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Engaging with RDA: governance and strategy


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Overview of a new governance structure and strategy for RDA: Resource Description and Access.

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Engaging with RDA: governance and strategy

  1. 1. Engaging with RDA: governance and strategy Gordon Dunsire Presented to RDA Forum, ALA Annual 2015, San Francisco, USA
  2. 2. Background In the ten years since its inception, RDA: Resource Description and Access has grown well beyond its foundations in the Anglo- American Cataloguing Rules. The environment in which RDA operates continues to generate fresh challenges to its functionality, adaptability, and growth. The infrastructure created for AACR needs to evolve to sustain the development of RDA as the global standard enabling discovery of content.
  3. 3. The first five years • 2005: Joint Steering Committee (JSC) begins development of RDA • Follows decision to abandon AACR3 • 2007: JSC changes name to replace “AACR” with “RDA” • Removes “Anglo-American” • 2010: RDA published in RDA Toolkit • In English
  4. 4. To the present • 2011: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek joins governance structure • Representation on Committee of Principals (CoP) and JSC • 2011: RDA terminologies published in linked data format • 2013: RDA translated into French and German • 2014: RDA entities and elements published in linked data format • RDA Registry launched • 2014: CoP begins review of RDA governance and strategy • Open world-wide consultation
  5. 5. 2015 • RDA translated into Spanish • Toolkit translations added to linked data value vocabularies • [RDA translated into Italian and Finnish] • CoP agrees outcomes of governance and strategy review
  6. 6. Governance The new governance structure of RDA is designed for CoP and JSC to have a greater level of international and wider community representation so that RDA can become truly relevant and internationally recognised. The structure is based on the consultation with stakeholders, discussions with the JSC, and the governance of international and standards bodies. Transition to the new structure will begin this year and end before 2020.
  7. 7. Principles for governance • Be flexible • Ensure that current structures become more effective, not less • Ensure that committees do not become too large • Reflect different communities in line with the strategic plan • Use working groups and, occasionally, contractors to deal with the volume of work • Ensure that there is adequate succession planning • Take into account existing structures that can be built upon and leveraged • Take into account changes to processes which will need to be implemented as a result • Have a transition period
  8. 8. RDA Board RDA Steering Committee Permanent Working Groups Task and Finish Working Groups RDA Board Working Groups Co-Publishers / Fund Trustees RDA Toolkit Technical Committee RDA Development Team Marketing, Outreach and Communications Working Group Grants Working Group Overall proposed model
  9. 9. RDA Board 3 x Association representatives (ALA, CLA, CILIP) Chair of RDA Steering Committee RDA Steering Committee 6 x National Institution Representatives (Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania) 2 x co-opted members (representing areas identified by the Board) ALA Publishing Representative RDA Toolkit Technical Committee RDA Development Team Board Working Groups (as required) RDA Board
  10. 10. RDA Steering Committee Chair of RDA Steering Committee Task and Finish working groups Aggregates Archives Capitalisation Fictitious Entities Music Places RDA/ONIX Relationship Designators Steering Committee Secretary Examples Editor Technical Team Liaison Technical Working Group Translation Team Liaison Translations Working Group Wider Community Engagement 6 x Regional Representatives Africa Latin America and The Caribbean North America Asia Europe Oceania ALA Publishing Rep Chair of RDA Board RDA Steering Committee Working Groups
  11. 11. RDA Steering Committee Chair Secretary Examples Editor ALA Publishing Chair of RDA Board Technical Team Liaison Translations Team Liaison Wider Community Engagement Africa Oceania Europe AsiaNorth America Latin America & the Caribbean United Nations regions→
  12. 12. RDA Working Groups Capitalization Instructions Fictitious Entities Music Technical Translations Relationship Designators RDA/ONIX Framework Places Aggregates Archives Task and Finish Working Groups→ Standing Working Groups→
  13. 13. Strategy CoP/RDA Board is developing a five-year (2015-2020) strategy for RDA. Strategic priorities include developing the recognition and adoption of RDA internationally, and developing a sustainable business model.
  14. 14. Key strategies for new markets • Making RDA truly international • Expanding use by the wider cultural sector • Expanding use by those working with linked data
  15. 15. RDA for international data International bibliographic metadata standards in review 2015-2017? *Consolidated FRBR-LRM (Library Reference Model) *International Cataloguing Principles *International Standard Bibliographic Description Translations Working Group Capitalization Instructions Working Group
  16. 16. RDA for cultural data Archives Working Group *Convergence in national management structures *Integrated resource discovery *Data sharing and re-use FRBR-LRM compatible with FRBRoo extension to CIDOC-CRM for museum data
  17. 17. RDA for Linked Data RDA Development Team RDA Toolkit Technical Committee RDA Registry *Multilingual, multiscript *Semantic version control *Multiple RDF flavours *URI de-referencing *Translation support *Bulk import/export RIMMF *RDA data editor *Online tutorials *MARC21 import/export *RDF import/export *Jane-athon support Technical Working Group
  18. 18. Engagement • Membership of RDA Working Groups • Membership of RDA Toolkit Technical Committee • Community representation on RDA Steering Committee • Community representation on RDA Board • Email and issue discussion on RDA-L and RDA Vocabularies Github project • Jane-athons!
  19. 19. Together … We can make RDA: the global standard enabling discovery of content
  20. 20. Thank you • • JSC website • • RDA Toolkit • • RDA Registry • • RDA data, Jane-athons, etc. •