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Hiriko presentation 2 11


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This is a presentation of Hiriko, Driving Mobility project. The first self folding vehicle designed by MIT-Media lab and manufactured in the Basque area.

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Hiriko presentation 2 11

  1. 1. for intelligent cities
  2. 2. rethinking the concept of urban mobility in the new sustainibility context
  3. 3. 80% urban trips are made by one person50% world population will be in large urban areas40% use of gasoline in town is to find parking36% of oil consumption in Spain is the transport
  4. 4. promote partners
  5. 5. international partners
  6. 6. HIRIKO D.M HIRIKO HIRIKO HIRIKO CARS INFRASTRUCTURES SERVICES URBAN MOBILITY VEHICLE PRODUCTION FRANCHISE MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE Car Manufacturer Creates solid infraestructure Adm. Franchise concept plans, organizes and implementation and administration central marketing andcoordinates the fabrication of of the electric charging systems communication manages the the car urban parking zones, etc frachise assembler companies
  7. 7. technology challenges
  8. 8. a new urban mobility concepta new production and a new urban concept car distribution model
  9. 9. technical description key data of the 2 passenger car ✓ Loading time: from 20% to 100% in 15✓ Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.6 x 1.5 m and minutes (for a fast charge) 1.5 x 1.6 x 1.9 m, meters folded awy ✓ Reach with full battery: 120 kms✓ Number of passengers: 2 ✓ Slope ascent: up to 20%✓ Power: 15 kw / nominal ✓ Maximum self-limited speed: 60 km/h✓ Acceleration: from 0 a 50 km/h in 4 seconds ✓ Homologation: as a light four-wheel✓ Drive: (4 WD) motorcycle (quart)✓ Integral steering (AWS) ✓ Boot capacity: 300 liters
  10. 10. technical features key data of the 2 passenger car✓ the car can move in all directions when ✓ sound system, windscreen wipersfolded ✓ interface for an iPhone✓ driven by a joystick ✓ “urban” communication system (traffic,✓ no mirrors, but electronic rearview camera parking, charging)✓ driving information projected on front glass ✓ unbreakable, heated antisteam glass✓ 15 or 16 inch aluminium rims ✓ turbo boost function✓ variable trunk concept
  11. 11. power and safety features✓ 4 electro-engines, one at each wheel✓ two seets of separated battery packs✓ regenerative breaking✓ roof integrated solar panel✓ 2 little ventilators for ain circulation✓ all glass is laminated glass✓ disk breaks on all wheels✓ due to the position of driving, the cardoes not need to be equipped withairbags✓ lateral airbags and/or head-airbagsavailable when tests how their necessity
  12. 12. members of HIRIKO CARS
  13. 13. modular design designed and manufactured following a modular conception of 7 modules 1. WHEELS: the Robo Wheels, incl. motor traction, steering, braking system and suspension 2. GLASS: all glass components, incl. the glass front door 3. the CHASIS and THE SKELETON are produced in aluminium 4. the REAR PART includes the ancillary batteries 5. the INTERIOR is maed using organic plastics 6. the BATTERIES incluincludes the on-board charging system 7. the ELECTRONIC MODULE includes the control electronic as well as the power transmission electronics 4 61 3 2 5
  14. 14. robo-wheelsThe Robo Wheels incl.motor traction, steering, braking system and suspension
  15. 15. production & distribution Going forward there will be 4 different phases to distinguishPrototype Phase: 1st Phase: 2nd Phase: 3rd Phase: Epsilon assembles starting with the First franchisees More Franchisees all overthe first 20 first Hiriko owned plants in Europe: the world, staring withprototype units planed in Vitoria Germany, Holland assembling in USA, and England Australia and Brazil etc. 2011 2012 2013 2014 …   module suppliers   module   module suppliers   module suppliers startproduce in Basque suppliers produce produce in Basque producing additionally inplant and supply in Basque plant plant and supply to their already existing plantsfree of charge to and supply to Europeʼs North worldwideEpsilon Vitoria
  16. 16. developing the future
  17. 17. 1 HIRIKO reinvents the concept of mobility in the urban context HIRIKO upgrades the bike sharing systems with the possibility of fact using trendy, faster, safer, covered, foldable… electric automobiles HIRIKO has an autonmy of 120 km with a limited speed of 50 km/example hour. Batteries are recharged in 12 minutes
  18. 18. 2 HIRIKO redefines the relationship between user and cars HIRIKO is not just a beautiful car, it is a new mobility system. fact HIRIKO redefines the user’s relationship to metropolitan patterns Prices will change according to the demand. Driving a car couldexample even put money in your pocket
  19. 19. 3 HIRIKO generates a new source of incomes for the cities HIRIKO cars are an unique opportunity for quality advertising in fact the city centres, complementing existing public transportation system Berlin could limit the use of private cars in the city centre, allowingexample HIRIKO cars to be theonly ones to circulate in that area.Paris has already established the legal framework for these operations
  20. 20. 4 radical architecture HIRIKO does not have a central engine and traditional power fact train, but is powered by four in-wheel electric motors. This enables maneuvers like spinning on its own axis (an O-turnexample instead of a U-turn), moving sideways into parallel parking spaces, and lane changes while facing straight ahead.
  21. 21. 5 HIRIKO offers a new business opportunity for automotive manufacturers HIRIKO facilitates automotive sector to be prepared for the fact electric revolution. Basque manufacturers will participate in this project to gain new skills Local companies invovled in this project will be better preparedexample than international competitors for manufacturing new electric car components
  22. 22. 6 HIRIKO is based in a powerful environment Basque automotive industry produces all components of the fact leading European brands (Mercedes, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Guardian, Michelin, etc) Mercedes Vito takes the name from Vitoria, the capital of theexample Basque region
  23. 23. 7 HIRIKO has built a solid structure HIRIKO consortium will alunch three companies: “HIRIKO CARS”, fact “HIRIKO SERVICES” and “HIRIKO INFRAESTRUCTURES” HIRIKO CARS will produce the automobile, HIRIKO SERVICES will franchise the assembilng plants and HIRIKOexample INFRAESTRUCTURES will offer engineering services to the cities integrating this mobility concept into their transportation system
  24. 24. 8 HIRIKO creates employment in recession times fact HIRIKO creates employment locally, innovates disruptively the traditional process of car manufacturing Small assembiling plants will be located in the cities implementingexample this mobility system
  25. 25. 9 HIRIKO is an emerging reality
  26. 26. conclusion:Why this concept will work?
  27. 27. this concept has best chances to succeed as it’s a win-win for everyone, furthermore there are already discussions that city centers shall be closed municipalities individuals ✓ Will gain in new revenues as MOD ✓ Will decrease their expenses, when concept designed for profit, with associated • renting a HIRIKO for less than used to advertising campaigns, whilst the original pay for regular renting car investment is marginal • traveling in HIRIKO cheaper than taxi • spending less on using HIRIKO than ✓ Wll increase image and reputtion possesing own car & renting garage etc attracting more inhabitants and tourism. Used to spend lots ofmoney on marketing ✓ Increase their quality of life campaigns polishing city’s image to • Less cars in the street, less traffic, more encourage tourism parking spaces available, etc • no damaging exhaust fumes & noises ✓ Will increase employment with new local • less trouble than maintaining own car assembling plants and local fleet operting • more flexibility where and when to use a companies car, combine with train, etcBoth can associate image and personality with new environmental friendly technology.
  28. 28. electric carnew cities citizen
  29. 29. all images by William Lark Jr. Smartcities MIT