Committed to security
C   O   M   P           A            N              YCOMPANY & SECURITY                                                   ...
C   O   M   P           A           N            YCOMPANY & SECURITY                                                      ...
C         O                 M           P          A          N            YCOMPANY & SECURITY                            ...
C   O   M   P   A   N   YCOMPANY & SECURITY                                                                               ...
C   O   M   P          A           N             YCOMPANY & SECURITY                                                      ...
C              O               M            P            E            T             E             N              C   ECOMP...
C        O              M                P           E            T             E             N              C            ...
C              O              M             P             E            T            E             N             C   ECOMPE...
C   O   M   P   E   T   E         N              C             ECOMPETENCE                                                ...
C        O               M              P          E            T            E             N               C             E...
C        O              M               P            E             T                E            N              C         ...
C        O              M                 P           E            T               E   N   C   ECOMPETENCE                ...
C       O              M              P           E              T                E           N             C             ...
C        O              M               P           E             T             E            N              C          ECO...
C        O                N               T               A             C               T              SCONTACTS          ...
Copyright © 2009 GPS Standard SpAFraz. Arnad Le Vieux, 47 - 11020 Arnad, Aosta - ItalyPh. (+39) 0125 96 86 11 | Fax (+39) ...
Brochure istituzionale 01 09-inglese
Brochure istituzionale 01 09-inglese
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Brochure istituzionale 01 09-inglese


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Brochure istituzionale 01 09-inglese

  1. 1. Committed to security
  2. 2. C O M P A N YCOMPANY & SECURITY COMPANY & SECURITY SATISFIED the most For more than 35 years we have DEMANDING clients in Italy and the WORLD With our experience we can more. Favourable trading terms, throughout the world. respond to all security We design and manufacture a impeccable logistic support requirements, including the wide range products that are close to the customer, training Customer care: most extreme and delicate. constantly updated and courses and qualified IImportant human and We protect residences, supported by complete and technical support both by economic resources are companies, offices, banks, detailed documentation. telephone and on-site. continuously improved to hotels, public buildings, We are different because of guarantee the maximum level embassies, prisons, airports the excellence of our OUR ADDED VALUE of customer satisfaction. and stations, stadiums, proposals, the wide range of Flexible and technically hospitals, military sites, ports, alternative technology capable: Excellence in References: pipelines, mines, solutions that are intelligent, research and development We are strategic partners for petro-chemical sites, nuclear integrated and completely and ad hoc security solutions. some of the most delicate facilities, electrical and gas customised. and secure security planning distribution sites, roads and We provide high level Coverage: at an international level. infrastructure, villas and technical assistance, available Subsidiaries with technical museums, archaeological throughout the project up to resources throughout Italy sites, monuments and many final hand-over. and with representation 2 3
  3. 3. C O M P A N YCOMPANY & SECURITY COMPANY & SECURITY LEADER We are a in the SECURITY sector GPS Standard is a leader in information technologies. presence at both a national Turkey, based in Istanbul and the security sector and is and an international level. one in Algeria to follow the present, with discretion, with The beginning In Italy there are four North African market. our partners, in many GPS Standard, in 1974, subsidiaries: Milan, Bari, Throughout the rest of the important plans for the patented the G.P.S. - Ground Palermo and Bologna, plus world we are represented by design of the most Perimeter System – a two associated companies in a network of specialist sophisticated intrusion and completely invisible perimeter Verona and in Rome. In the partners. video surveillance systems. protection system with export market there is an Over more than 35 years of excellent reliability which associated company in Great activity the company has resulted in maximum success Britain, paying particular confirmed this pre-eminent in Italy and the rest of the attention to the English position thanks to constant World. speaking market, while there investment in research, in is a successful commercial project activity and in the A network throughout the office in Beijing, China. The G.P.S. sensor is the heart application of the most world In 2009 we have also of the GPS Plus sophisticated digital and Today we can guarantee a launched a new company in perimeter protection system patented by GPS Standard. 4 5
