3Cs for Agile Project Success


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3Cs for Agile Project Success

  1. 1. 3Cs for Agile Project Success Gopinath Ramachandran
  2. 2. Introduction  Who Am I? - Senior Engineering Project Manager at Aricent and certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - Around15 years of industry experience in co-creating Telecom VAS product for Top OEMs in SS7/IN, VoIP, SDP & OSS and Digital Media Products  Agile Exposure - More than 4 years worked in Agile Projects – co-located/distributed teams in R&D Services - Played a various Agile roles – Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Scrum Coach - Good insights on Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) practices
  3. 3. Introduction  3Cs – Key Success Factors Agile Project Success Communication Customer Involvement Collaboration
  4. 4. Communication
  5. 5. Communication “Agility is the ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment and Effective Communication between team, customers, management and business is the key requirement to achieve Agility.” Effective Communication Geographical Distance Different Time Zones Mutual Trust Cross Communication Communication Loops Lack of necessary Documentation Key Challenges - Effective Communication in distributed Agile Teams
  6. 6. Communication Proven Practices for Effective Communication Right mix of Informal and Formal Communication Architects and SCRUM Master as Communication Bridges Communication Workshop Planned Synch-up Meetings Optimal Communication Value added Formal Documentation
  7. 7. Key Success Factor Collaboration
  8. 8. Collaboration As Alistair says, “Software development is a cooperative game.” Key Challenges - Collaboration in distributed Agile Teams CollaborationGeographical Distance Different Time Zones Cultural Aspects Personal Traits Ineffective communication Methods Organization Culture and Leadership Style
  9. 9. Collaboration Proven Practices for Effective Collaboration Right Style of Communication Mutual Visits between the Teams Workshops/short daily status Meetings Cultural Workshop Pair Programming Hiring Focus: Technical Competence with social skills Organization Culture and Agile Leadership
  10. 10. Key Success Factor – Customer Involvement
  11. 11. Customer Involvement Agile Methods are intensely customer driven Key Challenges - Customer Involvement in distributed Agile Teams “No customer involvement, No Agile appro Customer Involvement Organizational Maturity on Agile Practices and Processes Collaboration between Customer and Development Team Lack of knowledge Lack of Time Commitment
  12. 12. Customer Involvement Proven Practices for high Customer Involvement Mutual agreement on “Way of Working” Active Communication Periodic Customer visits for better collaboration Customer Proxy
  13. 13. Key Take Away High Team Morale Increased Team Velocity Higher Customer Satisfaction Agile Software Development emphasis on “Humanware - people centered, collaborative and organizational culture” Values delivered as result of our proven practices
  14. 14. Thank You