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This is a selection of 10 articles published about the international media about the Hiriko Global launch. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist,

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Hiriko global launch media coverage

  1. 1. DOSSIER PRESSGLOBAL LAUNCH HIRIKO DRIVING MOBILITY T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  2. 2. How an electric car scheme plans to drive down social divisions | Society | The Guardi... Page 1 of 3 Printing sponsored by: How an electric car scheme plans to drive down social divisions A public mobility project with a social purpose – Britain should How an electric car scheme plans to drive down social divisions | Society | The Guardi... Page 2 of 3 sign up now, says Randeep Ramesh Randeep Ramesh Both Londons bike scheme and Hiriko are "public mobility solutions". Both are green guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 17 January 2012 16.59 GMT transport. But the big difference between them is that whereas Londons project larger | smaller involves a £190m contract to a private company, Serco, to supply and run the scheme, A i l hi the European Union will adopt Hirikos "social purpose" model. The car will be built exclusively in the deprived areas of cities that take up the scheme. And the technology will be owned by a social enterprise, with private sector companies often getting involved for free because they view the Hiriko as a test bed for the future – while Madrid funded the Hiriko project with €15m (£13m), Spanish company Maser-Mic spent €3m of its own money on the cars "sat nav" system. Each car costs €12,500. The real insight of Hiriko is that it aims to change the way we live and do social good at the same time. Its worth noting that the first city to trial Hiriko will be Malmö, Swedens third largest city. While Nordic countries are often cited as models of happy, equal, cohesive nations, officials in Malmö have long been concerned about the growing divide between the east and west parts of the city. Its not that Malmö is poor – the former industrial powerhouse has become a centre for architecture and design. But Could an electric car scheme be adopted in cities throughout Europe? Photograph: Hiriko while the city has got richer, its social indicators have gone into reverse. Civil servants were aghast to find pollution and carbon dioxide levels rising at a time When José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, launches the when child poverty in the city was growing. Its a combustible mix. In Rosengård, an Hiriko electronic car next week, he aims to answer a question being asked by much of immigrant-rich, employment-low part of west Malmö, there have been clashes between the rest of the world: after the euro, what is the continent for? local youths and police since unrest in 2008. Last April, cars and recycling stations were The electric vehicle, developed in Spain, aspires to transform city transport, doing for set alight, while firefighters who attempted to put out the fires were pelted with stones electric cars what Londons "Boris bikes" have done for pedal cycles. The idea is that a and fireworks. local authority owns a fleet of Hiriko cars and rents one to people when they need it – To generate jobs and clean up the city, Malmös council will purchase three Hiriko cars for a small fee. Hirikos hi-tech, on-board computers will mean that all the cars are to test the new form of transport. The idea is that by building them in Rosengård a instantly located by a smart phone, so they can be left anywhere, and the electric whole system of support industries (such as designing apps for the on-board computer) batteries mean they have zero emissions. will spread in poor areas. Hirikos creators believe it is a solution to environmental and social problems – bridging deepening social divides. After Malmö, the plan is to introduce the car in Berlin, Barcelona, Vitoria-Gasteiz (the second largest Basque city), San Francisco, and Honghttp://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jan/17/hiriko-electric-car-social-purpose/print 27/01/2012 Kong. There have been exploratory talks with London. "London would be a great city. It has the bicycle rental scheme, the congestion charge ... Londons large, rich with deprived areas," says Carlos Fernandez Isoird, Hirikos technical co-ordinator. Hirikos advantages are clear: whereas most companies have a short-term outlook, it sees a future transformed in 10 years time. Its a "green shift" that creates jobs – breaking the link between economic progress and growing carbon dioxide emissions. This is one instance where Brussels leads, and Britain should follow. Randeep Ramesh is the Guardians social affairs editor. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jan/17/hiriko-electric-car-social-purpose/print 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  3. 