  4. 4. C O M P A N YCOMPANY & SECURITY COMPANY & SECURITY PERIMETER PRODUCTS for any VIDEO SECURITY REQUIREMENTS The products offered are system control and application. DATA many and diverse to meet supervision – which, using an any security requirements. extremely simple user GPS Standard has subdivided In addition GPS Standard is interface, allows the the product range into the only authorised management different families, dependent on the DATA distributor in Italy for the systems such as: intruder, fire, type of protection or level of Control units that collect SOFTWARE the alarm signals provided Samsung Electronics range of access control and video support offered. by different types of sensor, Video Surveillance products. surveillance. The families are: Perimeter, from perimeter protection systems to any type of All of the system parameters Video, Data, Software and sensor, internal and The integration between the are completely customisable, Access.. external electronic sirens, electronic power supplies various systems is created dependent on the specific and a wide range of using the SCS software – requirements of a single accessories. ACCESS VIDEO Video Systems which allow the capture, storage and transmission of real time digital images, usually synchronised with perimeter systems. Application of Intelligent Image Analysis SOFTWARE The SCS application allows the centralisation of all the protection systems and the integration of all field technologies in a single supervision centre. PERIMETER Products for external perimeter protection and systems for the configuration and display which allow the design of customised applications. ACCESS A line of products for the control and monitoring of access and attendance. 6 7
  5. 5. C O M P A N YCOMPANY & SECURITY COMPANY & SECURITY CONSULTANCY and Risk Assessment We can help you TO DECIDE WHAT protect, HOW to achieve it and TO INTEGRATE all the systems Risk Assessment Cost evaluation The differing operational and The cost of a security system installation requirements, will depend entirely on the associated with the various requirements that emerge shapes and topographic from the previous conditions of the site and the considerations. However the differing protection cost of no or inadequate requirements make it protection can certainly be essential to perform an considerable in terms of loss accurate risk assessment to or damage to assets or injury determine the type of system to personnel. The total to use. appraisal of the cost must also take into consideration What to protect any savings of staff that the There are substantial choice will allow and the differences between the possibility of relief against perimeter protection of a insurance premiums that may stately home or historic be available. monument compared to a military or industrial site. Integration It is also necessary to assess What to detect the eventual integration with It is necessary to identify the other services or existing type of intrusion that we systems, such as closed circuit want to detect. television systems or security staff. Reaction time Even the most sophisticated system will be useless if the response to the alarm is not initiated in a timely fashion. 8 9
  6. 6. C O M P A N YCOMPANY & SECURITY COMPANY & SECURITY Our partners Excellence in RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT The Research and offered. technical bias. Development department at The purpose of these is to GPS Standard is one of the Development and education educate young students in the most advanced in the world; projects for young people. significance of technology every year up to 15% of GPS Standard has started applied to real projects. turnover is invested. various projects for the In addition to the products growth and development of and the internal development, the Company. They involve all the company collaborates the national territory and all with many prestigious of Italian sales. In 2009 a research groups and the best series of special initiatives Universities, to guarantee the were inaugurated for higher excellence of the solutions secondary schools with a 10 11
