Pepperfry Colors rainbow


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Pepperfry Colors rainbow

  1. 1. Objective To drive Organic Traffic to the website To celebrate the spirit of Monsoon To impress upon the people that there is a search by color option on the website which adds an extra dimension to the usability.
  2. 2. COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW Rainbow is one of the most beautiful sights during monsoon and is a feel good factor. The idea revolved around celebrating the sighting of a rainbow and spread the feel good factor. All a fan needed to do was navigate to the website, pick items from each color of the rainbow and submit the respective links on the application and tell the Brand which was their favorite color of the rainbow and why. The winner was decided based on their choices of products and the answer. Duration 7 Days The winner was given a Brand New DVD Player.
  3. 3. Application Touch Points
  4. 4. Fan gate for conversion of Non Fans
  5. 5. The Landing Page: In Sync with the Monsoon theme
  6. 6. Contest Info: Simplicity is key
  7. 7. Enter Contest: Ease of use to the participants
  8. 8. Strategy to Promote the Theme We wanted the contest to be promoted without Ads and grow organically, So we stopped our Fan building during the campaign to measure results. We stuck to the rainbow theme for the campaign and painted our pages One color of the rainbow each day. We used the following means to reach out to fans with the message about the campaign: New Cover pic every day with one of the rainbow colors with a quote related to that color Tab icon of the app were changed everyday in sync with the Cover Pic
  9. 9. Strategy to Promote the Theme Contest based posts Facts about the color of the day Post on what these Colors are called in diff languages
  10. 10. Color themed Cover pic
  11. 11. Color theme Tab Icons Tabs when Red was the theme of the day Tabs when Green was the theme of the day
  12. 12. Color in Languages
  13. 13. Color in Languages
  14. 14. Color Facts
  15. 15. Color Facts
  16. 16. What Fans Did! Product Urls were collected in the backend
  17. 17. And the Winner!
  18. 18. And the Outcome! Total Contest Entries in 7 days – 170 Organic Fan Growth – 585 Fans Total Tab Views - 1,157 Total Visits to Website via Facebook – 2,171 Total Website Page Views – 12, 839 Average Visit Duration – 10mins Bounce Rate experienced: 34.22% Total Conversions on the website during the campaign through Facebook Referral traffic: 332
  19. 19. Key Learning and Observations Majority eCommerce providers look for website traffic as a key measurement of social media ROI It is important to find newer and finer ways of driving traffic without compromising on the feel good factor of Social media and the informal nature of the medium Innovative means to drive traffic will always be appreciated more so when the fans have a reason to go visit the website However, not all brands will have the same result as “Product” plays an important role in the overall scheme of things Keeping the campaign relevant, current and consistent in execution is Key to success