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Orugallutechnologyindiaonline-Warangal city-India


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Assciate Proffessor and Scientists in Compuitng and Admin officer
orugallu Technology INdia engineering Services web site

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Orugallutechnologyindiaonline-Warangal city-India

  1. 1. Date: 14-12-2016 Hanamkonda,near univerisrsity hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-India information technology in agriculte and helath care scientific journal information academic university study information . Mr. A.Gopal Scientist in computing and Enginering Admin officer- Scientific Reserch on Economy and agriculture development india. orugallu TEchnology india engineering Services -hanamkonda,Warangal city- Telangana-India cotactPhone: +91 8185944713 Anchri Gopal- Engineering Admin officer- email: Mr. A.Gopal(Anchuri Gopal) Admin officer –Scientists in Computing and Assistant ProffessorComputing and Admin officer Orugallu Technology India engineering Servies hanamkonda,Warangal city- Telangana-India Web site email: About Anchrui Gopal (A.Gopal) worked job Assistant professor computing engineering in colleges hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-India And services management orugallu Technology india engineering Services admin officer and software engineering computer educationmScientistst compting Services At hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-India. 2008-2014 hanamkonda Warangal city university youth Telangana hanamkonda,warangla city-India india university youth university youth india At hanamkonda,Warangal city- telagana-India. Web site university youth india web site
  2. 2. Anchuri gopal engineering admin officer aryay vysys oc hanmkonda,warangla city hindu university youth india 2008-2014 at hanamkonda,Warangal city- Telangana-India 1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN AGRICULTURE AND SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN TECHNOLOGY WITH CLOUD COMPUTING A.Gopal,M.Sc,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Assistant ProffessorComputing - Lecturer in computers Affilatie college to kakatiya university Hanamkonda,warangal-india Ph.D thesys preparation presentatiaon 2. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN AGRICULTURE. • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CAN • USEFULL FOR AGRICUTURE ENGINEERING • THE SOFTWAREFOR AGRICULTURE • CAN BE DEVELOPED WITH CLOUD BASED • COMPUTING AND SOFWAREGRID COMPUTING • THE WEB BASED SOFTWAREAND USEFULL • FOR AGRI INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE • PRODUCT MARKETING. 3. • THE MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES • ASP.NET TECHNOLOGY USED IN • AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING AND ALSO • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY USED IN • AGRICULTURE AND FARMER WELFARE • AND USING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY • FOR FARMER EDUCATION PROGRAM 4. • THE NEW THESIS FOR FARMER CAN USED FOR EDUCATION BY WEB AND LAPTOPS AND TABLET ONLINE AND OFFLINE EDUCATION. THE SENSORS AND ROBOTICS USED FOR INCRESE THE PRODUCTIVIT OF FARMERS USING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. We completed one scientific software for agriculture and water and helath care this software with Indian institute of sciences and orugallu technology india engineering Services hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-India and ibm india web based software testing for astrophysics and calculations at hanamkonda,Warangal city-India We developed indan language software telugu web site on net conetent telugu language and india language software helth care and education. 5. • The sensors and robotics can developed with minimam price with open sourceand web and cloud technology implementation using computing and software engineering WITH CAMERA controled web software can developed for agriculture software Development. the tablet based cell phone can be usefull for organizing the farmer information system also for connecting with agri experts this project can usefull for good productivti of 6. • Farmer educatiin and helath care information • System developed with • and ai Techniques implementation. we taken survey in warangal city and villages in warangal district for farmer welfare with farmers and educaiton we share the farmer info with
  3. 3. for educaiton for agricutlture education the scientific software developed web based cloud software system. and health care educaiton the informaiton technology and health care technology usefull for development india and agriculter and helath care and weather forcasting we taken survey in warangal city that the lot engieering and computer and graduates and postgardiate using laptops for educaiton now india universites offering educaiton on the web based educaiton online accrding university youth don’tuse net for online education now university education online in india. accrding survey 80 percent urban users dontknow the computers usage in cities also now farmers also using the smart phone for agricultre we are developing the sottware for agriculture the university youth now studing online on smart phone we encourage university youth for tablet pc and online education we succssfullu tested the software for agriculture software at hanamkonda,Warangal city this software lms learning management software usefull for agriculture and health care technology online education. Univeersity Acadamic referencesweb sites -india Web site links Indian institute of sicnece avv pg college svn road,Warangal-India