear" music video:


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  1. 1. momentum Interaction DiagramGracey Mesina 301115667 IAT222 E103
  2. 2. momentum device detailsHeavy-duty tripod Canon wireless transmitter wft-E5a(any brand bought at Best Buy) (bought online at must be heavy-duty to support the camera, This device wirelessly transmits the images from the camera tomotion sensor, flash and wireless transmitter, the two projectors, and it is physically connected to the camera.and to prevent toppling. There is a custom-made Being it wireless will serve a safer interactive environment, socomponent (made from metal supplies bought that viewers are not tripping over wires and cords on the floorat Home Depot) that will provide a place for the and simpler implementation of network connections.motion sensor, and for adding in a 360-degreeswiveling camera base. The rotating base willallow exemplary viewers the freedom to move Canon Speedlite 580Ex || flash (bought at Future Shop)anywhere in the Spring Lab. Provides a stroboscopic light source to achieve a “flip-book” effectPir motion sensor for the springs. It is physically attached to the camera and compatible to its flash trigger, as well as it is in sync with the motion sensor(any brand bought online at detection. The speed in which it flashes prevents the creation ofA small passive infrared sensor with a wide range ghosts (blur).that will be able to detect movement at a pre-defined speed. It will be attached to the tripod Studio Solution softwareand rotating base to allow 360-degree detection (bought online at the whole room. Essential for camera interaction. Configures the captured frames to animate in real-time (using aCanon Eos 7d dslr camera layered ”flip-book” effect) and because it is programmed into the camera, it will be able to setup spring transfers for the transmitter.(bought online at Features include size-scaling, image archiving features (to provideMain device for artwork as it captures the frames a spring database), and green screen editing, which in my case willneeded to create the springs. It is attached to the be black because of the walls.tripod swivel, uses the flash unit, connects to thewireless transmitter, and has the built-in Studio (2) Canon Lv-7350 ProjectorSolution software. The camera produces high- (bought online at photos (at 18.0 megapixels and ISO 100- Both projectors are ceiling mounted and showcases the springs by6400), has an Intelligent Viewfinderfeature, HD retrieving them via wireless transmitter, then projecting them to bothvideo that can capture 29 frames per second, and the Spring Lab and Viewing Room. Its powerful 200W UHP lamp andshutter durability of 150,000 cycles. 1800 ANSI lumens lets it project good quality images in low-light rooms.
  3. 3. momentum device connections motion wireless sensor tripodtransmitter in sync with connected to connected totransmitssprings to camera stroboscopic flash connected to contains Spring Lab projector images Studio Solution Viewing Room built in software projector configures images to
  4. 4. momentum how it works motion simultaneously both initiateviewer 1 makes 2 3 camera movement sensor activates rs ec to 6 stroboscopic oj t to the pr flash e sen ar wireless s ing transmitter spr 4 retrieves springs for wireless transmission now the viewer 5 Studio Solution can enjoy what they or others made software Spring Lab Viewing Room converts frames into projector projector a layered animation (like a flipbook) called a spring
  5. 5. momentum an overviewSpring Lab (person is in motion)(Directionprojector isProjecting) { (Direction projector is Projecting) Viewing Room
  6. 6. momentum important informationTo clarify, a spring looks similar to this: References: Canon U.S.A. Inc. (2010). EOS 7D. Retrieved October 12, 2010: professional_cameras/digital_slr_cameras/eos_7d Kwan, D. & Scheinert, D. (Directors). (2010). Underwear by FM Belfast [Music Video]. or this: Video posted to Sanders, A. (n.d.). How Does A Motion Sensor Work? Retrieved October 12, 2010: Thomas Pitera Photography. (2010, February 19). Stroboscopic Flash With Speedlights. Retrieved October 12, 2010 from: stroboscopic-flash-with-speedlights/ Canon Europe Inc. (2010). Wireless Studio Shoots. Retrieved October 12, 2010 from:Courses taken related to equipment used: technical/wireless_studio_shoots.dodigital cameras: iat100 Systems of media representationimage editing and rendering: iat102 graphic designprogramming and coding: cmpt120 intro to programming