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This was presentation #2 of a two-week project. The purpose of this assignment was to be in a design-thinking mindset to create a product based on the prompt, "Trace" as we interpreted that word. After holding prototyping parties and brainstorming sessions, this is what we came up with. Yes, as you guessed based on the banality of this product, our group didn't do so well during crit. However, it was a great learning experience for us regardless, and I'm proud of how the slides came out.

Presentation by: Patricia Bernal, Michelle Lee, Marissa McMillan, Gracelle Mesina, Ronaldo Pagaduan


Published in: Design
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  1. 1. d p Gracelle M • Marissa M • Michelle L • Patricia B • Ronaldo P
  2. 2. last weekpromptTRACK - “being a ghost”archetypeleaving a trace to be“remembered”conceptestablishing communicationbetween the person makinga trace and the personreceiving it.
  3. 3. asynchronous connectionOur intent is to design a daily objecttha leaves a story or meaning behindfor another person to experience ata different time.We renewed the meaning of the cupin the trace that it leaves behind asa means of communication betweenthe person who used the cup(sender) with the person who seesthe trace (receiver).
  4. 4. rrripple effectttWhen you throw a rock into a calm body of water,the ripple it makes represents its presence even though you cannot see the rock anymore.
  5. 5. form explorationwords + symbolsrounded bottomcollapsable/retractable cup
  6. 6. roly poly This piece was part of the Talk To Meexhibit by Paola Antonelli. The concept behind it is people being able to feel anothers presence even when theother person is not physically present at the same time.
  7. 7. opening values• IMPLIED FUNCTION: leaving a trace of a particular person’s coffee-drinking experience• EXPERIENCES THAT COULD BE EVOKED: communication between the person leaving the trace and the person finding it• POETRY: asynchronous connection between two people in different time frames
  8. 8. form values• CULTURE-REFLECTING: it is common that one is constantly apart from their loved ones even when they live together• subtle PLAYFULNESS: it can be seen where the person has been and there can be a general sense of their state of mind during that time• to the ESSENTIAL: no additional functions, the focus is on the metaphor behind the ripples• TRANSPARENCY: we did not want to create a complex form that would take away from the functionality of the cup
  9. 9. ceramicmaterialWe dont want to take awaythe existing functional formof a cup. Our focus is on thesubtle design underneath sothat it’s not in the way of theusers normal routine.
  10. 10. “There’s so much superficial rubbish made! You can expect agood designer to pick up on the signals that characterize a particular moment, to analyze them, and find a meaningful way of translating them, trusting... only their intuition.” Hella Jongerius
  11. 11. references