Medicare Tips for Raleigh Residents


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Medicare Plans for Raleigh Residents
Medicare is a federal health insurance program that pays for much, but not all, of the medical expenses for people 65 and over. It also covers individuals under 65 with certain disabilities.

These are the four parts:

Part A – helps cover inpatient care in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice and home health care.
Part B – helps cover doctor’s services, hospital outpatient care and some preventative services. For individuals new to Medicare in 2011 the average Part B premium is $115 per month. This amount is higher for singles earning more than $85,000 or couples earning over $170,000.
Part C – is Medicare Advantage Plans (also known as Medicare Health Plans). These plans are another way to receive your Medicare benefits and are sold by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. They combine the benefits of A, B and often D. To be eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan you must be enrolled in both A and B.
Part D – is Medicare prescription drug coverage. High income earners pay a surcharge for this coverage.

For more info on Medicare plans for Raleigh residents, either visit or simply call Wanda Stephens at (919) 845-6001

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Medicare Tips for Raleigh Residents

  1. 1. 8 Medicare tips for Raleigh residents turning 651. If you are retired from a government agency or company check to see if they will pay part or all ofyour Medicare Supplement Insurance or drug plan.2. Since Medicare does not pay for all medical expenses, most Medicare beneficiaries either purchasea Medicare Supplement and a drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan with drug benefits from privateinsurance companies.With either choice you will have to continue to pay your monthly Part Bpremium. For additional information about Part B you can contact Social Security at 800-772-1213.3. Medicare Supplements do not cover prescriptions. If you neglect to purchase a drug plan whenyou are first eligible you may have to pay a higher premium if you decide to purchase one at a laterdate. Medicare beneficiaries with a limited income can apply for financial assistance from the ExtraHelp program that is available at your local Social Security office ( orcall 800-772-1213).4. To avoid a break in coverage, being “rated up”(paying a higher premium) or declined due to yourhealth, the best time to purchase a Medicare Supplement, drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan isduring the three months before your 65thbirthday.5. If you are healthy and trying to keep your premiums low, do consider a Medicare Advantage Plan.In addition to offering low premiums and drug benefits, they frequently offer extras such as gymmemberships, dental benefits and vision benefits. However, they typically have co-pays, hospitaldeductibles and restrictive doctor and hospital networks that you do not encounter with popularMedicare Supplement Plans like Plan F.6. Government sponsored help for selecting your best plans includes the handbooks “Medicare andYou” and “Choosing a Medigap Policy, SHIIP” (Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program, 800-443-9354) and (800-633-4227).7. What appears to be your least expensive Medicare Supplement might not be in the future. They canbe “rated” in three ways: Community-rated (Everyone in the same area, such as NC, pays the same, butrates can increase due to inflation and other factors.), Entry age (Rates may go up due to inflation andother factors, but not your age.) and Attained-age (premiums increase with age and inflation).
  2. 2. Additionally, some insurance companies offer high discounts initially that gradually disappear andleave the beneficiary with higher than anticipated monthly payments.8. Despite all the resources, selecting the best plans among these complex choices of benefits andcompanies is confusing for most people. An independent licensed agent like Wanda Stephens at (919)845-6001 who represents multiple insurance companies can help you navigate this myriad of plans andcompanies. Since these agents are compensated by the companies they represent, you will not payan extra fee for using an agent versus doing all the work yourself.Call Wanda Stephens for any help sorting through these Medicare Issues (919) 845-6001