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10 Ways to Fail at Labor Law Posting Compliance


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Tackling labor law compliance is no small task and ensuring all your posting requirements are met can be a challenge.

• Are you supposed to hang postings in different languages?
• How often do postings change?
• Does every location need a poster?

To help avoid the mistakes that can happen in management of compliance, check out our latest SlideShare, 10 Ways to Fail at Labor Law Posting Compliance.

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10 Ways to Fail at Labor Law Posting Compliance

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Fail at Labor Law Posting�Compliance GovDocs Presents:
  2. 2. You can't remember the last time you updated your posters, nor are you sure how to verify their compliance. Your posters are out of date.
  3. 3. Federal postings? Check. State postings? Check. City and/or county postings? Did you say city postings? Where? What cities? You don't have all your required postings.
  4. 4. You have posters on top of posters on the walls. Some may be printed as black-and- white, which could make them non- compliant. Others may be low-resolution copies. Your posters are torn and frayed because they are not laminated. Your poster displays are a mess.
  5. 5. Many states require individual postings in addition to your federal, state, county and city postings. For example, no-smoking posters may be required at building entrances and exits. You haven't displayed individual postings.
  6. 6. Posters are required in conspicuous locations, such as breakrooms and entrances. You will have to check agency requirements for specific posting location requirements. You're not sure if posters are displayed in the correct place.
  7. 7. Certain local jurisdictions require foreign language postings for employees who do not speak English as their primary language. You're not meeting foreign language requirements.
  8. 8. Perhaps you sent a poster set to a kiosk location, where they can't display it. Or your remote employees don't have access to electronic versions. You're not reaching all of your employees.
  9. 9. You have to keep track of several hundred locations and may not have a process to manage new location openings or closings. Not all of your locations are accounted for.
  10. 10. Federal contractors have specific posting requirements to notify employees of their rights. Your organization has federal contracts, but not the corresponding postings.
  11. 11. Does your organization participate in E- Verify, which is required in many states? If so, you guessed it: you need the posting! You forgot about E- Verify.
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