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Shooting schedule


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Shooting schedule

  1. 1. Shooting Schedule A2 Media Studies Director/Producer/Camera/Editor – Grace Stubbings Camera help – Sophie Longmire Shot Numbe r Day/ Nigh t Int/Ex t Location/Sho t Type Action Mise-En- Scene Cast 1 Day Ext Feild Maddie’s face with breeze for hair to be covering her face slightly. She will be dressed in a pale dress Maddie Smyth 2 Day Ext Hart Shots of the shed and surroundin g field. Abandoned shed with Maddie dressed up. Maddie Smyth 3 Day Int Inside shed I will take various shots here of Maddie doing different actions and many close ups of her. I will also set up a mirror for her to do different shots with it inspired by other works. Maddie in her vintage clothes and with a mirror. Maddie 4 Day Ext Sky Shots of the sky and birds in it. Sky/Animal s 5 Day Ext Sea Shots from above and on level with the sea. 6 Day Ext Stream/Hart Imagery of wildlife and streams in Hart dene. 7 Day Int Bath Shots of Maddie in a Maddie
  2. 2. Maddie in baths showing her having a mental breakdown , some shots will have flowers in the bath and her in a sheet. floral dress, pale white sheet with her wrapped in it with shots of her face breathing in. Maybe the use of flowers or leaves to put it in the bath. 8 Day Ext Hart dene Shots of the woodland. Maddie in pale clothing, maybe a fluffy coat. Maddie 9 Day Int Faces overlapping Maddie doing various actions and facial expression s in a house, which may be abandoned, or have a pale backdrop. Maddie dressed up with a mirror and sheet. Maddie 10 Day Ext Hill shots Shots from high land with Maddie looking out and different shots of the surroundin g areas. Maddie dressed up. Maddie 11 Day Ext Graveyard Shots in a graveyard crawling around and shots with Mirror and feminine clothing on all the characters Luke Larkin, (as reflection ) Maddie Smyth,
  3. 3. mirrors crawling on them and looking them in with different people in them. in these scenes. Rema Uddin. 12 Day Ext Beach Shots of Maddie on rock pools and in the sand with a mirror. Maddie dressed in a long gown with her hair over her face and messy and slightly wet. Maddie Smyth, Sophie Longmire 13 Day Ext Seaham Shots of the beach. Maddie dressed in a gown looking disturbed. Maddie Smyth. 14 Day Int House scenes Maddie in different positions Maddie in a dress. 15 Day Int Boys with a backdrop Brushing Barbie and kens hair – some shots separate and still. Pale sheet for background or floral with both males in feminine clothing/ dresses and makeup with dolls. Luke Larkin, Brandon Kirton. 16 Day Int Barbie in bath Barbie upside down – drowned. Doll in the bath upside down. Barbie 17 Day Ext Graveyard Various shots crawling with mirrors and reflections of over Mirror and feminine clothing. Rema and Maddie
  4. 4. people. 18 Day Int Lip sing Maddie dressed up. Maddie 19 Day Ext Woods Shots of woodland and with Maddie standing in them. Maddie dressed up. Maddie 20 Day Int Hands Shots of hands doing different actions with a pale backdrop. Maddie 21 Day Ext Hands Shots of Maddie’s hand with the sky in the foreground. Maddie 22 Day Ext Waterfall Shot of a waterfall. 23 Day Ext Underwater sea Underwate r images of Maddie in water and just the water. Maddie in a dress. Maddie 24 Day Int Hanging out door Maddie hanging out a barn door with her hair over her face. Maddie in her dress with messy long hair over her face. Maddie 25 Day Int Underwater bath Shots of Maddie from under the water in the bath. Maddie in a dress. NO SHEET. Maddie