3. M.I.T. CityCar, Renamed Hiriko, Is Headed to Production - NYTimes.com Page 1 of 2 M.I.T. CityCar, Renamed Hiriko, Is Headed to Production - NYTimes.com Page 2 of 2 JANUARY 25, 2012, 4:42 PM As originally envisioned by Mr. Mitchell and his lab’s students, the CityCar was less a M.I.T. CityCar, Renamed Hiriko, Is Headed to Production vehicle than a system and set of ideas that could be applied to many kinds of vehicles, By PHIL PATTON including scooters. The lab’s objective is to preserve the advantages of individual Getty Images/Getty ImagesJosé Manuel Barroso, with the first prototype of the Hiriko folding electric transportation while minimizing drawbacks like congestion, parking scarcity and car, on Tuesday at European Union Commission headquarters. tailpipe emissions. The electric cars fold together like shopping carts. They At European Union Commission headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, the communicate over a central network, much like bicycles in share programs in major commission chief, José Manuel Barroso, inspected a small city-car prototype. It was European capitals, to alert users where and when one might be available. the commercial version of the long-gestating CityCar from the Massachusetts Institute The manufacturing project is headed by Armando Gaspar, a Belgian-born former of Technology Media Lab. engineer for the defunct Daimler-Chrysler consortium. Parts will be sourced from local manufacturers, and a newly created company, Basque Robot Wheels, will work Mr. Barroso posed for pictures inside the vehicle, which has been renamed the Hiriko, on realizing the Hiriko’s trick in-place turning radius, handy for urban the Basque word for urban. The trial production of 20 cars and a pilot program are maneuverability. scheduled to begin next year in Spain’s Basque region, at Vitoria Gasteiz, not far from Dr. Larson wrote in an e-mail that the Hiriko would initially be intended for shared- Bilbao. use projects. At Tuesday’s event were representatives of cities that had expressed Gorka Espiau, a spokesman for the project, wrote in an e-mail that final prices for the interest in starting programs, among them Malmo, Barcelona and Berlin. “The M.I.T. cars would depend on the number of vehicles ordered by a potential customer. team is studying deployment in those cities, plus Hong Kong and San Francisco,” he M.I.T.’s partner in the project, the Basque investment group Denokinn, plans to wrote. deploy the Hiriko in city fleets around the world. Mr. Espiau added that the parties Consistent with Mr. Mitchell’s vision, Mr. Larson added that the student team, headed were targeting a vehicle price of 12,500 euros, roughly $16,400, if they chose to sell by Ryan Chin, and the designer of the car, William Lark, had also created a three- the Hiriko to private individuals. wheel E.V. prototype that would also function in bicycle mode and would meet all European bike-lane regulations. The podlike electric vehicle, whose battery pack would be leased, is a two-seater with 4 -wheel drive and a range in excess of 100 kilometer, or about 60 miles. Because its wheelbase can collapse, a single parking space can accommodate three vehicles. Copyright 2012 The New York Times Company Privacy Policy NYTimes.com 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018 Driver and passenger enter through a windshield that swings upward. The CityCar project has garnered significant attention over the years, but funding from General Motors, its initial corporate supporter, ended in 2008, and the resident visionary of the scheme, Prof. William J. Mitchell, died in 2010. The project is currently headed by Prof. Kent Larson. “Reinventing the Automobile: Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century,” published by M.I.T. Press and written by Dr. Mitchell, Chris Borroni-Bird and Lawrence Burns of General Motors, was dedicated largely to making the case for the CityCar. The vehicle was also included in the National Design Museum triennial, called “Why Design Now?“, in 2010. Along with regional and national officials, the European Union regards the Hiriko as an asset to the Basque country. Like the Guggenheim Bilbao museum project, which brought tourists to the old port city, the factory is aimed to help revive the aging automotive-supplier infrastructure in the region.http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/m-i-t-citycar-renamed-hiriko-is-headed-t... 27/01/2012 http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/m-i-t-citycar-renamed-hiriko-is-headed-t... 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  4. 4. Brussels Launch for Spanish Folding Electric Car - Tech Europe - WSJ Page 1 of 2 JANUARY 20, 2012, 7:13 AM GMT Brussels Launch for Spanish Folding Electric Car An American-designed electric city car and made in Spain’s Basque country is to be unveiled next week. It should be on Europe’s roads in 2013. The electric fold-up two-seater “Hiriko”, which means “urban” in Basque, is to be formally launched in Brussels on Tuesday. The first models should be on the streets of Europe’s cities next year. The idea comes from M.I.T.’s Media Lab. But the concept has been developed by a consortium of small companies based in Spain’s Basque Country. The Guardian reports: The electric vehicle… aspires to transform city transport, doing for electric cars what London’s “Boris bikes” have done for pedal cycles. The idea is that a local authority owns a fleet of Hiriko cars and rents one to people when they need it – for a small fee. Hiriko’s hi-tech, on- board computers will mean that all the cars are instantly located by a smart phone, so they can be left anywhere, and the electric batteries mean they have zero emissions. Both London’s bike scheme and Hiriko are “public mobility solutions”. Both are green transport. But the big difference between them is that whereas London’s project involves a £190m contract to a private company, Serco, to supply and run the scheme, the European Union will adopt Hiriko’s “social purpose” model. The car will be built exclusively in the deprived areas of cities that take up the scheme. And the technology will be owned by a social enterprise, with private sector companies often getting involved for free because they view the Hiriko as a test bed for the future – while Madrid funded the Hiriko project with €15m (£13m), Spanish company Maser-Mic spent €3 million of its own money on the car’s “sat nav” system. Each car costs €12,500… Hiriko’s creators believe it is a solution to environmental and social problems – bridging deepening social divides. After Malmö, the plan is to introduce the car in Berlin, Barcelona, Vitoria-Gasteiz (the second largest Basque city), San Francisco, and Hong Kong.http://blogs.wsj.com/tech-europe/2012/01/20/brussels-launch-for-spanish-folding-elec... 