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Gorilla Group Managing Director Bob Meyer slide deck from Magento Imagine 2013. Responsive Design: When, Why & How

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  • Peter Millar is a multichannel retailer that designs, manufactures, and distributes fine quality men’s and women’s sportswear, clothing and accessories.The brand focuses on an “enduring commitment to craftsmanship and timeless style”.Acquired by luxury brand holding company Richemont in 2012.
  • Excluding travel and tickets, mobile commerce sales are projected to reach over $38 billion this year, and will grow to account for almost a quarter of all ecommerce sales by 2016.Mobile devices will outnumber the world’s total population by the end of the year (source: Cisco, ABC News)There is no silver bullet for reaching customers via mobile channels. The key is finding the right strategy for each brand or retailer.The 3 primary approaches to mobile include mobile-specific sites (aka m dot sites), smartphone apps, and responsive design
  • There are certainly use cases where a mobile site can be viable. A nationwide retailer, for instance, may benefit from a store locator app to present offers and drive users to brick & mortar locations. Smartphone apps can make sense for brands with large followings and a need to tap into device-specific functionality, like the camera.Embarking on either, or both paths, however, requires supporting and maintaining parallel sites in perpetuity. This requires significant IT and capital resources.I’m sure by now most of you have had the pleasure of viewing a mobile site created for a smartphone on a tablet. This is often a clunky experience that does nothing to further the brand in customer’s eyes. Creating mobile sites that function equally well on smartphones and tablets is easier said than done.If not executed properly, cases of mobile site pages ranking higher in Search results have been reported.In our information-sharing society, redirects must be put in place for every mobile and desktop site page. If not, there will be consequences.
  • There are over 600,000 apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces. While Apple currently generates 4x more app revenue than Google, Google is growing at 200% (vs. 20% for Apple) and is likely to overtake Apple by 2014. And god forbid, Windows 8 or Blackberry regain their footing in the marketplace.Retail apps are on average used less than once per week; Only 1/3 of retail apps are still used 90 days after download, and less than 1% of branded apps ever reach 1 million downloads.
  • Responsive design takes a modular approach to web design/development. Responsive does not “re-size” content for the screen. It reformats content to function on in a specific way on a specific device.Content can be hidden or exposed based on device (e.g. long-form for desktop; abridged for smartphone). Functionality can be altered to respond to a mouse on a desktop and by touch on mobile. (There is no hover state on mobile.) Provides a single set of site URLs to be used across the web and across devices. This is huge for SEO.Responsive design was endorsed by Google Webmaster blog as the preferred method for mobile developmentFuture-proof for new device types/screen sizes(Optional: potential drawbacks) The biggest challenges with responsive design in ecommerce applications are potential issues with slower site performance and maintaining a smooth checkout experience on different devices. Both of these are easily addressed with proper attention during the design and development process.
  • Regardless of the device on which it’s viewed, Peter Millar needed a site that was wholly reflective of their status as an emerging, fast-growing luxury brand.A key component of their marketing strategy is their alliance with top PGA golfers, including 2012 FedEx Cup winner Brent Snedeker. When one of their affiliated golfers is doing well, site traffic spikes, particularly on mobile. This made single solution not only attractive, but a necessity.A lean organizational structure meant that Peter Millar needed a solution that provided efficiency in terms of post-launch site maintenance. Magento offered that advantage, along with functionality to meet a range of business goals.
  • This is a testament to the flexibility and feature-rich capabilities of Magento Enterprise and the power of responsive design to create an elegant solution that produces real-world business results.
  • Magento Imagine: Responsive Design Panel

    1. 1. Responsive Design:Where, Why, and How
    2. 2. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wResponsive Design:Where, Why, and HowManaging DirectorGorilla GroupBob Meyer
    3. 3. Gorilla Group• Magento Gold Partner since 2008• Partner of the Year and Partner Excellence recipient• Design, Development, Strategy, Managed Services, Extensions• Bring true Responsive Design to the Magento Enterprise platform
    4. 4. Peter Millar• Fast-growing lifestyle brand of American luxury sportswear• Founded in 2001• Division of Richemont
    5. 5. The Engagement Conundrum• Reaching customers beyond the desktop isessential.• The question is: how?
    6. 6. Mobile SitesMobile sites and Apps can make sense in some cases, butbring with them a number of potential drawbacks:• Separate design & development costs; separate codebases(desktop & mobile)• Ongoing maintenance and support needs• Look and function well only on those devices for which theywere created• Numerous SEO implications
    7. 7. Smartphone AppsMobile sites and Apps can make sense in some cases, butbring with them a number of potential drawbacks:• Over-crowded and fragmented marketplaces• Low user adoption / repeat usage• Ongoing development needs; frequent OS updates
    8. 8. Responsive DesignResponsive design offers a new, and constantlyevolving, approach to cross-device engagement• Requires a single design/development instance• Single content set• Present “intentional experiences” across devices andplatforms• Numerous SEO and Social Sharing benefits• Lower lifetime maintenance costs
    9. 9. Project: Peter Millar• Needs: upgraded design and user experience; improvesite performance; sustainable strategy for cross-channel engagement• Brand ambassadors on the fairways are a natural driverof mobile traffic• Limited internal IT resources• Magento and responsive design proved to be an idealsolution
    10. 10. Post-Launch Results• Desktop, tablet, and smartphone metrics have been upacross the board.• Mobile visits up 110%; total site visits 70%• AOV up 20%• 33% increase in conversion rate from organic search