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Welcome to facebook offers


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finally the wait is over! Facebook has now launched ‘Facebook Offers’ and since it is in its Beta phase, some selective brand pages have been offered the opportunity to launch Facebook offers before the rest of them.

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Welcome to facebook offers

  1. 1. Welcome to Facebook OffersWe waited a long while for this… finally the wait is over! Facebook has nowlaunched ‘Facebook Offers’ and since it is in its Beta phase, some selective brandpages have been offered the opportunity to launch Facebook offers before therest of them.One of the many brands that has already begun with Facebook Offers is Chili’sGrill and Bar.Basically, what this feature does is, it allows you as a brand to putout an offer to your fans. It is as simple as creating a wall post on brand pages,but with a little tweak. The best part about this is that you can post your offer as apost on your Wall. Below is a screenshot of how your offers section will lookonce made live for a particular brand page.A few things to keep in mind while posting an offer are;1. Thumbnail Image: This has to be absolutely relevant to your offer. Preferably a thumbnail image of people with your product is going to draw more attention rather than just a product shot.2. Headline and Offer: Here, one has to make the exact offer that the brand wants to share with the fans. This has a 90 character limit to it so it has to be absolutely accurate.3. Expiration Date and Limit: It is very important to have a reasonable expiration date to the offer. If fans don’t have sufficient time to reach out and claim the - Siddharth Sridhar
  2. 2. offer, they will be highly disappointed. What’s more is, you can also set a limit as to how many number of vouchers you wish to issue for a particular offer. If that number is met, the offer gets nullified on its own accord.4. Terms and Conditions: This is the most important part of posting an offer. There is a 900 character limit here and needs to include all details about the offer. Details such as one voucher per person, available on select products only, etc. need to be mentioned very precisely in this space.The reason that this will be highly successful in the near future is that FacebookOffers allows you to redeem your offer very easily. The way this works is, onceyou see an offer that you want to claim, you simple claim it by clicking on ‘GetOffer’. Once you’ve done that, Facebook will send you an email about the offer onthe email address you’ve submitted to Facebook while creating your account.To claim this at the store, you simply have to take a print-out of the email sent toyou by Facebook or simply show that email at the store via your Smartphone.Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Another interesting fact is that these offers are likeany other wall post; they can be liked, shared and commented upon by fans thusadding more value to the offer you’ve put out.Eventually, this is going to be the next big thing for brands on Facebook. Not onlywill this draw more and more organic fans but will also be promoted by brands byrunning sponsored ads for their offers. What more could you ask for, as a LoyalFan that your brand is rolling out offers just for you? Let’s just wait and watchhow long Facebook takes to roll this out to all brand pages and how this willchange the face of Facebook in the future. - Siddharth Sridhar