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  5. 5. Folding car moves closer to reality - Telegraph Page 1 of 2 Folding car moves closer to reality - Telegraph Page 2 of 2 Several European and American cities are to be the scenes for the initial trials. Such trials will closely resemble in execution Pariss new electric car hire/share scheme Autolib, according to the makers. Trials begin in autumn this year in cities such as Bilbao, Malmo and Boston.Folding car moves closer to reality Passenger and driver enter and leave the Hiriko through a single door on the front of the car. A conventional steeringThe Hiriko folding electric car is set to be launched this week before going into production next wheel will be replaced by a joystick arrangement or a "haptic" steering wheel that physically tugs at a drivers fingersyear. when told to do so by the on board navigation systems. Alexei Sayle: my electric car (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/8997390/Alexei-Sayle-my-electric- car.html) Hyundai ix35 fuel-cell review (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/carreviews/8989897/Hyundai-ix35-fuel-cell- review.html) Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/carreviews/8958803/Volkswagen-Passat- Bluemotion-review.html) Boris test drives new bus (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/motoringvideo/8961901/Boris-Johnson-My- Routemaster-bus-is-a-British-style-icon.html) Seat Mii review (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/carreviews/8930898/Seat-Mii-review.html)The Hiriko folding car is a two-seater Eco Hero: The green car rally organiser (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/8654427/Eco-Hero-The- green-car-rally-organiser.html)By Michael Fitzpatrick11:26AM GMT 23 Jan 2012 Production of 20 test vehicles is underway at Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque country, which is expected to turn out commercial versions in the spring of 2013 for the consortium behind the venture.53 Comments (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/9032363/Folding-car-moves-closer-to-reality.html#disqus_thread) "I call this mobility on demand," says Ryan Chin, the researcher behind the concept thought up at the MIT labs in the 1980s. "Hirikos technology and green footprint is five times better than you find in todays Smart cars."An electric car prototype that folds into itself to save parking space, and is powered by four in-wheel motors, will belaunched tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24) by José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, in Madrid is backing the project with 15m euros (£13m) in grants for the cars, which will cost 12,500 euros each to build.Brussels.The two-seat Hiriko, tipped to receive endorsement from EU leaders at its launch, is the result of a partnership ofBasque businesses, the Spanish government and the USs renowned MIT Media Lab. The tiny bubble car is tipped to © Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2012go into production in Spain next year.Each wheel is independently driven and steered by "robot" in-wheel electric motors making for extra manoeuvrability,while the rear of the capsule-like city car can slip under the chassis. It then only takes up two-thirds of the footprint of aSmart car, claim its makers. The consortium behind the project hope this will allow cities to free up some of the manysquare miles of precious space parked cars currently inhabit.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/9032363/Folding-car-moves-clo... 27/01/2012 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/green-motoring/9032363/Folding-car-moves-clo... 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  6. 6. A new vision for the city of the future - Fortune Tech Page 1 of 3 Register Log In CNN Invia quer Home Video Business News Markets Term Sheet Economy Tech Personal Finance Small Business Leadership Mi piace 66Apple 2.0 Big Tech Tech Tumblr Innovation Nation Startups Brainstorm Tech Video Tablet ViewShape the Future A new vision for the city of the Follow Fortune Magazine future 3 comments Recommend 104 people recommend this. January 4, 2012: 5:00 AM ET As the world population expands, cities will have to transform to meet the challenge. Here come foldable cars and flexible apartments. By Alex Konrad, reporter Featured Newsletters Today in Tech Every morning, discover the companies, deals and trends in tech that are moving markets and making headlines. SUBSCRIBE FORTUNE -- A small vehicle that looks like a Jetsons version of a smart car rests in a room at The Term Sheet MITs Media Lab. Heres how it works. When parking, the rear of the electric CityCar slides under Receive Fortunes newsletter on all the deals that the chassis, allowing the body to fold up into a compact shell. Once folded, the CityCar will fit