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Buried alive presentation


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Buried alive presentation

  1. 1. Crime Thriller
  2. 2.  We are going to show the sub genre of crime by using fast paced, short shot duration and close up camera work. We will also use music that adds suspense and tension, making the audience wonder what is going to happen next.
  3. 3. START (OPENING) 2. Girl then sees a man standing 3. There is a girl lying next to the man there digging a hole. She tries to digging the hole she is also covered in stand up, but falls over and attempts dirt and cuts and her wrists are tied1. Girl (main actor) wakes up… to crawl (handheld blurred camera up with ropes. You can see she hasLooking around she is confused of work to show she has been drugged) also been drugged and is still reallywhere she is.. She looks in drowsy, and so is still on the groundpain, realising she has blood all over (close up of her face and eyes)her. She realises her wrists are tiedtogether and she has blurred vision.4. The man rushes off quickly as if he 5. The girl then has a flash back from END OF OPENINGhas forgotten something, presuming the night before… she is with herthat the abducted girls will not friend and they are drunk walkingawaken. down a quiet road, when a young man 6. The flashback suddenly stops as pulls up in the car and offers them a she lets out a high pitched, quick lift to his friends apparent party. scream, and we can see that the man has dragged her from behind. (TITLE IS SHOWN)
  4. 4. MAIN BODY 9. The girl gasps in fear as she notices 8. Once he has got her into the tied up girls all around the room which seem to have been drugged. She walks7. The man drags her into a house, he throws her into a over to one of the girls who seem to behouse that seems to be room, locking the door behind passed out or asleep with her headsurrounded by nothing, she’s him as he leaves to make sure down. She goes to move her hair out of she cannot escape. her face when the girl suddenly clingsscreaming for help even though onto her arm with her nails whilstshe knows no one can hear her. staring into her eyes with a look of plead. Her eyes are bloodshot and she looks pale and ill.10. The main girl lets out a yelp 11. The main girl questions the 12. She tries to untie and free the girls, when she hears the door unlock. Sheand tries to prise the drugged drugged girl on why they are panics and carries on, speeding up andgirls nails out of her skin, but she there, and where they are. She becoming frantic. He speaks to her in arefuses to let go. seems unable to reply, but she very calm, patronising tone, asking notices a tear slowly trickle down what she thinks she is doing. her cheek.END OF MAIN BODY 14. She runs past him out of the ENDING room, tripping and panicking, 15. She climbs inside a huge running through endless closet, panting dramatically but13. She starts to shout at the man, corridors, to find out all the doorsasking him to let her go, he then replies trying to remain silent. She seemssaying “I have a good idea. You go and and windows are locked or to think he wont find her, sighinghide, if I don’t find you, you are free. boarded up. with relief, when she hears a calmBut if I do….”(smirks at her quiet voice from behind the closetdisgustingly) She says nothing, and he doors saying “Uh oh. I foundsays “Off you go”. you.”
  5. 5. Main Girl 1: Protagonist (Victim) Mimi Dulake – young adult, roughly 17-18Drugged Friend: Protagonist (Victim) Louise Boreham – 17-18 year old girlMan: Antagonist – young man, roughly 19-20’s
  6. 6. Director: Grace BradburyCamera Director: Amy BalchinProducer: Mimi dulakeMusic: Amy BalchinFilm Editing: GraceProduction Design: MimiCostume Design: GraceMake up Design: MimiCasting by: Amy
  7. 7. Opening scenes 1-6 need a remote looking location… We thought the best suited for this would be the Windsor Great Park in the day time, as its near to the school and seems most practical. As all 6 opening scenes are fairly similar we only need one location for them. The Great Park relates well to our sub genre as it is quite a lonely place, with many trees and forests in which crime could take place.However for the flashback, it needs to be somewhere normal and quite quiet at night time as it is the scene of abduction. There are many quiet roads nearby which is convenient for us. The roads will work well with our sub genre as it will have natural, ambient sound, and abductions are not likely to take place in busy roads.
  8. 8.  When we will be filming at night time, there will be street lamps to add to the scene so that it will not be too dark. If it is too dark, we may have to use additional lighting. We would have to film at the same time everyday, so that the lighting is the same. When we will be filming in the Great Park, we may have to record dialogue separately because of the wind. It is a advantage that there will be leaves and trees around to add to the realism of the scene being in a woodland area.
  9. 9.  The target audience for our opening sequence will be a 15. This is because there will be scenes of violence and suggestions of drug abuse, but this is not shown in graphic detail. There may be a few uses of bad language, but not strong frequent use. We have chosen to make the opening as a 15, as we have researched that thriller films are very popular within this age group and above.
  10. 10. GROUP ONE: Grace Bradbury, Amy Balchin and Mimi Dulake