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30 60 90 Day Sales Action Plan

Get up to speed quickly. Appendix includes additional useful information.

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30 60 90 Day Sales Action Plan

  1. 1. 30-60-90 Day SALES Plan Prepared by: Prepared for:
  2. 2. Company Orientation Training Review Strategic Plan Goals Begin Tactical Plan Meetings in Territory Working top 20 Accounts Secondary Accounts Continue Pipeline Build Generate pipeline ?x quota Refine Daily Tactics Begin to establish long term sales plan Manager Review Overview 30-60-90 Day Action Plan 30 Day Plan 60 Day Plan 90 Day Plan “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Abraham Lincoln
  3. 3.  Orientation  Market strategy, company processes, and products and services  Master relevant subject matter  Learn about primary competition  Learn procedures for paperwork, reports, e-mail  Review Strategy & Tactics  Meet with Manager to prioritize what is expected  Begin calling territory and meeting prospects First 30 Days 30Day Plan Learn, Plan Goals Apply Company Training, Strategy, and Tactics Goal: Find, Rank and Map target customers with highest probability of closing.
  4. 4.  Continue to Schedule Meetings in Territory  Refine strategies for continued pipeline management that began in first 30 days.  Process  1-on-1s with manager for pipeline coaching, review goals, opps  Learn how to work with alliance partners if applicable  Learn more advanced activities of sales process such as POCs  Complete mastery of unique insights of products and services offered to differentiate the company.  Products  Mastered Sales Pitch and Presentations  Mastered Price List and Discounting Policies  Celebrate Successes First 60 Days 60Day Plan Goal is to optimize the sales plan based territory coverage and sales/channel capacity.
  5. 5.  1-on-1s for Deal Level and Skills focused coaching  Mastery of forecast management  Refine Tactical strategies  Always be closing for next step until it’s a Sale  Consider lower-priority products or services to build revenue  Implement new procedures, techniques, or plans to further creative ways to grow company presence in the industry.  Close (How Many?) deals  Review past 90 days with Manager  Celebrate Successes First 90 Days - Close 90Day Plan
  6. 6. Appendix
  7. 7. 90 Days60 Days30 Days Plan Historical sales analysis Perfect customer model 5 customer interviews/ Rank and map targets Capacity model and plan Coverage gap analysis Quantify key sales metrics Deliver quota attainment plan Execute call campaign Deliver 30 day update Deliver attainment plan Launch email campaign Live sales event Deliver pipeline plan Key tasks to complete for 30,60,90 day plan. Deliver attainment plan
  8. 8. Key Questions for Developing Sales Action Plan  What is the biggest challenge facing the organization in the next 6 months or year?  How is this role expected to address this challenge facing the company? (Or is it?)  What does he or she absolutely need you to accomplish in the first 90 days?  What would he or she like you to do beyond that in the first 90 days?  What is the most promising, yet unexploited, opportunity for growth? Why isn’t the company pursuing that opportunity right now?  What is the biggest problem you need solved by (this job title) ?  Is this position focused on new projects, turnarounds/realignments, or sustaining success?
  9. 9. Mapping the Complex Sale Courtesy of Brian Burns. From ‘The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying the Complex Sale’ *Created using MindNode Pro
  10. 10. Personality Profiling - DISC  DISC Personality Types:  D = Dominant (Active, Task-Oriented)  I = Influential (Active, People-Oriented)  S = Steady (Passive, Peope-Oriented)  C = Conscientious (Passive, Task-Oriented)
  11. 11. Personality Profiling – Merrill/Wilson
  12. 12. Competitor Analysis Framework Best Practices Research Competitor Name: What is: Customer Reputation: Pricing Strategy: Background of Key Execs: Technology Perspective: Core competencies/capabilities: Recent moves/changes: Product positioning:
  13. 13. Accurate Sales Forecasts Improved Conversion Rates Manager’s Perspective