  7. 7. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE COMPETENCE and Solutions MUSEUMS and Archaeological Sites We recommend discrete and, if way. Our security systems security systems, from fire, to video possible, invisible security systems, guarantee protection either in surveillance as well as intruder and which allow the visitors a visit as closed areas such as the rooms of a access control using a simple and quite and private as possible, while museum but also in open areas like intuitive interface. at the same time protecting the open air archaeological sites. works of art in the most effective We ensure the supervision of all VILLAS and Castles Wide and long experience in this system around the perimeter of the system for the public access points. sector has lead to the creation of residence with crossing point Our technicians, together with the the “Secure Villa” proposal, which identification; installers and integrators, study the comprises the most advanced •an automatic lighting system for specific requirements of the client security system for the protection the most sensitive areas, connected and design a made-to-measure of Villas, castles and those who live to the internal alarm system; security system . in them. •a video surveillance system with The design includes: digital video recording •an invisible perimeter protection •an infrared perimeter protection 12 13
  8. 8. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE URBAN SECURITY The requirement for security in as a powerful deterrent against this A simple and intuitive “Point&Click” urban centres, either areas or behaviour. graphical control interface and the specific sites, is growing constantly; Using cameras equipped with a use of maps with the layout of the video surveillance systems “Privacy Zone” function will allow city, with different detail (zoom) guarantee an important response, the systems to obey the rules levels, guarantee the operators a providing a data bank of images relating to Privacy; We integrate our simple and complete approach to essential for the re-construction of video surveillance systems with system operation. incidences of anti-social behaviour pre-existing integration by the use as well as street crime, while acting of an open software platform. SHIPS and Yachts Ship security can be guaranteed specific way, ensuring precise are already used by the biggest with the latest generation video support for the security personnel cruise fleet in the world, protecting surveillance system. and guaranteeing the security of the 300,000 passengers per year. Each area, using intelligent video passengers. analysis, can be monitored in a Products designed by GPS Standard 14 15
  9. 9. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE INDUSTRIAL All over the world and in particular in areas of greater risk, we protect against sabotage, vandalism and various other forms of attack on industrial sites; we ensure the safety SCHOOLS and Universities of people in areas of with a high risk of explosion; we monitor The protection of the assets and surveillance systems. guarantees that different responses industrial process areas. the security of the personnel can The capability to have unlimited can be created to single risk Our solutions are selected for their effectively be achieved by the use of control positions, each of which can situation (internal security reliability particularly in difficult integrated intruder and video have different access rights, personnel, police, etc,). areas and extreme environmental conditions. 16 17
  10. 10. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS We guarantee an unequivocal answer to the security requirements of commercial Retail HOTELS & RESORTS centres, ensuring video monitoring, intrusion detection and access Hotel security is managed using a surveillance (with video analysis) control. unique graphical interface which technologies. We use intelligent image analysis to allows non-specialised personnel to We propose a particularly simple support the operators, highlighting immediately understand the and intuitive graphical interface with only real risk situations that they complete status of the whole site, the capability to integrate events should be concentrating on. coupled with the management of with a macro, reading the event and We propose different access events. This is all thanks to the able to show the event and suggest control systems which use badge integration of the various perimeter, appropriate actions to take. readers as well as PIN and intrusion, access control, fire, video biometric recognition, ensuring the highest level of security. 18 19
