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Gorka Espiau at the Innovation Convention


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This is the ppt I presented at the Innovation Convention organized by DG Research and Innovation.

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Gorka Espiau at the Innovation Convention

  1. 1. Gorka Espiau IdoiagaBilbao Social Innovation Park
  2. 2. social innovation is the necessaryinnovative response to existing andemerging social needs
  3. 3. large scale social innovation isabout how to design large scaleinnovative responses for existing andemerging social needs
  4. 4. social innovation is normallyidentified as good people andsmall initiatives that loose moneySocial innovation needs to prove itscapacity to compete with the bigplayers and generate real impact
  5. 5. how can we do it? creating new infrastructures to think big
  6. 6. Bilbao social innovation parka social innovation incubator thatidentifies, conceptualizes, trains andtest into real markets new large scalesocial innovation projects
  7. 7. two examples products and services
  8. 8. all images by William Lark Jr. Smartcities MIThirikoan innovative solution for urban mobility in 21st-century cities hiriko
  9. 9. Dynamic Incentivesfor Redistribution
  10. 10. thank you