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Sub genre opening sequence analysis


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Sub genre opening sequence analysis

  1. 1. Sub Genre Opening Sequence Analysis Grace Bradbury
  2. 2. Drama/ Sci-Fi Thriller: I Am LegendTotal running time of opening sequence: 2:13
  3. 3. This following generic conventions makes it look like an opening sequence...• Indication of place: Three years later clip shows the surroundings through an establishing shot. Also the news interview clips show us that it has been announced in America but is happening throughout the world.• Indication of period: The news interview state the time and date. Also the Three year clip shows us the changing of time...• Information regarding mood and tone: The black out clip with thrilling music indicates something bad has happened and already sets a spine chilling tone.• Details of Film production companies: At the beginning of the opening sequence big film production companies who are involved in the making are stated.• Enigma: Three years Later clip shows a ghost town... no was is alive due to the cancer cure stating in the news interview?
  4. 4. The opening sequence makes use of the following sub genre conventions...• Mise en scene: Actors in news interview in formal clothing... showing what looks to be real footage of a proper news company.• Camera techniques: Close up of characters in interview to emphasis whats happening, underlining that this is important information of the film. Also showing detail of body language and mise en scene. An establishing shot is used in the Three Years Later clip emphasising that this is whats happened over time, showing you the whole impact.
  5. 5. • Editing techniques: long duration shots are used during the news interview, this could be highlighting the fact that its a key moment and important feature of the film, using a long duration shot shows detail. At one point there is a black out, then the clip of Three Years Later fades in. The black shows a moment of suspense, chilling the audience.• Sound and Music: There is a voice-over starting from when the film production companies are shown, the voice over is again the news around that time frame. The dialogue is the main feature in the opening sequence, the news interview takes up a lot of time, the interview foreshadows of whats to come. The music is secretive, a gloomy thrilling soundtrack is used quietly in the background then changes to diegetic sounds of birds flying and silence to show realism.