#GorkanaSocial panel event: Molly Flatt, 1000heads


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Molly Flatt from 1000head's slides from the Gorkana "Social Currency: Building Brand Advocacy" event on 17 April 2013.

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  • We reached beyond the traditional mobile-tech communities to challenge 200 socially influential individuals who had a ‘beef’ with gravity – who mostly got their kicks from jumping, floating, flying or climbing – to show us what they could do with a lightweight revolutionary motion capture phone. Out of our shortlisted group of 200 N8 Producers, the winning entrants – as chosen by Nokia’s marketing team and their 4 million Nokia Facebook fans – got to cut the gravitational cord completely by being taken to NASA’s Cape Canaveral and up into zero gravity to shoot and capture without limits – a dream realised.This was a truly earned media campaign. Over 50,000 conversations and content about the project were created and seen by over 30 million people with 174,000 likes & comments across Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms There was no bought media support whatsoever and all contributors weren’t paid to participate or create.Videos were picked up and showcased on ESPN’s Sports Nation in the U.S.A. and another featured in an article on Mashable that collated “Seven Superb Short Films Shot With Mobile Cellphones” as the number one best film. This exposed the content – and the N8’s capabilities – to very wide and mainstream audiences across the world
  • Twitter users are being given a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 – as well as a personalised 3D printed case with their Twitter handle on the back cover – by tweeting ‘something fun, entertaining, witty’ to the @Nokia_Connects account while using the hashtag #Lumia820.
  • With that in mind, we are setting fashion fanatics a unique fashion quest – armed, of course, with the Nokia Lumia 900, to bring their personality to life.Our trend-setters are being given the task of inspiring Leila’s next jewellery creation! Participants will select one of the five bespoke LVK collections to create the ultimate mood board on their blog, filled with individual style inspirations captured through the lens of the Lumia.And that’s not all! We are giving one overall winner the chance to join Leila in London and make their mood board come to life by creating their very own, bespoke LVK jewellery piece alongside Leila. Also ties in with the Style Saint moodboard app
  • But this February, by asking what would really be helpful to busy event-hopping attendees, we helped Nokia devise the ‘social taxi’: a cab branded with eye-catching Lumia 800 Amazing Everyday visuals, which could be ordered by anyone in town tweeting @nokia_connects using the #SMWLDN and #nokiaconnectshashtags. As well as taking you from A to B, the cab offered random lucky travellers the chance to head to a game of laser tag, a relaxing massage or a glass blowing class instead. And it reacted in real time to remain as useful as possible. When one tweeter bemoaned the fact that he’d left it too late to buy his girlfriend a Valentines gift, the cab picked up a romantic treat and delivered it straight to his feet. If a business is relevant, helpful and full of delightful surprises, it truly earns its place in social media. 
  • Themed community management of Nokia social presences and bespoke Facebook apps, were used to introduce the world’s first dynamic 3D Map of Gotham City. The interactive map – an accurate representation of the 2D version seen in the film – contained Dark Knight themed trivia to encourage users to solve puzzles, explore the map and share with their friends. This extraordinary map demonstrated Nokia’s innovation and expertise with 3D mapping technology.Seeding of exclusive content to relevant online communities played a pivotal role; product, ATL and video content was integrated and leveraged to raise awareness and sustain conversation throughout the campaign. 1000heads kicked things off by creating 40 bespoke Lumia 800s engraved with the iconic bat shield; the “Nokia Bat Phone”. These 40 devices were sent to influential technology bloggers (resulting in over 25 million social impressions), driving so much interest that Nokia created 5,000 limited edition Nokia Lumia 900s, which sold out immediately.
  • #GorkanaSocial panel event: Molly Flatt, 1000heads

    1. 1. Nokia ConnectsAdvocacy ProgrammeGorkana | April 2013t: +44 203 206 2000 www.1000heads.com ©1000heads 2013@mollyflatt@1000heads
    2. 2. 7 years old@Nokia_Connects (18,000 followers)Nokia Connects blog (50,000 unique visits weekly)Global network of > 20,000 advocatesInspires > 360,000 conversations every year> 50 device experiences per monthNokia Connects
    3. 3. • Learn more about Nokia products• Buy Nokia products / make apurchase decision• Do more with Nokia products toget the best out of them.• Tell more of their friends abouthow great Nokia products areonline and offline.We help people…
    4. 4. • Generate Nokia conversation fromadvocates• Inspire creation of content withNokia smartphones• Build relationships with non-techinfluencers• Drive sales of smartphonesOur key objectives…
    5. 5. 2 3 4 5The advocacy journeyENGAGE INSPIRE NURTURE GROWThrough listeningand manualprofiling, we identifyand profile voicesfrom relevantpassion groups,looking at reachand influence,quality of content,passion andinteraction withintheir communitiesWe engage thechosen selectionwith personalisedone-to-one contactand issue a uniquepack to generateinitial excitementand confirminvolvement in thecommunityWe bring ourinfluencers togetherusing product trials,exciting ideas andinvitations exclusiveevents that play onthe strength offriendships andtrying newexperiencesWe maintain an on-going dialogue withour key influencersthrough on-goingengagement onemail, twitter,Facebook, F2F andon the phone –it’s a1 to 1 relationshipwith real peopleWe amplify andshare contentcreated acrossNokia’s socialpresences, in orderto raise awarenessand engage newpotentialcommunitymembers usingassets from ourpreviouscampaignsPROFILE16. INTEGRATE WITH CAMPAIGNS
    6. 6. Daily decision making
    7. 7. Incredible relationshipsNokia advocates propagate the #SwitchtoLumia message.@AlexNuggz has inspired 8 people to switch to Lumia
    8. 8. Inspiring content
    9. 9. Innovative tech
    10. 10. Non-tech audiences57top fashion bloggers1,282posts in social+26kvideo views95%of fashion bloggers had neverspoken about Nokia before+17mimpressions generated fromposts in social about Nokia LVK
    11. 11. On the ground at events
    12. 12. Integrating partnerships
    13. 13. Real ROI93% of respondents said they would recommendthe trial device to friends and family48% of triallists said they would switchto Lumia from their current phoneWe’ve been encouraging those who trial a Lumia to give us some honestfeedback about their trial experience
    14. 14. I am often asked my family friends and collegesfor my recommendations on the best smartphone.I generally recommend users switch to the iPhoneor a Nexus device, but have found that neithermatch the performance, features and userfriendliness of the Lumia 920“Dushyanthan – Lumia 920, Jan
    15. 15. Its an awesome experience! I had no ideacompanies did this and Ive really gained a lot ofrespect and appreciation for Nokia and their greatteam for allowing me to proper test out the phonefor free. Really happy I was given the opportunity:)“Ollie – Lumia 900, Dec
    16. 16. I feel like Nokia is getting more and moreinnovative and closer to its customers, which isphenomenal in such a competitive market.… Ithink the trial experience proposed by Nokia is thebest marketing strategy and I wouldnt changemuch!“Georgina – Lumia 920, Dec
    17. 17. I think its a great way to get the phones out there.So many people still have no idea about whatWindows Phone is all about, letting people usethem for a period of time is a great way of gettingthem hooked“Steven Lumia 800 trial, December