Your Guide to Self-Serve Advertising on Goodreads


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  • Your Guide to Self-Serve Advertising on Goodreads

    1. 1. Your Guide to Self-Serve Advertising on Goodreads
    2. 2. Advertising on Goodreads is the Best Way to Target Book Lovers and Readers. Find the consumers who want to read your book Those consumers tell their friends about your book by adding it to their to-read shelves Self-serve advertising is an inexpensive way to get your book noticed and drive engagement on your book’s Goodreads page
    3. 3. TargetingTargeting a more relevant audience can help your chances of getting a higher Click Through Rate (CTR).Run two ads under the same campaign• Listing both ads under the same campaignallows them to share funding• Target about five genres with the fist ad• Target eight to ten comparable well-knowauthors (those with 25,000 or more ratings*)in the second ad• Leave the age range blank in both ads * The fewer ratings an author has the more likely the ad will not deliver.
    4. 4. Giveaways Self-serve ads greatly increase interest in giveaways. The average giveaway attracts about 825 people, while the average giveaway supported by an ad campaign attracts 1292 people—thats a 57 percent increase!Setting up your giveaway• Run your giveaway for about a month• Ask your fans to follow your author page inthe giveaway description• Nearly 60 percent of giveaway winnersreview the book, so the more books you offer,the more reviews you’re likely to get• Sorry, no e-book giveaways yet!
    5. 5. Call to Action An advertisement is no place to be shy. A “call to action” tells the viewer exactly what to do next.Adding a Call to Action• Be as succinct as possible• Good examples include “add to your shelf,”“read an excerpt,” and “enter to win”• Take advantage of our built-in engagementstats • Simply check the box marked “engagement stats” at the bottom of the description page when setting up your ad
    6. 6. Linking Because Goodreads members are focused on book discovery, we recommend using your Goodreads book page as the landing page for your ad. This will allow readers to easily add your book to their shelves. Bidding While you can buy an ad for as little as 10 cents per click, werecommend bidding more to get your ad the impressions it needs. The site average is 50 cents per click.
    7. 7. Final Product
    8. 8. Get Started Today! Keep in mind that Self-Serve Advertising isnt foolproof, and sometimes you have to play around with your targeting, description text, and next steps, to get it to the goal CTR (clickthrough rate) of .05%. We are always here to help if you get stuck! Start your own ad here! Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.