Jackys valentines case study gozoop


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Jackys valentines case study gozoop

  1. 1. Brand: Jackys ElectronicsCase Study: Valentine’s Wish and Win Contest From 7thth – 21st February 2013
  2. 2. Overview Jackys wanted to leverage this Valentine’s season to increase the fan base and generate more leads They had partnered with Samsung for a Valentine’s special contest An application was designed considering that Valentine’s Day is a time when people spread love by sharing gifts Gozoop came up with a concept where fans can wish and win any samsung product from a pre-set list of top Samsung products A Facebook application was created which enabled fans to add a product to their wish list and invite 3 friends to participate At a back-end admin panel, all the data was captured
  3. 3. Objectives and Promotional AvenuesObjectives Increase fan base Generate leads Understand which is the most popular Samsung productPromotional Avenues Facebook wall posts Facebook ads
  4. 4. Flow of the Application Fan Gate
  5. 5. Flow of the ApplicationStart page Fans click enter to visit main app page where they can see all the products
  6. 6. Flow of the ApplicationMain Page The gifts were laid across randomly in the layout Each participant could select any 1 product The participant would then see a pop-up which confirmed the selection After that they would have to click on Continue and proceed to the final page
  7. 7. Flow of the ApplicationFinal Page Here all the details were capturedTo complete participation, they had to invite 3 of their friends Once submission was complete an auto wall post was posted on participant’s wall
  8. 8. Flow of the ApplicationAuto wall post The auto wall post appears on fans’ friends newsfeed This helped in increasing organic fan base
  9. 9. Facebook Ads  Facebook Marketplace ads  Age: 16-50  Geo: UAE only  Gender: Open for all  Marital status: Open for all
  10. 10. Facebook Wall Post
  11. 11. Campaign Results:-5 million ad impressionsFans via Facebook ads = 8599Fan base as on 21st Feb = 28500Fan base as on 7th Feb =18099Total increase in fan base = 10401Organic fans acquired = 1802No. of contest entries as on 21st Feb = 4942Most popular product = Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with1570 entries
  12. 12. Thank You