into a matter, from Wall Street to Sand Hill Road. SUBSCRIBE space just one-third the size of a standard parking spot. A single door on the front of the car pops open, allowing the driver to step out onto the sidewalk. Big Tech Covering the digital giants of Silicon Valley and beyond, an in-depth look at enterprise companies, and The CityCar is just one example of how MITs Changing Places group envisions the urban lifestyle the startups disrupting them. Written by Michal Lev-Ram of 2022. In October the world population hit 7 billion, and now for the first time in history more than and emailed twice weekly. SUBSCRIBE half of the worlds population lives in urban centers. MIT is studying how to house and move allType your people in here. that will make urban living still bearable. Says Kent Larson, the programs those comment ways Ask Annie director: "Were focusing on more efficient uses of resources, on ways to lower costs and energy Anne Fisher answers career-related questions and use and at the same time increase personal space." Larson sees the CityCar, for example, as offers helpful advice for business professionals. fitting into the shared-use programs already gaining traction through companies such as ZipCar SUBSCRIBE (ZIP) and Getaround. The cars would complement what he hopes will be a full system of sharing, from bicycles and scooters for shorter commutes to cars for longer jaunts. A prototype of the SEE ALL NEWSLETTERS CityCar built by MIT and the Spanish company DenokInn will be unveiled at European Union headquarters in Brussels this month under the project name Hiriko. Contributors MITs Media Lab is also working on what it dubs the CityHome. Again, greater flexibility is key. The CityHome concept takes a Murphy-bed approach. A bedroom can double as anything from a PHILIP ELMER-DEWITT kitchen to a personal gym with stoves, fridges, and StairMasters swinging out from hidden panels Smartphone wars: Apple won the in the walls. Larson says that the customization cost for a small apartment would be as much as quarter, Samsung the year $30,000. However, the savings of paying for a one-room studio that functions as a three-room MIGUEL HELFT apartment could be 10 times that amount. MIT hopes to launch pilot programs in the Boston area. Scott McNealys Wayin weighs in on the election The system can be customized to fit different income brackets. Want a Sub-Zero to pop out of your wall? The benefit for real estate developers is that they can stack more units into each building. JESSI HEMPEL The biggest hang-up for adoption? Parking spaces for the denser housing. The problem is solved - The hot tech gig of 2022: Data - surprise -- by matching the CityHome with the CityCar. scientist ADAM LASHINSKY More from Fortunes guide to the future Larry Page: Google should be like a family Introduction MICHAL LEV-RAMhttp://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/01/04/cities-of-the-future/ 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  7. 7. Druckversion - Kleinstwagen Hiriko: Falter mit Elektromotor - SPIEGEL ONLINE - ... Page 1 of 1 24. Januar 2012, 19:45 Uhr Kleinstwagen Hiriko Falter mit Elektromotor Der Traum von Millionen Parkplatzsuchern: Ein Auto, das sich schrumpfen lässt und in jede Lücke passt. Ein kleiner Baske macht diesen Wunsch nun wahr. In Brüssel ist am Dienstag das Elektroauto Hiriko Citycar präsentiert worden. Der Wagen sieht aus wie ein Regentropfen auf vier Rädern und ist genauso geschmeidig: Auf Knopfdruck faltet sich der Zweisitzer auf ganze 1,50 Meter zusammen. Der Fahrer kann die Frontscheibe hochklappen und nach vorne aussteigen - wie bei der legendären Isetta. Vier Elektromotoren treiben das Auto an, maximal bringt es 90 Stundenkilometer auf den Asphalt. Hiriko ist baskisch und heißt "für die Stadt" - ein Verweis auf die Herkunft des Wagens. Hiriko ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt des Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) und des spanischen Innovationszentrums Denokinn und wurde im spanischen Baskenland entwickelt. Die EU hat den Bau des Faltautos mit Geldern zur Förderung benachteiligter Regionen unterstützt. 2010 war der Zwerg das erste Mal der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt worden, nächstes Jahr soll er nun auf die Straße rollen und sich in die Parkritzen zwängen. Der Preis wird nach Herstellerangaben bei etwa 12.500 Euro für private Käufer liegen. Vor allem soll der Kleinstwagen aber im Car- Sharing zum Einsatz kommen. cst/dpa URL: http://www.spiegel.de/auto/aktuell/0,1518,811172,00.html © SPIEGEL ONLINE 2012 Alle Rechte vorbehalten Vervielfältigung nur mit Genehmigung der SPIEGELnet GmbHhttp://www.spiegel.de/auto/aktuell/0,1518,druck-811172,00.html 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  8. 