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Where in the World??

A photo tour around an amazing bit of varied terrain that will be the venue for an upcoming orienteering event. Where is it? It reminds me of other terrain around the world.

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Where in the World??

  1. 1. It seemed like quite a dream. I had been walking along checking out a park for a potential venue for orienteering when I guess I must have sat down and fallen asleep. I must have been asleep as every so often I got an image of somewhere in the world where I had been orienteering and some places where I want to go orienteering. Where in the world??
  2. 2. First, I came up a small rise and thought: Am I in Alberta, Canada? How did I get there?
  3. 3. Or perhaps it is Manitoba rangeland?
  4. 4. I’ve seen more than enough of these shallow marshes in Finland
  5. 5. I walked a little bit and it occurred to me that no, I must be in Portugal
  6. 6. Australia??
  7. 7. Perhaps I’m in New Zealand. They have ferns, don’t they?
  8. 8. Could it be Sweden? The vegetation is a bit different but I ran on a razorback hill like this at O’Ringen once.
  9. 9. The new growth and budding leaves remind me of a May day in Ottawa. But this is February!
  10. 10. Those big oaks: am I in Germany? Not with that background!
  11. 11. Czech Republic? Denmark? Slope too flat, trees too young, fallen branches not taken for firewood.
  12. 12. North Carolina??
  13. 13. Virginia, this must be Virginia?
  14. 14. Perhaps I’m in Japan. I’ve seen pictures of orienteering there in terrain like this.
  15. 15. China, of course!
  16. 16. Georgia? Ohio? New York?
  17. 17. California?
  18. 18. Mars??? IS this a NASA photo suggesting there was once orienteering on Mars?
  19. 19. Nope, Florida. My friend here reminded me I was still in Florida
  20. 20. Yes, definitely a little bit of Southwest Florida
  21. 21. Every previous scene occurs on one brand new orienteering map in one park in Florida, Yes Florida!
  22. 22. Come on down! I’d like to have you for dinner!
  23. 23. Don’t worry. We’ll keep an eye on you.
  24. 24. Come to the Fourth Annual Championships April 2nd, 2016 Alafia River State Park Lithia, Hillsborough County Florida