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What resources do teachers and students have access to in our district? Here are just a few highlights.

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  • . Richmond District has made available a wide range of eResources for students and staff.
  • All of our resources – physical and digital – can be accessed through the Destiny Library system. Remember, “Your library is your Destiny.”
  • A link to the DRC catalog lets teachers and other staff access instructional materials, kits, science labs, teacher manuals and other Professional development resources.
  • The Individual school catalogs let students and teachers quickly see what’s on the shelf in their own school.
  • The VISUAL TAB in each school library gives teachers and students instant access to growing collection of digital resources.
  • We have links to 4 sets of encyclopedias – each with complementary strengths for local topics, Canadian subjects (in French and English), a number of multi-volume specialty Encyclopedias and World Book’s differentiated volumes – Kids, Student, Advanced as well as ESL, Fr and SP.
  • We have access to hundreds of Full-text magazines in a range of categories. These publications can be searched by issue or title, in some cases over two decades. Articles can be printed, projected, translated and read aloud from within the interface. Get email alerts when titles are available.
  • Our resources offer multiple opportunities to engage in digital reading. This is a growing area. Access on various devices.
  • Databases offer searchable repositories of articles and background material on topics important to students and teachers.
  • One EBSCO database in particular offers Overview statements on a range of Canadian topics, along with a FOR and AGAINST essay and a Critical Analysis guide, This is important to give a Canadian perspective on many important topics.
  • We have added video streaming to our list of resources. NFB basic can be accessed by student and teacher alike. NFB Campus offers enhanced content and lets teachers show award winning films in class. Learn360 is another streaming service - downloadable clips, teacher handouts, shorter clips as well as full movies.
  • We have a subset of resources for educator use – ASCD/ISTE titles for teacher professional development, and there are Pro-D resources in EBSCO and Learn360.
  • All of our resources are accessible at school (IP authentication – although a couple still want login info) From home, students and teachers simply use their school ID and the common district password.
  • eResources in SD38

    1. 1. Digital Resources @ SD38
    2. 2. Search our collections online
    3. 3. Online DRC Catalog
    4. 4. Individual Library Catalogs
    5. 5. Visual Tab
    6. 6. Encyclopedias
    7. 7. eMagazines
    8. 8. eReading
    9. 9. Databases
    10. 10. Canadian Topics Alternative Energy Animal Rights Body Image & The Media Bullying Capital Punishment Climate Change Copyright Infringement Drug Policy Gambling Gangs Globalization Gun Control Immigration Medical Marijuana Nuclear Power Public Transit Racism Terrorism …..
    11. 11. Video Streaming
    12. 12. Pro-D on demand
    13. 13. @home or @school ID: _______ PW: __________