8. Car Sharing With Crazy Folding Cars Is Coming To Europe | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation 27/01/12 16:53 EmailDon’t Miss This Issue! Subscribe Address today and this issue ships tomorrow. SUBSCRIBE > SUBSCRIBE NOW › On Facebook On TwitterO.EXIST CO.DESIGN CO.CREATE SUBSCRIBE EXIST DAILY IMAGE BY: HIRIKO Car Sharing With Crazy Folding Cars Is Coming To C o. Exi st Europe WORLD CHANGING IDEAS AND INNOVATION The tiny Hiriko can fold up so it ts three to a normal parking spot, making it perfect for deploying in a crowded European city. Will you get out of your next car rental through the roof? 0 156 9 The next great electric car may not be from GM, Ford, or even upstarts like Tesla and Coda. The Hiriko (it means "urban car" in Basque) can fold up in small parking spaces, has a 75-mile range on all-electric power, wheels that rotate 360 degrees (for the ultimate tight turn), a cost of $16,210--and it was conceived of by MIT’s Media Lab. A prototype of Hiriko, which was developed in collaboration with seven automotive ADVERTISEMENT suppliers in Spain, is so compact that passengers can only get out by pushing the glass shell open. It’s a good thing the car doesn’t require gas; there isn’t even room for a gas 01 tank. But when folded, three Hiriko vehicles can t into a single parking space. MIT’s seven collaborators will all contribute to production of the vehicle, with each one producing di erent core components (i.e. battery system, vehicle chassis, interior, etc.). /5 2 Commercial versions of the vehicle are expected to be ready by 2013. TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE The vehicle will be deployed in Europe using a car-sharing model a la Zipcar, but run by city governments. No word yet on which city will be the rst to test out Hiriko, but Berlin and Barcelona have expressed interest, as have the Galapagos Islands and San EDITORS PICKS Francisco. Don’t be surprised if a Spanish city gets dibs; the Hiriko project notes on its website that the project "is born with a clear vision of transforming and regenerating the industrial grid in both Alava and the Basque Country." http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679194/car-sharing-with-crazy-folding-cars-is-coming-to-europe Página 1 de 4
  9. 9. Une voiture électrique pliable pour des villes dépolluées Page 1 of 2 Lire le journal "Le Soir" Je mabonne Avantages abonnés Newsletters Immo Faq Plus Je me connecte rechercher BOURSE TRAFIC Archives Bel-20: -0,48 % 134 km. 2°C - 7°C 27/01 17:24 NORMAL actu sports culture économie débats blogs le studio styles Articles similaires : Nouvelle recherche Reformuler ma recherche Retour à la liste Des villes wallonnes privées partiellement... Un dimanche sans voitures dans les rues de... disponible en 2013... article suivant >> Attentats contre l’ONU en Somalie... A bicyclette ?... LOCATION... Une voiture électrique pliable pour des villes dépolluées Combiner les modes de transport Combiner l... n.c. LE CONCOURS 4 VILLES A LA UNE:A CLAUDINE Mardi 24 janvier 2012 L... Hiriko, une petite voiture électrique pliable conçue au Pays Basque espagnol Partager lauto dans les villes moyennes ?... ambitionne de devenir l’un des véhicules urbains de demain dans des villes où toute Mobilité Comment convaincre les navetteurs... source de pollution sera bannie. LArau rêve dune ville sans voiture... 10.000 vélos "libres" à Paris... Elle s’appelle Hiriko. “Elle n’est pas japonaise, mais basque. Son nom signifie “urbain“ en langue basque”, a précisé Les vélomoteurs plus polluants que les cam... Gorka Espiau, représentant du consortium qui l’a conçue, lors de sa présentation au président de la Commission 250 vols par jour dans les voitures... européenne José Manuel Barroso. Son volant bourré d’électronique ressemble à celui d’une formule 1, son moteur est dans les roues, toutes mobiles, ce Voitures polluantes non-admises... qui permet une rotation sur 360 degrés, et son habitacle en forme d’oeil de mouche remonte pour faciliter son CE SERAIT PLUS FACILE DE VENIR À PIED... stationnement sur un emplacement de bicyclette. POLLUTION, POLLUTION... José Manuel Barroso a éprouvé quelques difficultés avec le volant lorsqu’il s’est installé dans l’habitacle, mais il a DANGEREUX,LE BALLON?... réussi a s’extraire très facilement de la voiture, dont le pare-brise coulisse comme le cockpit d’un avion de tourisme. La présentation n’est pas allée plus loin. Juste le temps de quelques photographies pour la galerie. Le président de la BUS-PYJAMA... Commission s’est ensuite rapidement éclipsé, refusant toute question sur le soutien que l’institution peut apporter au RTBF Une affaire qui roule... développement de la petite voiture. Hiriko est pourtant une réponse à l’idée de la Commission de faire interdire les voitures à essence dans les centres urbains. Elle sera opérationnelle en 2013 dans plusieurs villes conquises par le concept. Plusieurs cités du Benelux, d’Allemagne ou de France ont déjà lancé des initiatives d’offres de voitures, électriques ou non, en libre-service. AFP article suivant >> Actualité Services Les autres sites Rossel la Une nous contacter Vlan.be LEcho belgique plan du site Le Sillon Belge Soirmag monde archives Lenseo Sudpresse sports flux RSS PhotoBook La Voix du Nord culture newsletter Références Net Events économie services et concours Cinenews La Boutique du Soir les blogs Le Soir en PDF Rossel Rendez-Vous.be débats club du soir Ticketnet Victoire styles GrenzEcho Saveurs.be Rossel advertisinghttp://archives.lesoir.be/une-voiture-electrique-pliable-pour-des-villes_t-20120124-01... 27/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  10. 10. Barroso: Page 1 of 5 Webs del Grupo Clasificados Quiero suscribirme al diario Acceso y suscripción LV Papel Lunes, 30 de enero 2012 Vida Local Temas Al minuto Lo más La Vanguardia TV Fotos Gráficos Portada Internacional Política Economía Sucesos Opinión Deportes Vida Tecnología Cultura Gente Ocio Participación Hemeroteca Servicios ES Magazine Barcelona Metrópolis Ciencia Salud Solidaridad Medi ambiente o Comunicación La Contra Vanguardia de la Ciencia Vida Barroso: "El coche eléctrico Hiriko es un proyecto ejemplar para salir de la crisis" El automóvil, promovido por el consorcio de empresas vascas Hiriko, se comercializará en 2013 con un precio de 12.500 euros Vida | 24/01/2012 - 19:57h 10 1366 visitas Notificar error Tengo más Información 7 Mi piace 0 0 El presidente de la Comisión Europea, Durao Barroso, y el presidente de Hiriko, Jesús Echave, en la presentación de coche eléctrico Getty Images Bruselas (Europa Press).