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Gurukul- An Ecosystem of Learned and Learner


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Gurukul Club is the training arm of xervmon Inc which aims in bridging the gap between the industry and the academics in the field of Cloud Technology. We aim in meeting the shortage of skilled professionals in the field of cloud computing domain. with a team having expertise knowledge in cloud computing we aim to make cloud computing accessible to the academics and students interested in cloud. our mission is to build an ecosystem of learned and talented professionals in the field.

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Gurukul- An Ecosystem of Learned and Learner

  1. 1. Learn & Create Products to build a Career in Cloud Technology
  2. 2. Who are We • Training arm of Hooduku and Xervmon Inc • We are the Bridge between Industry and Academics in the field of Cloud Technology. • Initiative to meet the internal and our customer demand for "Qualified Professional”. • A Team of expertise professionals having more than of 100 years of collective Experience.
  3. 3. Our Value Proposition • Holistic Approach to improve  Skills  Personality  Expertise of an individual  Better Chance of Employability • Learn the art and Science of product development and management. • Use Technology to solve real world “B2B” and “B2C” Problems we face.
  4. 4. Our Existence  Shortage of skilled Professional in “Cloud”.  Not just to code “HELLO WORLD” but build product.  Qualified Graduates but lacks industry level expertise.  Fresh Graduates lacking personal Competence.
  5. 5. Story of a Student Want to Have Hand-On Training on Cloud Technology but where can I find Let me Guide you my Child Startup like Xervmon MNC like Amazon Are you Ready????
  6. 6. Why Gurukul Learn from not only Experienced but also Expertise Professional in “Cloud” World. Learn “A-Z” of Cloud Technology with focus on fundamental. Certification paths. Learn, Test and build Products(Hand On). Live Session and Dedicated support staff. Startup and Industry Focused.
  7. 7. Who can be Part of Gurukul Students perusing their Bachelors in Information Technology and Computer Science. IT Professionals who want to grow their career in the Cloud Computing and saaS Apps. IT students who want to create and have hand on experience in Cloud Computing.
  8. 8. Our Mission Gurukul is to build an ecosystem of Engineer and talented Professionals in the field of Cloud Computing . We want to built a pool of professionals in the field of cloud Computing where the supply of Professionals can match the requirements.
  9. 9. How You See PIZZA as a Service
  10. 10. How we See the Pizza as a Service
  11. 11. What We Offers Cloud Computing SaaS Apps Mobile Apps
  12. 12. Cloud Computing  Origin and Evolution of Cloud Computing. Iaas,PaaS,Saas where do you fit in . Cloud and its types- Hybrid,Private,Public. Security Measures, Tools and Techniques. Paradigm Shift. Specialization Focus. Latest trends, issues and where we stands.
  13. 13. Building Cloud Apps-Mobile Apps IaaS,paaS,saaS. Web services including Restful API, soap xml. Mobile Cloud Security Essentials. Extending web apps to serve mobile apps demand. UI and Test Framework. Jenkins,Travis-CI,Sause Labs.
  14. 14. Course Fee Structure 25,000/- saaS Apps Mobile Apps Introduction to Cloud Computing Each Course includes hand on training and Live Demo’s.
  15. 15. Course Duration and Information • The Duration of the Course is 60 days. • The Course can be availed with the minimum requirements of internet Connections. • The Course will Go-Live which will be notified and Students can access the course material. • The Course will be taught by Mr.Sudhi Seshachala -Chief Trainer of Gurukul . • The Course will be taught Live.
  16. 16. Our Proud Partners
  17. 17. Real World Exposure
  18. 18. Not Satisfied Yet !!! • Visit us at • Call Us for more details mobile- +91-9886132414 Phone- 080-25729959