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Map hike preview

On April 2nd 2016 you may take advantage of an orienteering event at Alafia River State Park to enjoy a hike in beautiful Alafia River State Park using a special map and your compass as your guide. (Yes you may use your GPS, too).

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Map hike preview

  1. 1. Preview of Map Hike Terrain Alafia River State Park April 2, 2016 From the Forest……
  2. 2. … the fields
  3. 3. Gloria and Bill from Ottawa, Canada spent a day at the park placing checkpoints and taking these photos
  4. 4. The Canadians said. “Beautiful day, eh!”
  5. 5. Duck
  6. 6. Lots of on-trail hiking
  7. 7. Some off-trail hiking. Keep that compass handy
  8. 8. Don’t worry You don’t go through bush like this. But you may pause to enjoy the butterflies
  9. 9. Or enjoy a brief break
  10. 10. Some trails, normally reserved for biking will be reserved for map hike and orienteering until 1 pm. So come early (9 am) to enjoy the full experience.
  11. 11. Thank you Alafia River State Park And The SWAMP MTB Club
  12. 12. See you on Saturday Gord Hunter Your ‘deer’ course setter Map Hike Details Starts 9 to 11 am Full hike: 6 miles You can shorten or lengthen as you wish Be finished by 3 pm Cost: $6 Orienteering club members $9 others. This is not a competition. You will not be timed. Questions: Suncoast_Orienteering (at) yahoo. com