- El presidente de la Comisión Europea, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, ha asegurado este martes que el coche eléctrico promovido por el consorcio de empresas Publicidad vascas Hiriko es un ejemplo de los proyectos de innovación social que Europa necesita desarrollar para salir de la crisis económica y responder perfectamente al triple objetivo de la UE de impulsar un crecimiento "inteligente, sostenible e inclusivo" durante el lanzamiento multitudinario del primer prototipo del vehículo en Bruselas. "Este proyecto y otros son una parte importante de la respuesta a la crisis en Europa", ha subrayado el presidente del Ejecutivo comunitario, que ha recordado que el nacimiento de Hiriko ha sido realidad gracias en parte a ayudas europeas del Fondo Social Europeo para promover el empleo en regiones desfavorecidas. Barroso ha insistido en que pese al contexto de crisis los países de la UE deben "acelerar" las políticas que potencien el crecimiento innovador y los empleos verdes. "Lo digo siempre es importante la consolidación presupuestaria pero también es muy importante el crecimiento y Europa puede crecer si hay más innovación", ha insistido. El proyecto Hiriko, en el que participan las empresas Guardian, SAPA, TMA, Forging Products, BRW, Maser MIC, Ingeinnova coordinadas por Denokinn, partió del trabajo conceptual del profesor Bill Mitchell del Instituto de Tecnología de Massachussets y "ha cobrado vida" gracias al Parque de Innovación Social de Bilbao y al compromiso de ciudades como Victoria y Barcelona, así como la sueca Malmö, Berlín o San Francisco para desarrollarlo, ha recordado Barroso. Pero también ha destacado la figura clave del prestigioso innovador y directivo de la empresa Cisco Diego Vasconcelos -fallecido el pasado mes de julio- para la materialización del proyecto como uno de los pioneros del concepto de innovación social durante la ceremonia de lanzamiento del prototipo. "Diego fue una persona de energía y carisma increíbles. Nunca dejó de mirar adelante, de desarrollar y conectar ideas e implicar a gente nueva, siempre con un objetivo en mente: un futuro mejor para todos", ha recalcado Barroso, que ha prometido crear en breve un nuevo premio de innovación social con su nombre. El presidente de Hiriko, Jesús Echave, ha reconocido que fue Vasconcelos quien "se enteró" del proyecto del consorcio vasco y puso el mismo en conocimiento de Barroso. "Tenían una gran amistad y tenían habían relaciones profesionales y de ahí vino este contacto", ha explicado en declaraciones a los medios, notablemente satisfecho por la buena acogida del proyecto. Plantas de ensamblaje Echave ha avanzado que esperan empezar la producción del vehículo eléctrico electrónico "más o menos en serie" en 2013, una vez se terminen este año los 20 prototipos del vehículo que quieren homologar y ha confirmado que Vitoria acogerá la primera planta de montaje. Publicidad "Posteriormente se irá exportando este tipo de plantas a todo el mundo, a las ciudades con las que hagamos los contratos correspondientes", ha explicado. Las ciudades de Vitoria, Barcelona, la sueca Malmö, Berlín, Boston y San Francisco acogerán plantas de montaje en el futuro, mientras que las piezas y los módulos se fabricarán todos en Euskadi y posteriormente se distribuirán a las plantas de montaje, según ha explicado Echave, que ha descartado a priori que más ciudades vascas acojan plantas de ensamblaje porque "el volumen de vehículos en principio no va a ser gran grande". El alcalde de Vitoria, Javier Maroto, ha avanzado que el proyecto Hiriko "puede suponer 800 puestos de trabajo relacionados con el empleo verde" para la ciudad y ha subrayado suhttp://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20120124/54245299956/hiriko-coche-electrico-du... 30/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  11. 11. Barroso: Page 2 of 5 potencial de inversión "para transformar a la ciudad" y promover "el cambio social que necesita Europa". "Es la mejor manera de presentar la Green Capital 2012" que acogerá Vitoria, ha recalcado. Sin embargo, ciudades como Londres y la brasileña de Florianópolis ya han mostrado su interés en el proyecto y tampoco se descarta que se sumen nuevas ciudades de países como Ecuador, Chile o Argentina, según fuentes del consorcio. "Hemos encontrado mucha receptividad en Sudamérica y en Estados Unidos", ha reconocido Echave, que ha confirmado que el contrato con la ciudad brasileña ya está firmado. "Se busca mucho el poder hacerlo en cada país, cada ciudad. Son plantas pequeñas, dan trabajo y ese ha sido un factor muy importante", ha explicado el presidente del consorcio. Según sus cálculos cada planta de montaje podría traducirse en 15 o 20 empleos directos. Inversión y características El presidente de Hiriko ha cifrado en "40,50 millones" la inversión del proyecto para completar su desarrollo, aunque la cifra total podría elevarse hasta los 170 millones "contando todos los países" que se podrían sumar al mismo. El Ministerio de Industria español ha aportado LO MÁS "aproximadamente 15 millones de euros" al proyecto, que también ha contado con "algunas" LO MÁS VISTO aportaciones de particulares e inversiones "muy fuertes" de los cofrabricantes. 