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ENSURE presentation Gosia Wochowska

ENSURE is a cooperative project of 14 local and regional bodies from the European Union, Montenegro and Serbia. It is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens program, and will continue until July 2019. Attached you can find a brochure we prepared in order to show you the 14 the partners of the ENSURE Network who represent local and regional authorities, federations of public bodies, a University, and Civil Society Organizations. The project Leader is the Development Information Center Slovenska Bistrica. Follow us on:

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ENSURE presentation Gosia Wochowska

  1. 1. European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural areas - ENSURE
  2. 2. ENSURE: - Partners - Project goals - Activities - Project timeline - Partners’ role - Visibility – fan page and publication.
  3. 3. The Partners
  4. 4. 4. Expected outcomes  I will use the main project outcomes from the application and try to formulate them in an easy way Project goals
  5. 5. ENSUREPROJECTTIMELI NE 3.07.2017 – Project officially opens 2.07.2019 – Project officially closes 18-20 October 2017 – Kick off meeting, Slovenska Bistrica 13-15 April 2018 – Event, Croatia June 2018 – Event, Spain September 2018 – Event, Italy February 2019 – Event, Greece (+Webinar) May 2019 – Event, Slovenska Bistrica (report from local activities) Collecting partners, Communication, Project (re)submission Post-event communication (press release), Partners’ Agreements signed, Project’s brochure February 2018: virtual conference for all project coordinators and supporters Post-event communication Analysis of Euroscepticism Setting up local project facilitators Virtual conference, Logo design, FB page, Email setup, Communication Post-event communication Mid-term project evaluation Local actions start in all countries Post-event communication Mid-term evaluation Post-event communication Local actions end Post-event communication Final evaluation Final publication – policy guidelines, project results Reporting to EACEA Further cooperation as a Network ENSURE in Open Days in Brussels?
  6. 6. 5. Budget  Not to get rich but to build something  The budget’s structure explained in a nice way  Where will the saved part go?  Info that RIC will get only 40% in advance  Travel costs International Events
  7. 7. Local activities Local activities: 1 June 2018 - March 2019 -Each partner delivers at least 1 local activity in their country -Methods: a workshop, a debate, a conference, a street action -Diversity of pedagogical methods and topics -Target group: local people -During the Events in Croatia, Spain and Italy there will be dedicated sessions on how to implement local activities -There is no extra budget for them TOPICS -Aspects of rural development -Rights and obligations of EU citizens -EU Citizenship Report -Volunteering in Europe -New narratives of Europe -Other topics - partner's own ideas, adjusted to local needs.
  8. 8. Partners' roles:  Sign up the Partnership Agreement by end of Nov 2017  Participate in all international Events  Host at least one local activity (June 2018- March 2019)  Provide at least 3 publications in local/ national media during project duration  Publish press releases after each project Event using their www/ FB/ Twitter.  Contribute to the project Events by leading sessions, workshops, participating in debates.  Contribute with information to the Project publications (upon request).  Co-finance the project by covering travel expenses of their delegates to the transnational Events in case they exceed 100 euro per person per event  Request to the European Commission Representation in their country for patronage or to support project's dissemination among a wider audience  Inform the Leader in advance about major issues that can influence the role of the partner in the project.
  9. 9. Visibility