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What is an RDA record?


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What is an RDA record?

  1. 1. What is an RDA record? Gordon Dunsire Presented at the forum What is an RDA “record”, ALA Annual 2014, June 29 2014, Las Vegas, USA
  2. 2. Overview Where is the record? RDA entities, relationships, and attributes What is the record? Links, labels, and descriptions When is a record required? Applications and contexts
  3. 3. Corporate Body Person Family FRBR/FRAD EntitiesDistinct Work Expression Manifestation Item Agent One and only one One or more Primary/high-level relationships
  4. 4. Corporate Body Person Family RDA Entity relationships Work Expression Manifestation Item How many records do you see?
  5. 5. Corporate Body Person Family RDA Entity attributesWork Expression Manifestation Item identifier for the work right ascension and declination preferred title for the work identifier for the expression projection of cartographic content language of the expression identifier for the manifestation extent of cartographic resource title proper identifier for the item human/machine identifier identifier component Is this a record?
  6. 6. W1 E1 M1 I1 P1 P2 C1 F1 “LabelW1” “DescriptionW1” “LabelP1” “DescriptionP1” W2 E2 M2 I2 W3 E3 M3 I3 “LabelM1” “LabelI1” “DescriptionE1” “DescriptionM1” “LabelP2” “LabelC1” “LabelF1” “LabelW3” “DescriptionW3” P3 “Description…” “Description…” “Description…” A record?
  7. 7. RDA Entity Relationships To link To text Work 235 200 35 Expression 235 190 45 Manifestation 210 50 160 Item 50 40 10 Agent 225 175 50 RDA and linked data A set of linkable entities rich enough to represent the complexity of and support access to global cultural heritage content. A set of textual relationships rich enough to describe all types of content and carrier. *Totals are approximate
  8. 8. Application: FRBRized Linked data W1 E1 M1 I1 P1 P2 C1 F1 W2 W3“…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ E5 Machine-actionable Human-actionable
  9. 9. Application: unFRBRized Linked data R1 P1 P2 C1 F1 R2 R3“…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ “…“ R5 W1 E1 M1 I1 Is this an “RDA” “record”?
  10. 10. Summary An RDA record is a set of machine-readable identifiers and human-readable text compliant with the RDA instructions and selected for a particular application and context. The set is specified by RDA entity, attribute, and relationship vocabularies. RDA is intended for use in linked data applications. The application determines the set.
  11. 11. Thank you! 