1 Fallece el periodista deportivo Daniel Montesinos en un Hiriko, con cuatro motores rueda incorporados, tendrá una velocidad limitada a 50 kilómetros accidente de moto 18545 visitas por hora, aunque por homologación podrá llegar hasta los 90. Y su reducido tamaño -se pueden 2 Anonymous publica datos privados de Sinde, Wert y aparcar casi cuatro Hirikos en el espacio de un turismo normal- y "la facilidad" de movimiento o partidarios de su ley 14853 visitas "la falta de ruido" permitirán una transformación "brutal" en las ciudades, asegura Echave. Además, Hiriko ya se plantea desarrollar otros modelos tipo pick up y autobuses pequeños de 9 3 El colapso de Spanair deja en el aire deudas por más de 350 millones 14196 visitas o 10 plazas. 4 La crisis de deuda pública tiene similitudes con la vivida en Echave se ha mostrado convencido de que Hiriko superará "rápido" el avance del coche híbrido 1400 13164 visitas gracias a la evolución tecnológica de las nuevas baterías de recarga, el problema fundamental 5 Polémica en la red por una foto de la hija de Hugo en la actualidad. El coche tendrá un precio de unos 12.500 euros. El consorcio promoverá a Chávez 9574 visitas Hiriko entre las administraciones públicas y compañías de alquiler de vehículos y en un momento posterior también a particulares. LO MÁS COMENTADO Ir a Lo más Demostración sin vuelta Barroso y Echave han subido juntos al prototipo del vehículo eléctrico durante la ceremonia del lanzamiento del primer prototipo en la explanada sita frente a la sede de la Comisión Europea entre gran expectación de representantes de la industria, cargos institucionales y medios. AL MINUTO Finalmente no han podido dar una vuelta en el vehículo, como estaba inicialmente previsto, porque el módulo de mando "se ha quemado" por el excesivo frío y humedad de estos días en 09:28 El viento, el frío o la lluvia mantienen en alerta a ocho la capital belga, que ha formado una capa de hielo sobre el cristal del módulo del mando, según comunidades ha explicado el propio Echave. "Teníamos miedo de que hubiese un conato de incendio y 09:24 Francia espera salir de la "ralentización" económica a hemos preferido no arriesgar", ha reconocido. final de año PUBLICIDAD. Calcula tu presupuesto en 2 min, Ahorra hasta un 40% con Regal! 09:15 España se asoma a la recesión tras caer su PIB trimestral un 0,3% 10 1366 visitas Notificar error Tengo más Información 09:07 La ofensiva del ejército sirio en Damasco causa ocho muertos 7 Mi piace 0 0 09:03 Mas-Colell: "No renunciaremos a tener vuelos Publicidad intercontinentales" 700€ extra al mes Empleos para Gestión Inst. Ir al minuto Directivos Deportivas Publicidad Aprenda todo lo necesario Pon tu CV en la base de Postgrado online. Diseña, sobre trading en 20 min. y datos que usan los planifica y desarrolla genere un dinero extra todos headhunters proyectos de gestión en los meses. centros deportivas. Blog acerca de este artículo Twingly búsqueda en blogs Si comentas y enlazas este articulo en tu blog, tu entrada se enlazará desde aquí. Haz ping de tu blog a Twingly para que lo encontremos.http://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20120124/54245299956/hiriko-coche-electrico-du... 30/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  12. 12. Electric cars: Hiriko vert | The Economist Page 1 of 6 Log in Register My account Subscribe Digital & mobile Events Newsletters RSS Jobs Help Monday January 30th 2012 World politics Business & finance Economics Science & technology Culture The World in 2012 Blogs Debate Multimedia Print edition Science and technology Comment (60) Print Babbage E-mail Permalink Electric cars Reprints & permissions Hiriko vert Jan 27th 2012, 15:20 by C.F. | BONN About Babbage In this blog, our correspondents report on the intersections between science, technology, culture and policy. The blog takes its name from Charles Babbage, a Victorian mathematician and engineer who designed a mechanical computer. Follow Babbage on Twitter » RSS feed Advertisement UNLIKE their American counterparts, European carmakers have long been associated with small, compact runarounds like the Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV, Mini Cooper, or more recently the Smart car. That has always made sense. Many roads are narrower and parking spaces pokier in Europe than they are across the Atlantic. And most people rarely drive the vast distances where a bigger cars greater comfort is worth paying for (though, in fairness, nor do most Americans—at least not any more). Now, a consortium of seven firms from Spains Basque country and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab have taken this to extremes. Trending topics Read comments on the sites most popular topics Their prototype of a tiny electric vehicle was unveiled on January 24th by José Manuel Period: 1 day 1 week 2 weeks 30 days Barroso, the president of the European Commssion, who climbed into the car, gave a thumbs-up, and called it a “systematic solution to major societal challenges”. The two- View full-sized opinion cloud » door Hiriko, whose name derives from the Basque word for "city" or "urban", was designed Sponsored by by MIT engineers, but built by Basques. Starting next year, a trial manufacturing run is set to begin at Vitoria Gasteiz, outside Bilbao. The Hiriko is brimming with sexy gimmicks. It folds upwards when parked, scrunching up to one-third the length of a standard European parking space. Like some compacts models of old, both passenger and driver enter through a folded-out windshield. Its wheels that Economist blogs