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My powerpoint on:
Florence and the Machine
Kings of Leon
Katy Perry
Kaiser Chiefs

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My Scrapbook

  1. 1. The Magazine Scrap Book <br />By<br />Grace Winspear<br />
  2. 2. Pop & Indie<br />I am researching the Pop and Indie style in music.<br />I have chosen 2 female artists: Florence & the Machine (British) & Katy Perry ( American)<br />I have chosen 2 Indie male fronting bands: Kings of Leon ( American) & Kaiser Chiefs ( British)<br />
  3. 3. By<br />Grace Winspear<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Biography<br />Florence Leontine Mary Welch was born 28th August 1986 in London<br />She is known for dramatic performances with the use of a full orchestra when playing live.<br />Florence and the Machine won the "Mastercard British Album" award at the 2010 BRIT Awards for Lungs.<br />
  6. 6. The Music<br />Her music is classed as soulful indie music, which is dramatic with very meaningful lyrics which relate to Love and nature.<br />Nature plays a great part in Florence's lyrics and her image. Her album 'Lungs' shows Florence surrounded by nature, flowers and birds to imply  that Florence is at one with nature.  Under the string floaty dress she wears which is developed into a statement outfit which she wears in live performances; is real lungs which are imposed onto her - which are  tied by string around her neck to suggest that the air she breathes is somehow a  fashion statement.<br />Florence's hair and makeup blend into the colours of the tree branches,  birds and flowers to suggest she is seen as Mother Nature and the Queen of her style of music.<br />The background has a floral curtain overlapped by flowers and birds to make her seem at first glance surrounded by flowers adding to the naturalistic theme of the album cover and her music.<br />
  7. 7. Kings of Leon<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Biography<br />Known as a Indie Rock Band originated from the United States in Tennessee.<br />The band formed in 1999.<br />The band members are:<br />Nathan Followill on drums<br />Caleb Followill lead singer and guitar<br />Jared Followill on bass <br /> Cameron Matthew Followill lead guitarist<br />The singles ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’ have been no 1 smash hits in the UK and the US<br />The band won 3 BRIT Awards in 2008<br />And all 3 albums reached in the top 5 in the UK Album Chart<br />
  10. 10. The Music<br />The music is indie rock based on southern influences which the band grew up in. The use of guitar instrumentals in ‘Use Somebody’ give the stereotypical essence of rock however the emotion in the lyrics gives a sensitive vulnerable feel.<br />The shot to the left shows a long low angle shot making the formation of the band seem dominating and intimidating in the picture to give them some masculinity<br />The background of a bright sunny day in the country gives the men a sense of freedom and making them seem at one with nature ( like Florence and the Machine).<br />The long hair and scruffy jeans with jackets and jumpers give them a soft appearance and casual outlook on the audience.<br />
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  13. 13. Biography<br />Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara California and is a American musician she is known for pop rock music.<br />Today Katy Perry is classed as iconic in the media while also outrageous in her song writing and her fashion senses.!<br />Her album ‘one of the boys’ reached multi platinum status<br />Her debut shocking single ‘ I kiss a Girl’ and ‘Hot n Cold’ both reached number 1 in the UK and gained platinum status<br />‘ I kissed a Girl’ reached number 1 in 30 different countries.<br />
  14. 14. The Music<br />Katy Perry’s music is Pop!based; with a few twinges of rock and jazz .<br />Katy is known for being the sexy stereotypical wild pop princess.<br />On her single cover it uses bright feminine colours such as purple and pink with a multicoloured background to give a candy themed with a crazy twist to show Katy Perry is sweet and innocent but also shocking in what she does.<br />The pale flesh and flawless skin gives her a sexy appeal which is different to Florence and the Machine who only shows little flesh while Katy usually uses confrontation of the camera to get across the sex appeal.<br />Katy Perry in her music videos is usually spotted in short wacky vintage dresses to make her seem like she is current but also has a glamorous old fashioned style and morality. The morality shows her heavy religious backgrounds.<br />
  15. 15. Kaiser Chiefs<br />
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Biography<br />The Kaiser Chiefs are an English indie rock band which originated from Leeds and formed in 1997.<br />The Band Members are:<br />Ricky Wilson – lead vocals, percussion<br />Nick Hodgson – drums, backing and co-lead vocals <br />Andrew White – guitar, live backing vocals<br />Simon Rix – bass, live backing vocals<br />Nick Baines – keyboards, percussion.<br />The debut album Employment sold 3 million copies.<br />The album ‘Yours Truly Mob’ was also a great success since the single ‘Ruby’ went to the top spot in the Uk.<br />
  18. 18. The Music<br />The Kaiser Chiefs’ music is indie rock band which have essences of 1980s rock in their music.<br />I have noticed that the Kaiser Chiefs like to be soon as a whole group rather than focusing on the front man ( main singer) In this picture opposite the band is seen lying on the grass dressed in blazers and ties lying on the grass which implies that the Kaiser Chiefs have an upper-class smart essence about them; a term known as Preppy. The long hair and jeans creates a casual look and lying down relaxing in the sunshine shows the band is at one with nature and have great respect for nature ( like Florence & the Machine , and Kings of Leon)<br /> the glasses and hat accessories gives them a mysterious modest sex appeal about them too like other indie rock bands.<br />
  19. 19. Indie originated in the UK and the USA in the 1980s<br />It is rooted from earlier genres such as alternative rock, post-punk and new wave.<br />Indie rock artists are known for taking control of their music and careers, releasing albums on independent record labels and relying on touring, word-of-mouth and the internet to become noticed.<br />
  20. 20. Prep, Preppy are abbreviations<br />Of the word Preparatory which is a modern English and American group who are related to private schools and preparatory universities.<br />Prep<br />The traditional fashion style of blazers boater hats shoes polo shirts and knitted cardigans started in the 1950s.<br />Fashion labels:<br />Lacoste<br />Ralph Lauren<br />Tommy Hilfiger Abercrombie & Fitch<br />Jack Wills <br />Joules.<br />The people associated as preps are usually well mannered, rich, sporty, intelligent and and are brought up to be ladies and Gentleman and role models in society.<br />