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RDA, MARC and BIBFRAME: transition and interaction


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RDA, MARC and BIBFRAME: transition and interaction

  1. 1. RDA, MARC and BIBFRAME: transition and interaction Gordon Dunsire Presented at LITA/ALCTS MARC Formats Transition Interest Group seminar, ALA 2014, Las Vegas, 28 June 2014
  2. 2. Corporate Body Person Family FRBR/FRAD EntitiesDistinct Work Expression Manifestation Item Agent One and only one One or more Primary/high-level relationships
  3. 3. Corporate Body Person Family RDA Entity relationships Work Expression Manifestation Item pov: Description -> Access
  4. 4. Corporate Body Person Family Work Expression Manifestation Item pov: Access -> Item Usercontent
  5. 5. Relates a work to a system for identifying the location of a celestial object in the sky covered by the cartographic content of a resource using the angles of right ascension and declination. (RDA P10082) rdaw:P10082 (has right ascension and declination) bf:cartographicAscensionAndDeclination rdac: Work bf: Cartography bf: Work Relates an expression to the method or system used to represent the surface of the earth or of a celestial sphere on a plane. (RDA P20216) rdae:P20216 (has projection of cartographic content) bf:cartographicProjection rdac: Expression Domain Range rdae:P20231 (has work expressed) rdfs:subClassOf ? Mapping RDA 2 BF rdau:P60542 (has projection of cartographic content) rdau:P60346 (has right ascension and declination) rdfs:subPropertyOf
  6. 6. isbd: Resource bf: Work bf: Instance rda: Work rda: Expression rda: Manifestation rda: Item isbd:P1193 (has work aspect ) isbd:P1190 (has expression aspect ) isbd:P1192 (has manifestation aspect ) isbd:P1191 (has item aspect ) rdae:P20231 (has work expressed) rdai:P40049 (has manifestation exemplified) rdam:P30139 (has expression manifested) bf: instanceOf bf: expressionOf marc21: Resource ? Mapping entities
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