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01 mad cap_software

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01 mad cap_software

  1. 1. Mike Hamilton V.P. Product Evangelism MadCap Software MadCap Flare Overview
  2. 2. MadCap Software Concepts: Topic-based Authoring
  3. 3. Multiple Source Publishing Limitations Original Draft Employee Manual Hourly Employee Manual Management Employee Manual Management Manual London Management Manual Paris Hourly Manual London Hourly Manual Paris
  4. 4. Concepts Topic-based authoring From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Topic-based authoring is a modular content creation approach (popular in the technical publications and documentation arenas) that supports XML content reuse, content management, and makes the dynamic assembly of personalized information possible. A topic is a discrete piece of content that is about a specific subject, has an identifiable purpose, and can stand alone (does not need to be presented in context for the end-user to make sense of the content). Topics are also reusable. They can, when constructed properly (without reliance on other content for its meaning), be reused in any context anywhere needed.
  5. 5. Definitions Topic-based authoring From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A topic is: • A discrete piece of content • About a specific subject • Has an identifiable purpose • Can stand alone Topics are reusable. They can be reused in any context anywhere needed.
  6. 6. Remember – Think Topics Printing Reports Using Container Objects Saving reports Creating Reports About Schedules Adding Users Setting Permissions Deleting Users Placing Objects About Objects About Users Exporting Objects About Containment Customizing Objects About Programming Objects and Inheritance Editing Reports Containing Objects Relating Objects Importing Reports Setting SchedulesAbout Reports Project
  7. 7. MadCap Software Concepts: Single-source Publishing
  8. 8. Single Sourcing: Work Flow Create Master Source Files (Content) Add Conditional Tags/Variables (Customize) Define Publishing Targets (Output) Generate 3 different Outputs Target – Enterprise Mobile • Include: Enterprise info • Exclude: Standard info Print Info • Define other specific attributes Target – Standard Print • Include: Standard info Print info • Exclude: Enterprise info • Define other specific attributes Target – Standard Browser Help • Include: Standard info • Exclude: Enterprise info Print Info • Define other specific attributes Standard Enterprise Print Only
  9. 9. MadCap Flare Workflow Import DITA Microsoft Word Adobe FrameMaker HTML files XHTML files RoboHelp and other Help Projects .CHM files Publish Print PDF Microsoft Word Adobe FrameMaker Microsoft XPS Microsoft DOCX Web Browser HTML5 WebHelp Mobile EPUB WebHelp Mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry) Windows Desktop DotNet Help HTML Help (.CHM) Other DITA XHTML Book Create/Edit
  10. 10. Modularity TopicsTopicsTopicsTopics Target (The rules that make a document unique) CSS (Content look/feel) Page Template TOC (Topic Organization) Publishing UI Template (for Web)
  11. 11. Questions? Mike Hamilton V.P. Product Evangelism MadCap Software
  12. 12. Thank you Mike Hamilton V.P. Product Evangelism MadCap Software
  13. 13. MadCap Flare Live Demonstration
  14. 14. MadCap Software • Founded: 2005 • Location: La Jolla, CA • Profitable • Double digit YOY growth • MadCap is the leading technical communication software firm specializing in content development, delivery and management
  15. 15. Industry Standard • Largest Technical Writing Universities around the world now educate with MadCap Flare: – Princeton University – San Francisco State University – Carnegie Mellon University – University of Washington – University of California San Francisco – University of Massachusetts – Karlsruhe University (Germany) – University of California Los Angeles – Towson University – Swinburne University (Australia) – And many more…
  16. 16. Thousands of Customers Worldwide…
  17. 17. Three Phases of Content SourceControl Source Content/ Topics SharePoint Review Content SharePoint Published Content
  18. 18. Storage on Local Machine Advantages • Best performance • Files always available Disadvantages • Difficult to share common files (logos, style sheets, etc.) • Back up plan needs to be defined
  19. 19. Local Machine with Ext. Resources Shared External Resources: • Flare projects on local machine • Shared files/content on network
  20. 20. Storage on the Network Network / Intranet
  21. 21. Storage in Source Control
  22. 22. Production (Authoring and Review) Source Control SharePoint / Network Build Machine
  23. 23. Thank you
  24. 24. Thank you • Top speed: 220 miles/hour • Annual budget: $470 Million Dollars • Staff: 500 • Car designed/engineered by team Formula 1 Racing
  25. 25. Thank you
  26. 26. Thank you • Top speed: 220 miles/hour • Annual budget: $15 Million Dollars • Staff: 25 • Car purchased by team Indy Car Racing
  27. 27. Comparison Formula 1 • 20 x Larger Staff • 31 x More Expensive • 1-2% Higher Performance Indy Car • Smaller Staff • Cost Effective • High Performance <dita>