  11. 11. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE PRISONS Often with insufficient staff, rigid operations and allowing the security correct management even with staff MILITARY SITES rules, effective escape deterrents. personnel to operate in conditions shortages. These in essence are the problems of complete safety. In case of emergency, some Particularly sensitive sites to which careful risk analysis and a different language, culture and within prisons. The integration of the complete operations are automated and the specific problems apply, such as sophisticated design to ensure the habits, even if well trained, make it We design perimeter protection system under a single interface, the association of pre-set macros to extreme climatic conditions and correct choice of technology to important that the management systems, access control and video creation of customised animation specific events guarantees that operating conditions with ensure an effective and reliable system is simple and intuitive, able surveillance for the communal for the gate and door status, procedures are completed with particularly high risk to personnel system. to be used immediately to its areas, remote control opening and immediately informs the staff about maximum efficiency. safety. All of which requires a very Constant changes in personnel with maximum potential. closing of the access gates and cell the status of the area under doors, automating the daily surveillance and guarantees the 20 21
  12. 12. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE CASINO The monitoring of the gaming post event verification and systems for these systems with tables and the communal areas, by especially in the case of a dispute, video surveillance equipment that is using the same video technology, while on the other hand it is very optimised for this specific use and has a completely different set of important to identify unusual they are integrated with intruder requirements; on one hand it is behaviour to anticipate risk and access control systems. necessary side to display and situations. record in fine detail, fundamental for We design supervision and control HOSPITAL and Sanatoriums These are often made up of different buildings in many different locations. Each building has profoundly different needs according to the way it functions: from monitoring personnel with access rights, to monitoring patients at risk who may not leave particular areas, to monitoring areas that contain dangerous materials, to surveillance of activities in the tree-lined avenues and the common areas of the hospital. We create scalable systems, which can be implemented over time and which are able to centralise and integrate the various technologies, ensuring a single graphical management interface controlling the different requirements. 22 23
  13. 13. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE PORTS Long and extremely irregular perimeters, common areas with transiting passengers at all times of the day, controlled vehicle and pedestrian access points, restricted areas with careful monitoring of the equipment used at the berthing docks. These are the areas that require systems and technology that is particularly versatile and flexible. We propose and design integrated perimeter and intrusion systems, access control systems and video surveillance systems. The video surveillance systems used include image analysis, which guarantees the detection of objects that are removed or abandoned, number plate recognition or unusual behaviour of a single person or a group of people and the automatic tracking of a target passing across the field of view of a particular camera. In this way the site can be monitored in common, global fashion. BANKS We design video surveillance and existing equipment and systems. intruder systems for the banking With our geographic centralisation environment for the protection of software the events from an the common areas, external and unlimited number of branches can internal, and the vault of a single be managed in real time. branch, eventually integrating 24 25
  14. 14. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE HIGHWAY SAFETY The safety of roads and highways is vehicles, accidents, or simply delays guaranteeing fast image analysis, obtained above all by information due to volume of traffic. which allows the operators to make gathered from those same roads. We propose high quality video quick decisions to correct the Video surveillance, with integrated surveillance equipment, able to situation as fast as possible. image analysis, can detect in real capture the best images time dangerous situations independent of the atmospheric developing, such as broken down conditions, by day or night, STATIONS AND SUBWAYS Stations and subways are very areas, such as video surveillance technologies in a single system complex where areas coexist in with image analysis for detection of making a common display and very reduced common spaces, “abnormal” behaviour, control of man/machine interface, creating a where thousands of passengers access points with many access specific