Black Cloud Patterns Toward The Future


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Black Cloud Patterns Toward The Future

  1. 1. Patterns Towards Da Future Antero Garcia, Reza Naima and Greg Niemeyer (PI) with Rhea Cortado, Laura Greig, Nik Hanselmann, Eric Kaltman, and Daye Rogers Thanks, Dan and BAM
  2. 2. Black Cloud: Do not look Orpheus and Eurydice
  3. 3. Black Cloud: Look
  4. 4. Five Virtues: Hyperlocal Data
  5. 5. Five Virtues: ARG Embodiment With increasing maturity, activity which does not give back results of tangible and visible achievement loses its interest. (John Dewey, Democracy and Education 1916). Play and games are “relief from the tedium and strain of ‘regular’ school work.quot;
  6. 6. Five Virtues: ARG Embodiment Cloudy left the Building
  7. 7. Five Virtues: Pattern Mods
  8. 8. Five Virtues: All Ages
  9. 9. Five Interfaces: Pufftron
  10. 10. Five Interfaces: Pufftron Power Common issue with protruding appendages... Likewise...
  11. 11. Five Interfaces: Pufftron Power PoE 48V over unused wires in cable Aesthetic and practical benefits of only having one connector RJ45 Connector is robust Linear Regulation (first version) Heating Power = Current * Voltage Drop ex: Cell Modem 2A * (9-3.8)V =10.4W of heat Impractical for PoE at 48V ex: 2A * (48-3.8)V = 88.4W of heat Switching Regulator (MAX5090) More complicated implementation More supply noise 90+% efficient
  12. 12. Five Senses: Light Sunlight is the source of all energy around here. Vishay TEMPT 6000: Light-dark cycle controls small footprint, linear circadian rhythm output, precise position, Light pollution clouds the accuracy and precision are night sky and disrupts the high circadian rhythm Overexposure to artificial light has detrimental health effects Fixed If you stay up late, keep the alignment lights low. problem with old light sensor
  13. 13. Five Senses: Temp. and Humidity Temperature, to track heat waves and global warming HVAC homeostasis produces straight temperature lines for indoor sensors. Sensirion SHT-11: Digital Outdoor sensors read Temperature and Humidity distinct day-night cycles. Sensor, accuracy and precision are high A green aesthetic would value the diurnal cycle over Precalibrated homeostasis. 14-bit ADC 2-Wire Serial Interface
  14. 14. Five Senses: Noise Noise pollution leads to hearing loss dB (air pressure) sensor via Great indicator of place microphone, accuracy is low, and activity precision is moderate, Easy to test on sensor calibration is poor, plenty of interactively averaging, average of Great data from maxima are more revealing Zellerbach Hall and than plain averages. Zellerbach Parking in Berkeley. A green aesthetic would seek to lower baseline dB.
  15. 15. Five Senses: CO2 DCS 305e Sensor: Laser CO2 absorption Tomato Quintet type: accuracy is moderate and CO2 from human breath, precision is high, device is rotting plants, and calibrated but drifts over periods combustion (cars, of two years and needs to be industry, smoking) recalibrated, consumes much concrete curing and power. Interface by pretending to deep cleaning be LED driver. Egypt, Russia, UAE denied permissions to sense and share A green aesthetic promotes data transparency.
  16. 16. Five Senses: VOCs Figaro 2602 electrochemical VOC sensor, broad range of sensitivities, accuracy and precision are moderate, Volatile Organic but good enough to see Compounds include in cycles of pollution and alcohol (beer!), methane, regeneration. tetrachloroethylene, solvents, paint Dry cleaners observed buildup over week, decided to vent more, but energy cost was too high. A green aesthetic would reduce frequency and increase regeneration
  17. 17. Five Interfaces: Pufftron Comm. Communication via SMS: Telit GM862-Quad Cellular Modem Strange Interface (implement faux- pushbuttons) bursts to 2A of current consumption when transmitting TX: AT&T Unlimited SMS plan RX: 25 * 60 * 24 * 31= 1.1 Million Messages /Month Not viable for international 1. At $0.02 per SMS for gateway deployment because different service: 1.1M*.02 = $22k/Month cell companies require custom 2. Or use AT&T SMS to email firmware and custom plans. gateway (text to 111) Backend: postfix -> procmail -> perl script that populates DB
  18. 18. Five Interfaces: Pufftron Comm. Communication via Ethernet: WizNet100SR Daughterboard requires PoE RJ45 connector with magnetics Gets IP via DHCP Connects to hardcoded Server IP Streams serial from Next Steps: Microcontroller (AVR) to Wifi! (ZeroG) remote server (176 line of Perl) Server: Accepts multiple connections gets data (querystring format)
  19. 19. Five Senses: The Quiz
  20. 20. Five Interfaces: Database
  21. 21. Five Interfaces: Database
  22. 22. Five Interfaces: Database
  23. 23. Five Interfaces: Database
  24. 24. Five Interfaces: Community Stories
  25. 25. Five Interfaces: Community Stories
  26. 26. Five Interfaces: Community Stories “A genuine community life does not organize itself in an enduring way purely spontaneously. It requires thought and planning ahead. The educator is responsible for a knowledge of individuals and for a knowledge of subject-matter that will enable activities to be selected which lend themselves to social organization … and in which the activities in which all participate are the chief carrier of control”. –John Dewey, Experience and Education, 1938
  27. 27. Five Interfaces: Alternate Reality
  28. 28. Five Interfaces: Alternate Reality
  29. 29. Five Interfaces: Alternate Reality
  30. 30. Five Interfaces: Alternate Reality
  31. 31. Five Interfaces: Direct Action
  32. 32. Five Interfaces: Direct Action “Gardening … need not be taught either for the sake of preparing future gardeners, or as an agreeable way of passing time. It affords an avenue of approach to knowledge of the place and farming and horticulture have had in the history of the race and which they occupy in present social organization” –John Dewey Democracy and Education, 1916
  33. 33. Five Virtues: Pattern Mod
  34. 34. To our Sponsors: Thanks
  35. 35. Counter-Narrative & Student Voice
  36. 36. Engineering Perspective Power Source : Battery, wall wart, PoE, Solar Voltage regulation (Linear vs. Switching) Physical power connector Means of Remote Telemetry Wired: Ethernet, USB, Serial Wireless: Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, Cellular Local Display LED's vs Screens Sensors Range, accuracy, precision Calibration Sensitivity Interfacing
  37. 37. Power Initial Implementation: Linear Regulation HeatingPower = Current * Voltage Drop ex: Cell Modem 2A * (9-3.8)V =10.4W of heat Impractical for PoE at 48V ex: 2A * (48-3.8)V = 88.4W of heat!! Next version: Switching Regulator (MAX5090) More complicated implementation More supply noise 90+% efficient
  38. 38. Five Virtues: Ambient Display Display Easy to read from a distance, but does not draw too much attention Matrix of LEDs requires M+N I/O lines for MxN LEDs Interrupt routines update LEDs