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Irish Roll Books


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New service on offer to Irish schools. Document and archive service.

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Irish Roll Books

  1. 1. Irish Roll Books Historical Archiving
  2. 2. The Serviceimply, to preserve the historical data which is in all SchoolRoll Books. We all look lovingly on old photographs anddocuments but do we do anything to record the datatherein? That is the simple motivation that drives Irish RollBooks. Archive the data now and have a permanent, easilyupdateable, mine of information at your fingertips.
  3. 3. Data Protectionistoric Roll Books that cover a period which is over 100years old are exempt from the Data Protection Act. Thedata in these historic books can be viewed and archivedwithout any fear of conflict with present legislation.
  4. 4. 21st century Technologyow do we safeguard the information? Simply byphotographing or scanning it, without it ever leaving thesecure environment of your school. The images are thencollated, checked, tagged and stored on DVD disc, yourschools computer system and at a designated third-partydestination of your choice.
  5. 5. 21ST Century Technologyy collating the images from each book and tagging themwith relevant data i.e. school year, pupil names, teachersnames etc, the task of searching for data fir genealogicalpurposes is made much easier.o more searching dusty books!
  6. 6. Updatings each year passes, another set of books falls within the 100year scope, how is that data then updated? Not a problem.We can teach you how to do this task.good basic knowledge of modern technology is all that isrequired to be in a position to keep your digital recordsupdated.
  7. 7. How much?he one burning question in all this is the cost. Not as muchas you may think. Before the price is revealed, here is whatyou get:hotographing of all your Historic Roll Books.rchiving of said images.ecure storing of images as previously described.
  8. 8. How Much?750 (incl VAT)
  9. 9. Contact us86-395796224-94544