The Cross Or The Crowd?


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The Cross Or The Crowd?

  1. 1. I want to speak about TWO groups or crowds of people. Note on that first Easter, there where TWO crowds. With TWO far-reaching
  2. 2. One crowd called out “Hosanna!” Hoping for Jesus to be given a CROWN of gold, placing Him on a throne. One crowd honoured Him. One crowd named Him
  3. 3. The other cried, “Crucify Him!” Wanting Jesus to be given a CROWN of thorns, placing Him upon a cross. They killed Him. They
  4. 4. These TWO crowds gathered around the same man, in the same city, for the same event, (the Jewish Passover), some maybe the same people. One day Jesus was a hero. A few short days later Jesus was given a criminals death.
  5. 5. Both events were driven by the wishes of a crowd. I wonder if you had been there, which crowd would you have been in? The first, the second or maybe both? Things have not changed; you and I are in one of these TWO crowds. Either Jesus is your Lord and you have come here to worship Him for who He is, or you are a part of the crowd who refuses to acknowledge Him. You are either for Him or against Him. For there is no middle ground.
  6. 6. THE CROWD FOR JESUS. John 12:19 “Look how the whole world has gone after him!‟” We are all individuals with an eternal soul that will live forever and the final destination of our soul is completely linked to what we believe about this man Jesus who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey 2000 years ago. What God will do with us in eternity; will depend on what we will do with His Son in the here and now!
  7. 7. Being a Christian is not a popularity contest; it is a decision, we must ALL make. I do not care what everyone else is doing. I do not care what others are saying. I do not care what others are watching I do not care where others are going.
  8. 8. THE CROWD AGAINST JESUS. Matthew 27:20, 22 “What shall I do then, with Jesus who is called Christ?‟ Pilate asked. They all answered, „Crucify him!‟” The need to be popular is a dangerous thing. To have the latest fashion, mp3, mobile phone, iPod, if the right crowd has it, we MUST have it also, where is
  9. 9. THE CROWD OR THE CROSS? Listen to TWO voices! Which is the louder to you? The CROWD or the CROSS? The CROWD says follow us, the CROSS says follow Me! The CROWD says rely on yourself, the CROSS says rely on Me! The CROWD says earn your worth, the CROSS says I am your worth! The CROWD says bear your burdens, the CROSS say nail them to Me! The CROWD says be happy, the CROSS says be holy! The CROWD says if it feels good do it, the CROSS says for loves sake endures! The CROWD says do, the CROSS says it is done!