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  1. 1. PlaySunBingoforfree! Use today’s code grand at 79 24 60 49 20 64 Sun 6 £10,000 1 EXCLUSIVE: CHARTSTARADELEONCHAOSOFHERLIFEOFFSTAGE 74 2731 By GORDON SMART SHOWBIZ EDITOR New diet off today WHEN your hear Adele singing her spine-tingling ballads it conjures up images of a classy, elegant, graceful vocalist. But as one of her close friends recently remarked: “Don’t let that fool you — she’s like a one-woman Carry On film.” The chart-topper is a fire- cracker of a 22-year-old. She’s funny, quick, outrageous and self-deprecating. Our conver- sation is peppered with infectious Babs Windsor cackling and “Ooh matron” gags. This north London girl is great company — and just happens to be one of the most talented and likeable singers in an incredible crop of great British female solo artists on the scene right now. Her exceptional new album, 21, is due out in a couple of weeks and she is on course for a clean sweep of awards, No1s and plaudits. And deservedly so. America loved her previous album 19, which earned her star- ring slots on big telly shows including Saturday Night Live. Singles Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory are massive radio hits around the world. Adele laughs and says: “I think I’m like the opposite of a comedian. Off stage they are miserable. “With my records I am serious and sad but I get it out of me on my records. I’ve been told some of my songs make grown men cry. Then people meet me and it’s all giggling and laughing. I suppose it’s healthy.” Adele leads a fascinating life. She lives at home with Mum but travels the world rubbing shoulders with A-list stars who queue to meet her. But her showbiz encounters are all laugh-out-loud disasters — including recent toe-curling awkwardness with rapper P Diddy, US politician Sarah Palin and even Harry Redknapp, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, the footie team she supports. And she is determined to introduce some of the comedy story-telling into her live shows. She very nearly killed P Diddy when she lost control of her golf buggy rallying around a studio in Los Angeles. She admitted: “I was shooting a video on one of the big American plots, six hours I was there and I wasn’t doing anything. “So I convinced someone to let me drive a golf buggy. I ran the battery out by the end of the day. “P Diddy must have been doing a fragrance advert or something. “I was in the buggy with a mate and I saw him. I meant to put the brake on and go, ‘Oh, you’re P Diddy!’ But I hit the accelerator. “He had to dive out the way. As we went past I was like, ‘You’re P Diddy’. He just said, ‘Yeah, I know’. I almost, almost killed him.” Her introduction to Sarah Palin would have made for great fly-on- the-wall TV. She mistook the Republican for comedian Tina Fey, who does a regular sketch about the Right- wing former governor of Alaska on Saturday Night Live. She said: “The night before I was on Saturday Night Live I’d had dinner with my label and they were all on their BlackBerrys. “I thought it was pretty rude but it was because it had just been announced that Sarah Palin would be on the show and the biggest audience of the year was expected. None of them would tell me because I get such bad stage fright. “I knew that Tina Fey was going to be on the show too and when I saw Sarah Palin I thought it was Tina. I was going ‘Tina, Tina!’ then quoting lines from the movie Mean Girls, because she wrote it. The security guard had to barge me out the way thinking I was some f****** freak. “Sarah Palin wanted to come in and meet us but all my entou- rage are gay so they were saying, ‘She’s not com- ing in or we’re not doing your face!’ I saw her in the lobby, because you all go on to say your goodbyes. Everyone came there, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, it was so amazing. I nearly melted. It was an out-of- body experience meeting them. “I wanted to wear an Obama badge during my performance but I wasn’t allowed to. I don’t really get involved in politics but I thought it would be funny. “But I had the Obama badge on to do the goodbyes and Palin comes over and she’s looking at my chest, at the Obama badge, and said, ‘We’re all big fans of you in my dressing room’. It was so weird.” It’s just as well Adele smokes, otherwise she might forget to pause for breath. Her recent disasters include a New Year nightmare. She fell down a hill at the bells in heels and a designer Moschino outfit and got up covered in dog dirt. She ended up tucked up in bed by 1.30am on New Year’s Eve, even though she had planned to be out “for three days”. And don’t be fooled by the designer outfit. She’s not flash — quite the opposite. Turning up for our interview in pyjamas, she said: “One of my mates asked me for a watch recently. I was like, ‘Are you f****** joking me? You get a Jamie’s 30-minute Meals cookbook like anyone else’. “I share my money with all my friends and family. I was happy when I didn’t have any money and I’d be happy if I didn’t again. I’ve made a good, nice amount. I mean, I couldn’t not work. I bought my mum an Audi, secondhand of course, because it loses value as soon you drive it off the forecourt! “Then I got a dog and that’s it. I do have a bit of a fetish for handbags but that can be any- thing from a Primark handbag to a Chanel handbag, I just love handbags. From Primark £2, to £2,000 for a Chanel, it varies. “I don’t really accept much in the way of freebies. I accept small things like products or whatever, but not big things. “I saved for three years for my first Burberry bag. Then I bought it and as soon as I had the money to go out and buy any Burberry bag I wanted they started offering them to me for free. I don’t think that’s very fair.” Adele’s album is out on January 24. It is in the iTunes Top 30 on pre-orders alone and has gone to No1 in Germany, Italy and Holland already. It is produced by two of the biggest names in music — Rick Rubin, who has worked with Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z and Metallica, and Brit Paul Epworth, who played his part in the successes of Plan B, Florence And The Machine and Cee Lo Green. Once the cheques start rolling in from this one, Adele might just be in a position to buy her own Burberry factory. And you’d struggle to find anyone who has met her who would begrudge her the success, wealth or adulation. Pictures: DAVE HOGAN ARE your numbers up? It’s time to play Super Sun Bingo – and you could win £10,000. Check the numbers below against your gamecard. If any of them appear on this week’s Sun grids, mark them off. Complete ONE full grid and you win or share £10,000. Details of how to claim are on your card. TWO thirds of British women will quit their New Year diets today — and be tucking into calorie-packed meals by 7pm, a survey claims. A quarter vow to restart the diet tomorrow but most have no inten- tion of resuming it. Bland food, busy life- styles and a lack of moti- vation were blamed most in a weight loss firm’s poll of 1,000 women. An expert said: “It shows the sheer difficulty of adhering to a diet.” MANCKY DOODLE The New York Times has named Manchester as one of the world’s Top 20 “must-see” places. ADELE reckons she frightened the life out of Spurs manager Harry Redknapp when she bumped into the team recently. She explained: “I’m not a fake Tottenham girl, I was born there. “The Spurs team were all in my hotel in Liverpool the other day, they were playing Everton. I was well excited, which I didn’t exactly hide when I clocked them. “I saw Harry Redknapp. He looked at me like as if to go, ‘Oh God’. He didn’t say anything. Strip “I didn’t have my make-up on and he had no idea who I was. He just gave me a dirty look as if to say, ‘Can you please not cause a scene – please, just go away’! “I was so excited. I am a real Spurs fan and let me tell you, this Beckham business is exciting. I’ve got a Spurs strip with Duchess 19 on the back, because everyone at work calls me Duchess, after Peggy Mitchell in East- Enders. I was trying to force Hometown Glory on them as the team tune too. “I do love Aaron Lennon. My dog was almost called Aaron Lennon because he’s got little legs.” By GORDON SMART Showbusiness Editor YAP, CACKLE AND POP . . . cheery Adele has had odd run-ins with, from left, P Diddy, Sarah Palin and Harry Redknapp. Left, the classy singer in action 36 Thursday, January 13, 2011 Thursday, January 13, 2011 37