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Location recee


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Location recee

  1. 1. Location Report
  2. 2. Location ReportIn these scenes we used the location of the Great Park we wanted to have anaturalistic background when the artist was singing… Before going ahead withfilming we had looked around the location and decided whether or not itwould be suitable for our music video. We took into account how busy thearea was as well as how muddy and wet it was so we were prepared for whenit came to film.The images below are some shots we took of the locations we wanted to usefor our production.
  3. 3. Location Report: Final shots
  4. 4. Location ReportFor the narrative we wanted to use a realistic location of a house using thekitchen, bedroom and dining room etc. Which would allow the narrative tomake more sense for the audience as they can relate it to real life situations.We thought it would be easier to use one of our houses as it would be moreconvenient for the filming schedule and easier for us if we needed to do morefilming then planned.The images below are some of the pictures we took before starting to film sowe had an idea of how we could portray our narrative through realistic miseen scene.
  5. 5. Location Report: Final shots