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The mediablastr deck 3.0

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Premier Social Media Resource for Brands<br />Customizable Platform<br />» Platform is re-skinned and customized for brands & TV networks <br />» Designed, built, & powered by our expert team (10,000+ campaigns)<br />» Plug & play social media engagement solution<br />Priceless Impressions<br />» Exciting daily engagement via votes, comments & sharing<br />» Millions of organic impressions via social media <br />» Viral promotion via proprietary voting & share tools<br />Marketing Research & User Generated Content<br />» Invaluable data collected on all users<br />» Opt-ins for future marketing campaigns & initiatives<br />» Unprecedented volume of blogs, vlogs, and UGC videos from users<br />
  3. 3. A Simple 3-Step Process<br />Announce Campaign to Millions of People<br /> We quickly ignite the campaign’s momentum by simultaneously announcing it on (300K+ people), Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Myspace, our partner’s website, and via traditional press. <br />Use Votes to Determine the Winner<br /> We crowd-source the winner by allowing friends, fans, family, and the general public to vote on the best candidate for the prize. Voting, on average, drives additional registrations and tends to increase the contestant pool by at least 300-400%.<br />Encourage Participants to Tell their Friends, Family and Fans<br /> We incentivize the end-users to share the campaign with their social graph by associating sharing and voting with winning the prize. We provide all end-users with proprietary tools to share the campaign across their social networks and email databases.<br />
  4. 4. Employment of Cutting Edge Social Media Tools<br />Social Network Integration & Promotion<br />» Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, GotCast, & Myspace<br />» API integration, iFrames, & social network micro-sites<br />» Community marketing & promotion<br />» Viral user generated content promotion via YouTube<br />Friends, Family & Fan Engagement<br />» Solicitation of daily votes & comments<br />» Contestants distribute promotional badges across social networks<br />» Contestants & fans engage personal networks, fans and top bloggers to drive votes<br />
  5. 5. Successful Events for Top Shows and Brands<br />Cutest Canine in America<br />Presented by Embrace Pet Insurance<br />Contestants will be encouraged to share data, UGC videos and photos of their dogs as they competed to be crowned “Cutest Canine in America.”<br />Sony PlayStation Tester Challenge<br />Presented by Sony PlayStation<br />Contestants were encouraged to compete for a role in a TV show on PlayStation network, ultimately driving 30,000 registrations and millions of impressions to Sony’s site.<br />VH1 Story Tellers Content Search<br />Presented by Dove<br />Contestants were encouraged to share UGC videos why their favorite artists inspired them, ultimately driving millions of impressions to <br />
  6. 6. Project Runway Guaranteed a Role for a New On-Camera Model<br />450,000 Fans in 48 hours<br />Cast across Lifetime & Myspaceby Gotcast<br />5 Million Page Views<br />Fans, friends and contestants came back daily<br />Nearly 1 Million Votes Cast by Fans<br />Social sharing drove unprecedented engagement<br />50,000 Registered Submissions<br />Talent submitted directly to casting<br />Major Brand Sponsorship<br />L'Oreal was title sponsor across the casting<br />The Winner: Erin Burton <br />
  7. 7. Two Proven Leaders from the Internet and the Industry<br /><ul><li>Launched Top Alternative Programming Abrams Artist Agency in 2003
  8. 8. Represented talent on every major Network and Cable Television group
  9. 9. Packaged a variety of reality-based TV Shows (CBS, HDNet, DirecTV, Golf Channel, Versus)
  10. 10. Built and grew 5 successful Internet companies with sales over $600m
  11. 11. Blue Diesel,,, Go BIG Network, AffordIt
  12. 12. Startup Business Columnist for Forbes, Author of Go BIG or Go HOME</li></li></ul><li>Alec M. Shankman<br />Chief Executive Officer<br />323-708-0129<br /><br />Summer Hawkey<br />Director of Advertising and Sales<br />323-708-0129<br /><br />