Oral defense examination


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Oral defense examination

  1. 1. Oral Defense Examination
  2. 2. 1st Semester Last Friday of August AUGUST 31Oral Defense Examination after this schedule is for graduation in the Second Semester
  3. 3. 2nd Semester Last Friday of January JANUARY 25Oral Defense Examination after this schedule is for graduation in the Summer
  4. 4. When the last Friday of August andthe last Friday of January is aholiday, the last day of Oral DefenseExamination will be Saturday or thenext working day
  5. 5. Policies and Guidelines for Oral Defense Exam1. Enrolled in Educ. 500/600 Thesis/Dissertation writing in the current term2. The Examination Committee will be composed of: a) 2 faculty members within the department or from another college with expertise relevant to the research studies b) If necessary an expert in statistics/research/measurement
  6. 6. 4. Recommendation for Oral Defense Examination: Thesis Adviser Department Head College Dean5. College Dean chairs the Oral Defense6. Evaluation of Oral Defense Examination will be based on: a) the thesis and dissertation b) performance during the Oral Defense
  7. 7. 7. In case of a major revision a second Oral Defense Examination will be scheduled within one Academic Year. failure in the Second Oral defense disqualifies one from an MAEd degree. The student may however be awarded an MAT or MEd. The same rule applies to PhD. Students8. Revision should be completed within the semester of Oral Defense
  8. 8. 9. For submission to the Office of Graduate Studies before Academic Councila) 3 hardbound navy blue copies of thesis/dissertation duly approved by the advisers, examination committee, department chair and the college deanb) b) 3 Compact Disc copies of the thesis/dissertation
  9. 9. Guidelines for submission of the CDs:a)Complete in content including bibliography, appendices, tables, figures etc.b) non-editable PDF formatc) High quality and brandedd) Signed by the thesis/dissertation advisers using permanent ink markers
  10. 10. e) appropriately labeled: – title of thesis/dissertation – program/specialization – College – name of student (Barican, Jocelle Marianne M.) – month and year of completion – names of two advisers
  11. 11. 10.Only when the complete requirements are submitted will the student be eligible for graduation
  12. 12. Residency requirement1. Master’s Program – 5 consecutive years exclusive of LOA2. Doctorate Program – 7 consecutive years exclusive of LOA
  13. 13. Overstaying Students1. Student who passed the Comprehensive examination and is still within the residency requirement a) Seminar A (specialization) Seminar B (Educ. 502 & Educ. 503) b) Research and Statistics or 2 specialization courses
  14. 14. 2. Students who passed the Comprehensive Examination but is no longer within the residency requirementa) Re-enroll in courses which are no longer within the residency requirementb) Seminar B for MA studentsc) Research/Statistics and 2 more specialization courses for Ph D. students