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Final presentation group 4


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Final presentation group 4

  1. 1. Material Culture Final Project: Group 4 Kate Deeley Jonathan Song Mohammed Vafai Halsey Sinclair Esther Jones
  2. 2. Ceramics
  3. 3. CeramicsPearlware “china glaze” (ca. 1775 – 1812) 49%Pearlware (1780 – 1830)Whiteware (ca. 1820 – present) 21%Creamware (ca.1742 - ca. 1820) 3.6%Chinese Export Porcelain 10%Redware8.5%Gray Stoneware 1.4%White Granite (ca. 1840 – present) 0.9%Yellowware1.4%Bone China 1.7%Stone China 0.9%China Glazed Prnt 0.4%Tin Glazed 0.2%
  4. 4. Ceramics: Ware Types Redware Tin Glazed Creamware China Glaze Pearlware Whiteware Chinese Export Porcelain Bone China Gray Stoneware Stone China White Granite Yellowware Other
  5. 5. Cost of tea ware vs. cost of dining wareContext Mid 19th Century Brothel vs. Domestic residence • “During the early 19th century, meals• brothel vs. domestic take on the form of a ritual and are the residence (family and/ or time when women affirm moral values of the family (Wall 1987:25)” lodgers). • Wall equates changes in ceramic assemblages of the New York households with this increasing• Identifying distinctive ritualization of meals, which in turn is linked to the growth of women’s sphere aspects of prostitutes lives in households.”(Klein 79) through their artifacts is • Plates- pearl edge, cream, common difficult unless there is a place plates - base line of normalcy. • Teawares- all more expensive and elaborate in design and aesthetics
  6. 6. • Availability• Popularity of particular styles• Meaning within society » Socio-economic status » Ethnicity » Class » Gender
  7. 7. Ceramics: Vessel Types Tea Table Serving Preparation Storage Multi-Purpose Unidentified Misc. Hygiene House
  8. 8. Ceramics – Everyday Wares Blue Shell- Edged Pearlware Green Shell-Edged Pearlware
  9. 9. Canova Pattern Willow Pattern LaFayette at Franklin’sTomb – Handleless Cup
  10. 10. Glass Wine Bottles Glass Tumbler
  11. 11. Henry’s Calcined Magnesia BottlesEthical Bottles Essence of Peppermint Bottles
  12. 12. Perfume Bottle Urinal for Women
  13. 13. Small Finds Bone Buttons Mother of Pearl ButtonsAmerican Dime (Liberty Head) American small cent (Indian Head)
  14. 14. Pipe BowlsPipe Bowl withMasonic Crest