can turn 90 degrees, to make parallel parking nightmares a thing of the past. Americas view | The Americas Denokinn, the Basque investment group backing the venture, wants to price the Hiriko at Babbage | Science and technology €12,500 ($16,400). The company is planning to flog the cars to cities across Europe Bagehots notebook | British politics looking to expand their car-sharing schemes: so far Berlin, Barcelona and Malmö have Banyan | Asia expressed interest. The cars limited range of 120km per charge may put off range- Baobab | Africa anxious individual buyers. Blighty | Britain However, although many consumers and cities are looking to save cash (and the planet), Buttonwoods notebook | Financial markets supercompact cars have not done nearly as well as their proponents had hoped. Sales of Cassandra | The World in 2012 city cars, known is the industry as “A-segment”, have stagnated in the last year, their Charlemagnes notebook | European politics global sales slumping from 6.2m units in 2010 to about 5.9m in 2011, according to figures Clausewitz | Defence, security and diplomacy from IHS Global Insight, a research outfit. It expects city-car sales to rebound slightly in Democracy in America | American politics 2012, to around 6.1m. Smart, a joint project between Germanys Daimler and Swatch, a Eastern approaches | Ex-communist Europe Swiss watchmaker, has sold under a million units worldwide in the last ten years. And car- sharing schemes, like Zipcar, the largest company, have not warmed to electric vehicles, Free exchange | Economics relying instead on traditional combustion engines, as well as some hybrids. Game theory | Sports Graphic detail | Charts, maps and infographics Gulliver | Business travelhttp://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2012/01/electric-cars?fsrc=gn_ep 30/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
  13. 13. Electric cars: Hiriko vert | The Economist Page 2 of 6 Tim Urquhart of IHS notes that cars like the Hiriko are low-value, low price "and, Johnson | Language therefore, they are low-margin". The Basque start-up has a big hill to climb, one that Leviathan | Public policy Daimler and Renault, its French rival, have been struggling up for some time. Lexingtons notebook | American politics Multimedia | Audio, video and videographics Recommend 104 Newsbook | News analysis Prospero | Books, arts and culture Related items Schumpeter | Business and management TOPIC: Europe » TOPIC: Basque Country » Most commented Most recommended The euro zone crisis: The export league Terrorism in Spain: The war is over Europes debt crisis: At bursting point? Spains elections: Rajoys rout 1. Competition: Help us name our new China blog 2. China: The paradox of prosperity Greece and the euro: An economy crumbles Conservation: In wolfs clothing 3. This weeks caption competition: Caption competition 19 TOPIC: Technology » TOPIC: Science and technology » 4. Will the euro survive 2012 intact? 5. Trade: The zero-sum president The future of teaching: Difference engine: Let Climate change: Heating up the games begin 6. The Republican nomination: Live-blogging the American coal: A burning issue Republican debate The internet and file-sharing: Dotcom bust Visible-light communication: Tripping the light 7. The euro crisis: What to do about Greece Canada’s high-tech woes: Research in fantastic 8. Race in Brazil: Affirming a divide commotion 9. The long arm of the state: Where’s the party? 10. Australias aborigines: You say Australia, I say More related topics: Automotive technology Electric vehicles Massachusetts Institute of invasion Technology Over the past five days Advertisement Readers comments The Economist welcomes your views. Please stay on topic and be respectful of other readers. Review our comments policy. Add a comment (up to 5,000 characters): POST Sort: Newest first Oldest first Readers most recommended 1 2 next › last » WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Jan 29th 2012 19:11 GMT Are such small cars safe? I mean Ive been hearing about how car-makers lately have been going to lengths to decrease the likelihood of passenger injury in the event of a crash, and I can only imagine that a smaller car would offer less protection. Recommend 0 Report Permalink Reply Nirvana-bound Jan 29th 2012 16:15 GMT If Iran retaliates to the trade embargos it faces from western countries & stops selling oil to the West, gas prices will soar here & then electric cars like "Hiriko" & other tiny compacts will surely gain in popularity. Not by choice, but by necessity, needless to say. So "Why this Kolaveri"?? Live & let live, for our own sakes. Stop meddeling in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations, for crying out loud.. Recommend 1 Report Permalink Reply DevaSatyam Jan 29th 2012 15:44 GMT I certainly like the concept of small, electric vehicles for rental/sharing within the cities and Im glad Hiriko is meant for that. However, the design of this particular vehicle doesnt seem to be practical. In the launch video, it is quite evident how hard it is for people to board it. The door provides a handy umbrella for those rainy days so frequent around the Bay of Biscay, but it is so low that banging your head against it must be quite frequent. From thathttp://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2012/01/electric-cars?fsrc=gn_ep 30/01/2012 T • (+34) 945 124 200 F • (+34) 945 271 361 E • info@hiriko.com C • Portal de Betoño, 1 - Edificio Alas / 01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)