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Serving only the Finest Gulf Seafood
Starters & Small PlatesFried Pickles   5.99                                   Kirby Fingers   9.99Award winning fried pick...
SaladsLagniappe Salad   15.99                                                 Blackened Chicken Salad   11.99Lagniappe (la...
Fried PlatesFried Shrimp   15.99                             Catfish  16.99Gulf caught jumbo shrimp                       ...
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Mg gmenu web

  1. 1. Serving only the Finest Gulf Seafood
  2. 2. Starters & Small PlatesFried Pickles   5.99 Kirby Fingers   9.99Award winning fried pickles. Golden fried chicken fingers tossed in ourJalapeño Chips   5.99 house wing sauce with a side of ranch.Stuffed Jalapeños   9.99 Buffalo Shrimp   15.99Stuffed with our homemade Jumbo Gulf Coast shrimp tossedcrabmeat stuffing and served with in our amazing hot sauce.our house ranch dressing. Shrimp Embrochette   10.99Crab Nachos   11.99 Bacon wrapped jumbo Gulf Coast shrimpDelicious crab dip over a mound of stuffed with jalapeños and Pepper Jack.tortilla chips, with fresh pico de gallo, Boiled Shrimp   7.99Half | 15.75DozenPepper Jack, and jalapeno ranch. Peel and eat jumbo Gulf Coast shrimp.Creole Crab Dip   10.99 Oysters on the Half Shell   7.99Half | 12.99DozenCreamy crab dip and peppers served Fresh shucked Gulf Coast oysterswith homemade tortilla chips. served with all the fixin’s.Alligator  11.99 Da Half & Half   12.99Farm raised gator served with our 6 Oysters and 6 Shrimp. Thesecret cream gravy. Amazing! best of both worlds!Boudin Link   5.99 Oysters Louisiana   12.99Grilled or blackened link. Lightly poached in white wine, seasonedFried Boudin Balls   5.99 with garlic, butter and Cajun spices. Served with freshly baked bread. Cups & BowlsChicken & Sausage Gumbo   5.99Cup  | 8.99Bowl Dark Crawfish Bisque   6.99Cup | 9.99BowlShrimp Gumbo   5.99Cup| 8.99Bowl Creamy Crawfish Bisque   7.99 Cup| 10.99BowlSeafood Gumbo   5.99Cup | 8.99Bowl Creamy Crab Bisque   7.99Cup | 10.99Bowl Louisiana Red Beans & Rice   6.99 CombeauxGumbo and Sandwich Combeaux   11.99 Gumbo and Salad Combeaux   9.99Half of any poboy and a cup of gumbo. A house or Caesar salad and a cup of gumbo. Substitute gumbo for bisque for 2.99. Add blackened chicken or shrimp to a salad for 4.99 An 18% gratuity will be added to all parties of 6 or more.
