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Book review.ppt gracious sarasak

  1. 1. A BOOK REVIEW on LEADERSHIP Gracious Sarasak University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of N5343 Leadership in Complex Healthcare SystemsJeanette Crenshaw, DNP, MSN, RN, LCCE, IBCLC, NEA-BC March 28, 2012
  2. 2. Start with WHY: How GreatLeaders Inspire Everyone to Take ActionBy:Simon Sinek
  3. 3. QualificationsTrained ethnographerTeaches graduate level strategic communications atColumbia UniversityAdjunct staff member of the RAND Corporation- one ofthe most highly regarded institution in the world thatuses research and analysis to help improve policy anddecision making.Motivational speaker
  4. 4. PURPOSE OF THE BOOKTo inspire us and teach us how to inspireothers.To teach us the importance ofcommunication, trust, and relationships.To guide us how to lead.To guide us how to be effective andsuccessful leaders.
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCEStaffLeadersManagersBusiness owners – small or largeOrganizations – small or large
  6. 6. STRENGTHS OF THE BOOK The Golden circle – concept. A different perspective to existing assumptions. Finds order and predictability in human behavior. Why - purpose, cause, or belief. How - actions to take to realize the purpose, cause, or belief What - results of the actions or tangible proof of the purpose, cause, or belief. Where authenticity occurs. Authenticity is required for long term success. Message – balance the why, how, and what Clarity of purpose sets expectations, breeds loyalty (WHY) Discipline of how to do things, guiding principles, standards, and processes. Gives clarity on how to act in any situation and be accountable. (HOW) Consistency in the things that you do and say and what you say or do. (WHAT) Concrete examples - Dr. King, Wright brothers, Apple, Southwest Airlines(Sinek, 2009)
  7. 7. LIMITATIONS OF THE BOOKAlways uses Apple as an example in everychapter. A cynic would think that the author hassome agreement with Apple or the book is justanother propaganda to perpetuate the use ofApple products.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES MET?Yes. I believe that the objectives were met. It taught me tounderstand and find the importance of knowing my beliefor purpose (WHY), my guiding principles and values(HOW), and being consistent in what I say and do(WHAT).Dr. M. L. King knows his beliefs and was able to share itto others with his speech. He has a dream…. and hebelieves…He did not tell us about his plan but his visioninspired people and a movement to bring about change inAmerica because people believed what he believed andwants the same thing he does…. fairness and equality..
  9. 9. RECOMMENDATION?Yes. I recommend the book to all those who needs to findtheir inspiration or purpose in the things that they aredoing and to those who wants to be good leaders thatinspire people to be the best they can be. To entrepreneurswho want to succeed in business and does not knowwhy, how, or what to do.
  10. 10. REFERENCESSinek, S. (2009). Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. New York, NY: Penguin GroupRAND Corporation website. Retrieved from: