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  • Welcome to Google Plus. Google Plus brings all the best social networking features into one easy to use location. With Google Plus, you'll network, chat, share, blog, stream, and so much more.
  • Introduction to Google Plus (+) In this section, you will learn: What Google Plus is How to set up your profile How to edit your security settings How to set your visibility preferences
  • What is Google Plus? Google Plus (+) is a social networking application, much like Facebook, MySpace, or other sites. Google Plus combines the best features of social networking such as blogging, chatting, sharing, and more.
  • How do I setup my profile? Go to: https:\\\\
  • How do I setup my profile? If you already have an account, click Sign In If you need to set up a Google account, click on Create an Account
  • How do I setup my profile? Once you are signed in with your Google Account, click on the Public Profile link to get started with setting up your profile. You can also create a profile or edit your personal info without creating your public profile. To learn more about the Public Profile option, click the Learn more link next to the Public profile link to find out more.
  • How do I setup my profile? This is where you’ll set up your basic profile information Upload a picture, enter your name and gender and click on the Create profile & continue button
  • How do I setup my profile? Edit your profile as much or as little as you would like. Include additional photos and information so others can get to know you. When you’re finished editing your profile, click on the Done Editing button
  • How do I Edit my Security Settings? From the Home page in your Google Plus account Click on the Settings icon Select Google + Settings
  • How do I change my security settings? In your account overview screen Make the changes you want and they will save automatically when you’re finished
  • How do I change my visibility preferences? In the Google Plus Settings area, select the Profile and Privacy tab Click on the Edit Visibility on profile button to make your selections
  • Google + plus for your business

    1. 1. Google Plus (+) An Introduction to Google Plus (+)
    2. 2. Introduction to Google Plus (+)• Google Plus (+) Intro• Setting Up Your Profile• Editing Security Settings• Setting Visibility Preferences
    3. 3. Google Plus (+) Intro • Google Plus is a social networking application • Google Plus integrates Google applications • With Google Plus, you can • Blog • Chat • Share • And More!
    4. 4. Setting Up Your Profile •
    5. 5. Setting Up Your Profile• If you already have a Google account, click on Sign In• If you need to create a Google account, click on Create an Account
    6. 6. Setting Up Your Profile• Once you are signed in to your account, click on the Public Profile link to start your profile.
    7. 7. Setting Up Your Profile• On this screen, enter your name, gender, and a profile picture. Click on Create Profile & Continue and you’re ready to go!
    8. 8. Setting Up Your Profile• Click on areas of your profile to edit and add data. When you’re finished, click on Done Editing to save your changes and publish your profile.
    9. 9. Editing Your Security Settings• From your Home page, click on the Settings icon and select Google + Settings.
    10. 10. Editing Your Security Settings• In the Settings screen, make sure the Account Overview is selected and view your security settings.
    11. 11. Editing Your Visibility SettingsIn the Settings screen, select the Profile and privacyoption and view the selections for visibility. To Find OutMore On Google Plus Can Get Your More Website TrafficAnd More Sales Click On This Link