  3. 3. SaladsLagniappe Salad   15.99 Blackened Chicken Salad   11.99Lagniappe (lan-yap) means “a little Spicy blackened chickenbit more”! Mixed greens topped over our garden salad.with lump crabmeat, boiled shrimp, Kirby Fingers Salad   11.99tomato, red onions and Parmesan. Crispy buffalo chicken on our house dinnerGarden Salad   4 .99 | 7 Side .99 Full salad. Try with our creamy homemadeMixed lettuce with tomatoes, diced jalapeño ranch for a real Cajun bite!red onions and Parmesan.Caesar Salad   4.99Side| 7.99Full Add blackened chicken or shrimp to salad for 4.99 Poboys & More Served with fries, homemade onion rings or both.Shrimp Poboy   6.99Half | 13.99Whole Cajun Chicken Sandwich   6.99Half  | 13.99WholeFried or blackened Gulf shrimp. Spicy Cajun grilled chicken pieces toppedCrawfish Poboy   7.99Half  | 15.99Whole with Monterey Jack and sautéed onions.Fried crawfish tails. Cajun Steak Sandwich   7.99Half | 15.99WholeOyster Poboy   7.99Half  | 15.99Whole Spicy Cajun Steak dressed with lettuce,Fried Gulf Coast oysters. tomatoes, pickles and house 1000 island.Catfish Poboy   7.99Half  | 15.99Whole The Cajun Triple Dare Burger   11.99Fried or blackened Mississippi catfish. ½ pound of blackened beef topped with Pepper Jack, bacon, fried pickles,1/2 and 1/2 Poboy   15.99 fried onions, lettuce, tomato and ourMix and match two of the above poboys! house dressing. Try it, we dare you!Alligator Poboy   Market Hamburger  7.99Fried Louisiana alligator with a side of Half pound patty with lettuce,our secret gravy. No half orders. tomatoes and onions. The Muffaletta   8.99Quarter | 15.99Half  | 29.99Whole Authentic New Orleans sandwich stuffed with ham, turkey, salami and Provolone with our famous olive salad dressing. Warning: It’s larger than life, eat the whole muffaletta and it’s on the house! PlattersDa Shrimp Platter   19.99 The French Quarter Platter   24.99Fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, grilled Order fried or grilled. Oysters, catfishshrimp, stuffed shrimp and BBQeaux filets, jumbo shrimp, crawfish tails,shrimp. All the shrimp we got stuffed shrimp and frog legs. served with fries, rings or both.CAUTION! Any menu item containing fresh crabmeat or oysters may contain shells or pearls. The Texas Food Establishment Rulesadvises that there is a risk associated with consuming raw oysters or any raw animal protein. If you have chronic illness of the liver,stomach, or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greatest risk of illness from raw oysters and should eat oysters fully cooked. Ifyou are unsure of your risk, you should consult your physician. Please alert your server of any food allergies prior to ordering. We are notresponsible for an individuals allergic reaction to our food or ingredients used in our food items.
  4. 4. Fried PlatesFried Shrimp   15.99 Catfish  16.99Gulf caught jumbo shrimp Mississippi catfish fried up betterfried to perfection. than the best you have ever had!Coconut Shrimp   16.99 Frog Legs   15.99Jumbo Gulf shrimp dipped in shredded A Cajun classic you have to try.coconut served with homemade Oyster Dinner   16.99pineapple habanero dipping sauce. Fresh shucked oysters, cornmealStuffed Shrimp    18.99 battered and fried to perfection.Jumbo Gulf shrimp filled with our Fried ½ and ½   15.99delicious crab meat stuffing. Pick any two fried dinner items.Crawfish Tails Dinner   16.99Crawfish tail meat fried golden brown. Grilled PlatesGrilled Shrimp Dinner   16.99 Blackened Chicken and Shrimp   12.99Served with creole veggies. Grilled chicken breast and three grilledBBQeaux Grilled Shrimp   17.99 jumbo shrimp served with dirty rice.New Orleans style sautéed shrimp Blackened Catfish and Red Beans   17.99already peeled and ready to eat! Served Your choice of light or regular blackening.with dirty rice and creole veggies. Served with red beans & rice. Cajun FavoritesChicken and Sausage Jambalaya   15.99 Crawfish Special   17.99Lighter portion 10 ..99 Crawfish étouffée and fried crawfish tailsSeafood Jambalaya   16.99 all surrounding a side of white rice.Lighter portion 11.99. Seafood Courtbouillon   20.99Shrimp Étouffée   16.99 Pronounced koo-bee-on. This is the dish toLighter portion 11.99. get if you want the best. Shrimp, crawfish, crabmeat and catfish with sautéed peppersCrawfish Étouffée   16.99 and onions in a dark creole sauce. ServedLighter portion 11.99. with white rice. Lighter portion 13.99. SidesCreole Veggies   3.99 Secret Cream Gravy   4.99Award Winning Onion Rings   3.99 Dirty Rice   3.99Cajun Fries   3.99 Corn & Potatoes   Seasonal Garlic Bread served upon request