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Your Guide to Groups on Goodreads


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This brief presentation will help you understand how groups work on Goodreads, including etiquette for joining a group, and instructions for creating your own.

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Your Guide to Groups on Goodreads

  1. 1. Your Guide to Groups on Goodreads
  2. 2. The Best Place to Meet Readers Goodreads features more than 20,000 book clubs From groups focused solely on a single genre to groups that read everything under the sun, you can find a group that interests you. Join groups as a reader firstContribute to discussions and get to know your fellow group members. Once youve been an active participant for a while, then you might approach the moderator if youd like to create a separate thread to discuss your book. Note the group rules Some groups have specific rules for authors. Is there a designated thread or folder for authors in the group? Be sure to read the group rules before jumping into a discussion.
  3. 3. Anatomy of a Group Page Group Controls Moderators Rules
  4. 4. Featured Author Groups A Featured Author Group is a special discussion group created for a single author or panel of authors.You can create a group to discuss your work and invite your friends! Click here to create a Featured Author Group. Some tips for a better Featured Author Group Keep it simple. We recommend running your group for a single day. Promote it! Promote your group to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and on your blog. Add videos & polls. Not everyone will want to jump right into a conversation. Videos & polls let everyone participate.