access profile that will allow pass through every day, areas for level permissions, including compartmentalisation of the system the storage of assets and sensitive fingerprint verification and face by areas of competence, equipment, but also areas in which recognition. Fibre optics to identify guaranteeing the correct passengers can find themselves in the presence of individuals in information is presented to the real danger by not paying attention, potentially dangerous positions appropriate operator, trained to such as crossing the tracks while a during a particular event, such as take the appropriate actions for train is approaching. the arrival or passage of a train at a that event. The most sophisticated integrated station. technology is required in these We integrate the different 26 27
  15. 15. C O M P E T E N C ECOMPETENCE COMPETENCE AIRPORTS GEO ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY Large areas with high risk, due to The term security also includes an highways, including tunnels and graphical interface guarantees the presence of passengers, staff element of “safety”. Our systems viaducts, and detect landslips or complete, fast and accurate and sub-contractors, where it must are also used to protect against obstacles that could create very information in real time for the be possible to detect attacks either environmental risks. We monitor dangerous situations. Integrated people responsible for security. on the external perimeter or environmental risks in railway lines, display systems with a single internal, hidden among the hundreds of people who come and go throughout the common areas all day and night. We propose integrated intrusion detection for reliable monitoring of the external perimeter, the entrances and the public areas using behavioural analysis. We can detect the presence of unusual behaviour, automatically track and if necessary react in a directed fashion, giving the correct information to the appropriate personnel. The integration of the systems guarantees a global level of management for airport security systems with a common graphical interface which simplifies the tasks of the people responsible for security. At the same time it gives each responsible agency access only to the information that is relevant to their competence and their operational authorisation. 28 29
  16. 16. C O N T A C T SCONTACTS CONTACTS Organisations and how to CONTACT them Aosta Head Office and Factory GPS Standard SpA Fraz. Arnad Le Vieux, 47 - 11020 Arnad (AO) - Italy Ph. (+39) 0125 968611 - Fax (+39) 0125 966043 E-mail: Web: OFFICES IN ITALY OFFICES WORLDWIDE MILAN ENGLAND GPS PERIMETER SYSTEMS LTD | Via De Lemene, 37 - 20151 Milano 14 Low Farm Place, Moulton Park - NORTHAMPTON - NN3 6HY - UK Ph. (+39) 02 38010307 - Fax (+39) 02 38010302 Ph. (+44) 1604 64 83 44 - Fax (+44) 1604 64 60 97 - VERONA BENELUX GPS PERIMETER SYSTEMS | Via Apollo XI, 14 - 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) De Chamotte, 2 - 4191 GT Geldermalsen NL Ph. (+39) 045 8776000 - Fax (+39) 045 8753497 Ph. (+31) 0 345 63 05 03 - Fax (+31) 0 345 63 05 08 - BOLOGNA GERMANY, AUSTRIA E SWITZERLAND WOLFGANG SCHÜTZ SICHERHEITSTECHNIK WERKSVERTRETUNGEN | Via Piero Jahier, 2 - 40132 Bologna Dorfstraße 52 - D-85591 Vaterstetten - Deutschland Ph. (+39) 335 7416723 - Fax (+39) 051 3370957 Ph. (+49) 8106 89 98 28 - Fax (+49) 1806 89 98 29 - FLORENCE SPAIN SICURALIA SYSTEMS S.L. | Via Svezia, 7 - 57128 Livorno Avenida de Valdelaparra 76, Local 2 - 28108 Alcobendas Madrid - Spain Ph. (+39) 334 6042074 - Fax (+39) 05 86859318 Ph. (+34) 93 26 90 308 / (+34) 91 66 21 688 - Fax (+34) 91 66 26 545 - ROME SCANDINAVIA GPS PERIMETERLARM SOLUTIONS AB | Via del Casale Agostinelli, 140 - 00040 Morena (Roma) Gribbylundsvägen 3-5 SE - Box 2894 187 28 Täby SE Ph. (+39) 06 79810077 - Fax (+39) 06 79846980 Ph. (+46) 08 645 31 00 - Fax (+46) 08 645 31 07 - BARI TURKEY E MIDDLE EAST GPS PERIMETER SYSTEMS LDT | Via O. Marzano, 28 - 70125 Bari Kuyumcukent 1, Plaza Kat 6, N°8 - Yenibosna - Istanbul Ph. (+39) 080 5021142 - Fax (+39) 080 5648288 Ph. +90 (0)212 603 13 83 - Fax +90 (0)212 603 13 93 - PALERMO CHINA GPS CHINA BEIJING OFFICE | Via Croce Rossa, 33 - 90143 Palermo No.1 Sanlihe Rd, HaiDian District - Building 1, Rm 5114 - BeiJing Ph. (+39) 091 518886 - Fax (+39) 091 6785921 Ph. (+86) 10 88 36 50 95 - Fax (+86) 10 88 36 50 96 - 30 31
  17. 17. Copyright © 2009 GPS Standard SpAFraz. Arnad Le Vieux, 47 - 11020 Arnad, Aosta - ItalyPh. (+39) 0125 96 86 11 | Fax (+39) 0125 96 60 43 Mailto: Communications Department RESPONSIBLE: Gaetano Capula CONTACTS: GRAPHIC FORMAT: Akura s.r.l. PROJECT RESPONSABILITY: Gaetano Capula ART DIRECTOR: Nicole Bionaz GRAPHIC DESIGN: Stefania Costabloz TEXT EDITORS: Bruno Gallina, Gaetano Capula IMAGES by: iStockphoto, GPS Standard SpA First Edition: September 2009 Printed by: Ivrea Grafica