Swaad kesariya the winter food festival


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SWAAD KESARIYA was about indulging in the season’s warmest flavors, festivities and fun at Rajdhani’s Winter Fest! Just the perfect time to savormouth-watering SurtiUndhiyu, Gajarka Halwa, Lilwanu Shaak, SuwaJalariya, MuliParathaand many more, made from the finest ingredients available exclusively in winter.

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Swaad kesariya the winter food festival

  1. 1. Case Study: ‘Swaad Kesariya – The Winter Food Festival’ From 14th to 31st December 2012
  2. 2. Online Platforms involved for the event promotions:- Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Foursquare Event listings on food review websitesConcept:- To promote the winter food festival online, generate awareness about the event specials (winter delicacies) & drive offline footfalls.
  3. 3. Online Concepts’ Details:-Facebook Contest: Share your winter food delicacies that would help youkeep the winter blues away.Facebook menu app: The winter food specials/delicacies wererepresented in an app.Twitter Contest: #ILoveWintersBecauseOnline promotions: Online promotions were based on the winterspecials at Rajdhani Thali i.e. Surti Undhiyu, Gajar ka Halwa, Lilwa nuShaak, Suwa Jalariya, Muli Paratha and many more.Foursquare: An exciting offer of 10% discount on your Thali only duringthe winter food festival.
  4. 4. Plan of action:1. Online Teaser Post2. Online skinning of the event (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Foursquare)3. The event announcement post4. Facebook event creation5. Facebook contest announcement6. Online promotions of the festival special delicacies7. Activation of Foursquare offer
  5. 5. Facebook Contest Application:-The application was designed to promote:Event food delicacies/specials.Foursquare offer at the bottom to extend itsonline exposure.The app was sharable on Facebook & Twitter.The contest statistics:-Total Entries: 1763,322+ views on the Facebook timeline.Tab views: 354+New Likes from 14th Dec - 31st Dec: 340+An average post reach was 1,000+ fansWeekly total reach was 12,000+ fans
  6. 6. Facebook Menu Application:- The application’s motive was to showcase the winter specials on a one tab. Easy to navigate & know about the festival menu. Total tab views were 149+ The Foursquare offer was promoted on the menu app too. The app was sharable on Facebook & Twitter.
  7. 7. Online Promotional Creatives:-Concept Line: -Spread the warmth at Rajdhani Thali!
  8. 8. Facebook Event:- An event was created with all the promotional links of the Facebook contest, Menu Tab, Foursquare offer & participating Rajdhani outlets. 89 Fans had joined the event.
  9. 9. Foursquare offer:- Offer views: 182 Offer unlocks: 119Just check-in & claim the offer at any of the Rajdhani outlets.The offer was promoted via Facebook posts, online skinning creatives onTwitter + Foursquare banner + the Facebook contest & the Menu tab.
  10. 10. Twitter Contest:-Hashtag: #ILoveWintersBecauseNew Followers: 15+Total mentions on the hashtag: 120+Brand mentions were 80-85%Impressions on the hashtag were 49,623+Reached an audience of 13,868 users.
  11. 11. Website Statistics:- 14th - 31st December vs 1st -13th DecemberWebsite visits: 14,369 (0.55% increase)Unique visits: 12,034Page views: 61,753 (7.34% increase)Pages/Visit: 4.30 (6.75% increase) www.rajdhani.co.in79.07% New visitors (i.e. 11,362)Top 3 cities were: Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi.
  12. 12. Success!Campaign Results:-The festival specials were promoted online.Offline footfalls were generated using the Foursquare offer.Online queries were addressed using the Facebook menu tab.A decent number of website visitors.The contest specials were promoted using the Facebook contest, FacebookMenu tab, Online creatives & the Twitter contest #ILoveWintersBecause.
  13. 13. Thank YouFollow at:Facebook: www.facebook.com/RajdhaniRestaurantsTwitter: www.twitter.com/Rajdhani_ThaliPinterest: www.pinterest.com/rajdhanithaliYouTube: www.youtube.com/rajdhanirestaurants